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During an experimental double date that included two ponies of halfway decent magical prowess, the subject is brought up of which of the two would win in a magic duel. The two ponies in question have feelings about this discussion.

Includes TwiDash and StarTrix

Update: Featured 07/10/24???? holy carp thank you

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This was a short cute one. I enjoyed it!

Both of their girlfriends could beat Starswirl.

Well yeah, obviously, Star Swirl is a lil' bitch :trollestia:

Then Sunset Shimmer shows up and puts Glimmer and Sparkle in their place..... beneath her

Fun story, I especially enjoyed Trixie and Rainbow's dynamic, scheming to get their girlfriends to do what they want :trixieshiftright:. I can only imagine the other shenanigans both would end doing :rainbowlaugh:.

this was really fun !

I think in terms of skill and raw power, Twi has Starlight beat. But in an actual fight they'd be pretty even. Because of Starlight's more fragile sense of morality (compared to Twi). She can actually let herself go all out in a fight. Whereas Twi was always fighting to either get somewhere/something or to stop the fight, not win it. I think the only time she truly does go all-out was against Tirek. She just can't let go of the mercy aspect, she'd rather the other side surrender than her beat them.

The perils of troublemaking partners :ajbemused:

Glad you enjoyed~!


Very fun read!

I love the thought of these four on a double date!

At first I thought that Trixie and Rainbow should probably start running, but at the power level Starlight and Twilight are at, when they start fighting there is no safe distance.

I'm not sure either of them are capable of that level of self-preservation anyway

Hope you enjoyed! :twilightsmile:

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