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A story originally written entirely in the comment section of a story that did not explode, a Canterlot Weather report has its wires crossed with the web and horrible things began to happen.

Special thanks to my friend PsedudoBob Delightsus whos hard work was the true inspiration for this story.

Published for the 1000 words Contest 3

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From the context of this story, I think it is possible.

and lowering at 5:55Pm

5:55 am?

But it's right there.

I see it.

Right there.

I mean, she is the Princess of the Sun, but the idea of her "putting in a heat advisory", and probably on purpose, is hilarious.

threat of stamped is imitate today especially among our viewers.


Do you mean the threat of being stamped by the bugbear?

I forgot to mention that listing nightmares as part of the weather report is actually an excellent worldbuilding choice that makes perfect sense.

Something is very wrong... and I'm not talking about the weather... I, I think I'm trapped.


Will text-based donations help?

Here's twenty-five US dollars.


Your Daily Zephyr Hight's weather:


Because the weather forecaster pony must work tirelessly for all ponykind.

Comment posted by Scriblits Talo deleted Last Wednesday

Dang, that sure is a cliffhanger, but this is such an outside-the-box story anyways that is seems alright.

I liked it, and even though this was 100% your idea and work, I'm still glad I played the smallest part in relaying the information that the comments section on the story that this originally was written in was open again.

Some of the times of raising and lowering the celestial bodies seem a bit out of whack, and there are definitely some typos here and there, but overall, nice work.

Something is wrong, the moon rising and lowering time is not right, plus Luna sounds like she's in phase two of Sir Humphery' four phases

wait, why the two princesses had been rising and lowering sun and moon at same time of clock for the past few days? Celestia stopped her party?

Luna would like to report that maybe there was something that could have been done, but it's just too late now.


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