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The Flim Flam brothers have been facing trouble making money. Their misadventures have led to them ending up in Canterlot with a small plot of land, which they intend to use to generate a steady stream of profit for their other projects.

The problem is that it's a tiny piece of land, only 100 square metres, and they aren't allowed to exceed the local building height limit of 25 metres. It's a hard situation, and they don't even have Little John's expertise with small spaces to help them.

Fortunately, they know a different way to make the space work.

Unfortunately, they'll have to explain it to a local regulator.


WARNING: formatting might be terrible on all devices with a screen different than my laptop's, but honestly, that's because all y our device has have a skill issue.

Written for "1k" word contest. Category: experimental.

Just in case:

The story must be exactly a thousand (1000) words long as seen on its card or longdesc. [...] all that matters is what the website says!

The gratuitous use of non-words, weird formatting, or other trickery to get a story to exactly a thousand (1000) words is not allowed, and we will be checking. The only exception to this are purely Experimental fics. In those, feel free to use whatever non-words, weird formatting, or other trickery you please!

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I love me some meta humor! This is a solid entry, in spite of your lack of confidence. Best of luck in the judging, my fellow competitor! :raritywink:

Okay, but I simply must know, how was this done? I was reading along, wondering why you spent so many words on description and stuff that didn't move the story along (but, y'know, is good to have in a story without such a severe word cap) only to keep scrolling, long past the point at which I expected the end of the page. What the heck?! What sorcery is this?? Please, in Celestia's name, share your secrets!! My mind and soul are seriously boggled, far more so than usual!


[...] long past the point at which I expected the end of the page.

First of all, you invoked Celestia's name, which is harmful for a wretched beast such as myself. Keep this in mind.

Anyway, it is mentioned in the author's note. The exact ninja technique I used is called "Domain Reduction: Lower Opacity"

Step by step process detailed for your viewing, and using, pleasure:

  1. Write story, forget about word limit
  2. Copy-paste story into MS Word, or other word editor of choice (it should have text replace feature for ease in doing the next steps)
  3. Summon the infamous [opacity] tag.
  4. Replace the space between two words with [opacity=0.0]_[/opacity]. This makes the two words into one, while still ensuring they look as though they are two words to the normal viewer on the website. Note: this technique breaks when the story is viewed anywhere but the website.
  5. By using MS Word's "replace text" feature (activated using Ctrl + H), I manually replaced spaces with aforementioned opacity code, reducing word count down to 1000.
  6. Put the now opacity-ified story into website editor, post chapter, and edit as needed to make the formatting look slightly better
  7. You now have a story that looks like it has less words when it actually has more. This is legal for the experimental category, and is not prohibited by the site rules (resonates the story's topic as well for a plus).

A sample of what it looks like in the story (this is the first line as seen in editor):

Due to invisible characters, the website sees the entire sentence as only one word. Overall great success.

Now that you have learned this technique, you can also bear the "curse" of knowledge, and use it for evil

Genius! Utterly genius! My utmost gratitude to you for sharing this information!

Rest assured, it will only be used for extreme evil!! :pinkiecrazy:

The only real issue with the technique is that words are cut weirdly while reading, and that they're is no way to circumvent the issue.

There's also the fact that downloading the story destroys the formatting entirely.

Huk #5 · 1 week ago · · · Chapter 1 ·

Me, reading this on my PocketBook: "WTF? Is the author a fan of good old Snake or just want us to suffer :pinkiesad2:?!"

Me, seeing this on the web: "Oh... so that's what the warning was about! Clever :pinkiecrazy:"

This thing deserves its own 'Yo dawg' meme for the meta-humor :trollestia:

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