• Published 15th Oct 2012
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Little Magnets - alexmagnet

A bunch of minifics written for various contests... poorly.

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Pancakes and Apples

My eyes open.

I am lying in my bed; sheets and comforter both caress me warmly. Shaking off the linens, I stand and a stretch out my limbs. I yawn once, a long, drawn-out yawn, and then head downstairs.

My family is sitting at the table. Breakfast has already been made, and they are waiting on me. Usually I'm the first one up, odd. I decide to ignore that thought and say good morning to Apple Bloom instead.

“Mornin', Apple Bloom; thanks fer the breakfast,” I say, only—no words come out. Instead, I hear nothing. I try to speak again and find that my mouth is closed. My hoof subconsciously moves to mouth. There's nothing there. I try to speak, but again—no words.

My eyes widen and I begin panicking. I look around frantically. Apple Bloom's head tilts and she gives me a funny look.

“Yer actin' kinda weird, sis,” she says.

“Weirder than a rattlesnake in a pickle barrel,” adds Granny Smith.

“Eeyup,” chimes in Big McIntosh.

“Y'all don't see what's happened?” I ask, knowing they can't hear me. But they do, and so do I. I open and close my mouth a few times and see that it seems to be fine. My mind races. “What was that?” I ask out-loud.

“What was what?” asks Twilight.

“Yeah, I didn't see anything,” adds Rainbow.

“Dear, I think you may need some rest,” says Rarity.

Apple Bloom, Big McIntosh, and Granny Smith stand in front of me with concerned looks upon their faces. Apple Bloom approaches me, holding a plate with a giant stack of pancakes. “Here,” she offers one of the pancakes to me, “take one of these. You'll feel better, I promise.”

“They'll totally make you feel better,” snorts Pinkie.

I take one of the apples carefully. Holding it up in the light, I can't see anything wrong with it; it's unbruised and perfectly green. I bite into the red delicious, feeling the warm juices spray across my lips. It tastes like iron.

Sticky red fluid drips from my mouth as I look at the heart. There is a large bite taken out of one ventricle, but it continues to beat—slowly, rhythmically. It emits a wet, thudding sound as I drop it to the ground. The apple rolls away, leaving a trail of blood.

I take a few steps back before bumping into something. I turn around to see Apple Bloom holding a plate of pancakes, a red smile across her face.

“Feel better, sis?” asks Fluttershy.

I back away again, slipping on some apple juice. As I land on the ground Granny Smith appears above me. Her head is turned all the way around, and her neck sticks out an odd angle.

“Don't hurt yourself now, dearie,” she laughs, her neck cracking as her head begins to spin around.

I scramble to my hooves and see Apple Bloom holding a plate of red delicious. “What's wrong?” she asks. “Didn't ya like my pancakes?” She offers me another apple.

I can see a gaping hole on the left side of her chest. She holds the apple out to me. It beats methodically. I knock the heart from her hoof, sending it flying across the room. It hits Big McIntosh in the chest, causing him to stumble backwards.

I rush over to him and see that he has a dark red spot, darker red than normal, on his chest. He moans as I pull the knife from his ribs.

“Eeyup,” he replies.

I toss the knife away.

“Watch where you're throwing those,” says Twilight, wagging her hoof.

“Twi, what's happening?” I ask frantically.

“Nothing,” she responds.

“I—I don't understand.”

“Understand?” asks Rainbow.

“Who said anything about understanding?” says Apple Bloom.

“Here,” she says, offering me a pancake. “These'll make you feel better.” Rarity holds out a dripping red apple. I clench my eyes shut and fall to the ground. I pull my hooves in close and rock back and forth.

My eyes open.

I am lying in bed; sheets and comforter both caress me warmly. I shake off the linens. They feel heavier than normal. I look down at my sheets and see dark red splotches all over them. My heart stops. I close my eyes.

My eyes open.

I am holding an apple.

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