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Applejack has a rather troubling question for Rarity. But Rarity refuses to answer until she understands the reason for it.

An entry in the A Thousand Words Contest III, in the Drama category.

Tagged [Suicide/Self-Harm] only for it coming up in conversation.

Cover art by It Is All Hell

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I'm wondering whether there's a chain reaction going on here.

It does kind of go full circle, but Rarity immediately reacts differently than Applejack did, which is exactly what Applejack wanted to happen.


what Applejack wanted to happen

So, what I'm gathering is that Applejack wants Rarity to get help, but knows she isn't the one for the job, so she does this. It worked, I guess.

Anyway, good story. Thanks for posting it.


I think that by explaining the story you have robbed it of some of the mysticism that it could inspire.

Good story anyway.

Applejack, M.D., Psychiatrist :ajsmug:

And strong-arm specialist.

Take a thumbs-up from me, but I don't know. The story isn't poorly written, and I find the premise to be clever. Even after glancing at the comments I still thought Applejack was the subject. It wasn't subtle, but I blew right passed Rarity mentioning her own depression until I reached the end. I don't know... I guess I like how short a read this was; concise is a better word. It hit all the marks and did so in such a short sprint. But not too fast; the flow of conversation was believable enough for a paniked inquiry. I don't know; I liked reading it, but I don't expect to remember it. But I want to.

Great story, the pacing was quite fast, which is appropriate for this conversation, but that meant I kind of missed the part where Rarity revealed her depression as well.

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