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I wrote this way back when as an added chapter to "The Party Hasn't Ended" by ButterscotchSundae. At the time, I asked her for permission to upload it to EqD and DA and she readily gave it. She was even kind enough to be one of my proofreaders. Therefore I doubt she will mind if I upload it here now. Its not the best fic ever, and there are some OOC issues with especially Rainbow Dash. Nevertheless, its the only complete pony fic I have written so far, so here it is. Just make sure to read Party first if you haven't already, you can find it here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/6868/The-Party-Hasn%27t-Ended

Finally, to avoid spoilers you can find the description (or synopsis) in a separate chapter. I would advise against reading it until you've read Party.

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I would also strongly suggest adding some form of description for your own story.

I'm a fan of Butterscotch's, and this is one of the few stories of her's that I haven't read yet, so I think I will. I'll be back to read this when I can~

I skipped half the story.stop kissing dummy:facehoof:


You might want to elaborate on that. If its purely because you don't like ponies and romance, then all I can say is that its a continuation of a shipping story. It does have the romance tag.

NEED. MOAR. This is a cliffhanger ending, and I hate those. Please, even if it takes forever, give Star Catcher's reaction. FOR THE LOVE OF CELESTIA'S SUN POST ANOTHER CHAPTER!


Its not as if I don't have ideas for it... It was quite some time ago that I wrote this, mainly to get some closure for myself. There haven't been a lot of comments on it, but of course I have my thoughts about what Star Catcher's reaction is. We'll see.

i like this :)
and i would also have liked to see Star Catcher's reaction :P

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