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Towers from unknown origins have appeared in Equestria and only those who can enter it are chosen by the towers. Not even our heroes can enter it nor can Discord (Now there's a good thing about them). Twilight and her friends are doing their best to recruit those who can enter the tower to solve its purpose. While Twilight and her friends try to recruit awakened creatures, a centaur appeared in the tower and is growing his own food as the Tower Farmer.
Here is the link to my inspiration: https://mangakatana.com/manga/solo-farming-in-the-tower.26861

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I’ll wait to read once you have a few more chapters. That manga is a great one though so will be an interesting mix.

Now this will be interesting

Will you follow the currently established plot? Or make your own?

Even if you stick closely to the manga, its a new one and so easier to read in text than even translated comic book format. Took me 12 hours to read over two days?

Intresting twist on the Tirek thing thoguh, trying to work the noone can be evil angle, or what was evil was mishandled etc?

Best example I can put for the Towers is that they are an active magical field related to the origional conception of the TARDIS, theyre an illusion to cover a dimentional interaction region and so dont actually exist.

Then again, I still would say Pinkie could have a look round because she isnt restricted by such limitations, she just doesnt say anything about it because that would ruin the adventuring party.:pinkiegasp:

Next up. Farming Rabbits. Hmmm.. Delicious? :trixieshiftright:

You sir have great taste in Manwha.

Hello, GamePlayer64.

Remember me? I'm also reading and favoring this new story you made. And I heard that it's based on a Manwha manga?

“Don’t you trust us?” Asked Pinkie which made them narrow their eyes at her “I mean even if we banished Tirek back to Tartarus to get back all the magic he stole.” They started to get angry. “I even constantly bother him to make him help us escape from Tartarus and leave him there.” They pulled out some makeshift weapons as Aro was holding a club he made.

“PINKIE!” They all said in fear.

“And we defeat him again after learning Discord manipulated him and the other baddies to boost Twilight’s confidence to be the new Princess of Equestria and he, Celestia and Luna turned them to stone since Discord convinced them to do it.” Their eyes widen in shock as they show their teeth and grid them.

“PINKIE!!!” They yelled as Pinkie turned to them.

“What?” She said as she noticed their weapons “Oh… whoopsie…” She said with a grin “Sorry.” She said as they snarled at her.

“Get out…” Said Aro as he went to the 3 orphans.


“OUT!!!” Screamed Aro as he grabbed a big book “And take this history book with you!” He yelled as he threw it at Twilight as she teleported herself and her group out of the library. Leaving Aro to cry as Danae, Niobe and Sphutt comfort him.

When will Pinkie Pie finally learned her lesson to NOT constantly say secretive stuff like that, and to Shut The F**K UP from her friends! :twilightangry2: :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof:

I'm a bit disappointed that in the next chapter, you didn't have them scolding Pinkie for saying too damn much!? :facehoof: :facehoof:

“Any creature on the side of ponies are the real bad guys.” He said sadly.

Wow, you really like to antagonized or bashed the ponies mistakes quite a lot, huh? :rainbowderp:

“He was stealing magic from ponies! They had to stop him!” He yelled as one orphan threw a rock at Spike's crotch. “GAH!!!” He yelled as he fell as he covered his crotch “Why do they go for the kiwis?” He complained as Applejack and Fluttershy pulled him away from the rocks.

Was that really necessary?

Spike didn't do anything wrong. :ajbemused:

IN SCORPAN’S CASTLE Scorpan’s eyes widened as he gave a death glare. “Twilight Sparkle… how dare you…” He said in a dark and murderous tone.

Really Scorpan? He can't be this arrogantly stupid!?

This is the same ponies that not only took out his brother, TWICE!

But also has a vast record of defeating villainous tyrants like him. ( Ex: Chrysalis, Sombra, Storm King, etc... )

I mean, come on!? HOW is he any of a threat when he's still incase in literal ice? He looks so pathetic to me.

Not to mention that his kingdom doesn't look "too good", along with the civil war that is still going on.

So I highly doubt that his military is "top-notch" by this point.

Besides, I also highly doubt that this guy is ever going to do s**t against the ponies that not only has the "Magic of Friendship"on their side, but also the MANY non-pony nations/kingdoms that could back them up.

And there's also Discord.

Oh dear, oh my... Twilight is now at a personal war with Scorpan for insulting his laws and freeing future "Tirek's" from his land. How will Twilight Sparkle handle this?

Seriously!? What does that corrupted gargoyle jerk ever going against a vast-resourced kingdom like Equestria, that also has a bunch of allies backing them up like that!? :ajsmug:

For those who dont think of Farmer as much of a superpower job?


-- Death appeals to Azrael (Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man)

From Pratchett Quotes

Those orphans are most definitely menaces all right. :rainbowderp:

Also, it's ironic that Tirek is actually his own species and gargoyle's Last Hope and Hero, compared of a menacing villain to the ponies and everybody else?

Speaking about him, considering the Scorpan situation, will they actually talk to Tirek about this, and maybe make a deal with him to break his stone imprisonment.

I recommend reading the light/web novel which has over 100 chapters if you haven't. It is a great read and will help when diverging from the original story so you don't get tripped up by surprises later on. though, I believe your story will be great regardless.

Yes, I've seen your comments. I've been busy with work and typing new chapters

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