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OMGWTFBBQ?:rainbowhuh: What did I just read?:twilightoops:
IDK, but I :heart: it! :moustache:

You have my approval. Proceed.

i don't..
..i can't..
what did i just read
.. D:

this is stupid...

And as a great writer once said, "This is incredibly silly."

and now i'm a 20% dumber...
good job, sir


I was looking forward to an army of the doctor.

So, are both the banished Lunas playing a game of uno on the moon waiting for the doctor to bring them back from the future after they escape? That would mean one of them is a thousand years older than the first-banished Luna. But that's OK because she's got memories of having company for the millenia.

Seraphim, you can't have two Doctors just up and meet like that! You'll cause a time paradox!

Not sure what I just read..but I loved it.

HAHAHAHAHhaha...oh, wow, i could NOT STOP laughing.

Celestia is making a HUGE mistake.....ONE doctor is a threat TWO equal game over you just can't win

Suddenly Dr Whooves. I'm a pony now, ponies are cool.

Step 1: :rainbowderp: Hmm... wut's dis?
Step 2: :trollestia: Evil Trollestia is evil.
Step 3: :rainbowhuh: DOUBLE DR WHOOVES?
Step 4: :yay: yaaaaaaay...

WOOSH! TO THE MOON!!!! 5 Stars for that alone. :rainbowlaugh:

Alright!:twilightangry2: Stop that! That's just silly. and rather suspet too.

Now let's have some old fashioned military manouvers!



So...um... yeah my brain hurts :facehoof: and I'm confused :derpytongue2: but it was funny. :rainbowlaugh:

Let me explain, the sheer comedy in what I just read is so palpable that I just had to thumbs and favorite this. It's funny in an idiot in tripping balls high kind of way.

This has melted my brain and I love it. :rainbowlaugh:

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