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Will Fluttershy be to late to admit her feelings for Big Mac?

Based on the song Speak Now by Taylor Swift. If you haven't heard it yet go listen to it!
This is my first story in a long long time so please give me constructive criticism. And if you don't like it and give me a thumbs down could you please tell me what I did wrong.

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Fave before read :scootangel:

Very interesting, but I would like to point out something. If Big Mac gave Cherry his hoof in marriage, then surely he wouldn't be so willing to run off?

Also, you should separate the paragraphs a bit more, they look a bit text-wall-y, but I am on mobile.

I will follow for now, I'd like to see where this goes honestly.

Please tell me you've seen the "Speak Now FlutterMac" video on youtube. Because that's just awesome. :eeyup::heart::yay: forever

Check these:
to -> too
your -> you're

Interesting set-up for the story anyway. :)

the story is good

Taylor Swift and FlutterMac, :eeyup::moustache:. I liked this so much. I love the concept and the way you translated the lyrics. I loved how you also discussed Applejack's uneasiness of deciding whether she'll honor her brother's freedom or her desire to save him. I loved how Rainbow and Rarity helped Fluttershy get in and seeing it all from her perspective was really cool. But I do feel that the ending of this chapter was very rushed. I'm also not sure if using he whole quote from the song worked in terms of tense. "Baby I didn't say my vows so glad you where around when they said speak now" I feel that this could've been said after they left the wedding and were together. But as it is I loved. Huge Taylor Swift fan, read my fic Enchanted to understand, and FlutterMac is one of my favorite ships and you merged them perfectly. Can't wait for the next installment. See you in Brighter Days. :heart:

AHAHHAHHAHAHA! :rainbowlaugh: You copied every single scene from THE SONG! H..A...HAHAHAHAHAHAHH! You made me laugh my CUTIE MARK OFF! :rainbowlaugh:

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