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(Story takes place after Luna's banishment and maybe a decade before Nightmare Moon's return.)

Celestia has been ruling Equestria alone for nearly 1000 years. In that time she has seen many things, gone through many challenges, and acquired the stress that comes with severe loneliness. One day, it becomes too much for the Sun Princess to bear, and she takes the day off to recoup, bringing her apprentice along.

Written for the 1000 words contest! https://www.fimfiction.net/group/216361/a-thousand-words

Thanks to my editors https://www.fimfiction.net/user/360307/JinxTJL


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Filly Twilight is adorkable! I like stories featuring Celestia and filly Twilight, especially with Celestia acting like a second mother to her.

Hey Congrats on being my first comment! I'm glad you enjoyed!

Awww so cute. Admirable for a first fic of yours :heart: (I have yet to post on this site, although I post non-pony on AO3).

This was cute, as long as you don't look too deeply into it, the fact Celestia acts so calm and motherly one minute and then pulls a one-eighty and pranks you the next is very unsettling, also she is screaming and playing to everyone else's good will to get what she wants.


I'm sure there is a larger story that could be told with Celestia's 180, but I like to imagine this is what her head was like for all those years she had Twilight not under her study but also when she went to Ponyville and became an alicorn. Half doting mother, half "please let this be the one so I can retire after 1111 years-"

Thanks! Just dipping my toes into the water so to speak with this one! Hopefully there can be some more that are better than this!


Was using a university level text on architecture to build a simple sand castle what Celestia had in mind? No, but that’s Twilight for you.

Celestia, should be glad it was ONLY that! Imagine if Twilight was a fan of this guy:

It would probably go like this...

"Princess, Princess! Look at the funny ball I made!" *picks up a daemon core and screwdriver* "It glows when I do this :twilightsmile:!"

*glow* *flash* *glow*

"Oh, it's very nice! ... oh by the way, hypothetically, if you could pick your tombstone, what color would it be :trollestia:?"

Nah, she's only a filly. However, hitting puberty is a different story :trollestia:

Contrary to popular belief, I do enjoy a wholesome story. And this one went straight through my cold, dark heart. Well done!

I'm glad you enjoyed!

Caught a typo.

...humming as she accessed the different elements of her apprentice’s masterpiece.


Why did i expect her to be swimming INSIDE the sun?

Um maybe my title could've been clearer :twilightblush:

Hey, happy to see this out in the open! Congrats on publishing your first story, and best of luck with the contest! :)

Thanks for being an editor in the story! Hopefully it wins something but if not at least I had fun!

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