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Twilight Sparkle decides to try a special herb the Cake's procured from Zecora, originally used to make Pinkie Pie less... hyper.

Done purely for comedy!

Chapters (2)
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Commencing Read!

Comment: How many moons would that make? Guess the password really ties in.

Starting to read: Will come back to comment, so far, it looks like she's got a serious case of the munchies :rainbowlaugh:

EDIT: Good work, got some laughs out of me. Like and Fav :twilightsmile: Some small grammatical issues like-- staring down at the parchment she was preparing to write in.
In should be On, I think. I write on parchment, not in it :ajsmug:

, Ilia sit praelectionem
(Let that be a lesson!)

i.imgur.com/j4Nnv.png ~Wolf
Long Vive, Lupus Imperii!

I like it!

Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

I Think She'll Need An Electric Cigarette with some Nicotine Inside of it....

This needs to be a series. What would happen to the rest of the Mane 6? :rainbowderp:

1404278 Insanity.

And then, in the midst of it all is Pinkie Pie, screaming:

"COME ON YOU GUYS! I do three hits of this and bake cupcakes!"

Ok, while the whole "Doing drugs" thing kinda irks me, you made up for it with all of Twilight's silly antics.
And by "antics", I mean everything from cupcakes and beyond.
Everything from before cupcakes just made me think, "Whatever, she's on drugs."

This made me have a nostalgia flashback to Billy and Mandy for some reason...

Billy: Mom! I have a problem! This bread is delicious, but every time I bite it, it keeps getting smaller!

Anyway, good for Twilight and the Cupcake Kingdom. I feel a need to mention this song.

......Twilight gets high then goes mad.......And Pinkie Pie is the responsible one?..........The hell have I just walked into?.....

Oh, god... poor cupcakes. I can't stop laughing...:rainbowlaugh:

Er... It looks like Twilight eats too many space cupcakes?
Why in Equestria Pinkie you give those to Twilight?
Well, maybe cannabis foods are legal in Equestria.
At least Princess Luna did not do anything to TS, PP or Zacora.. :twilightoops:

(Oops. She smokes.. instead of eating..)

:rainbowlaugh: HAHAHAHAHAA!!!

Freakin' excellent. Figures Twilight would be a kooky pony when stoned. :twilightblush:

at first i was like "woah, twilight is doin pot!"
then I was like "no...that sounds more like acid"
the real question remains......why doesnt pinkie pie go trippin when she takes it?

edit: inb4 that is pot becuz she used a bong
My response: in the land of equestria, it is perfectly possible for an herb, when used with a bong, to have the same effect as a human generated compound that isnt in leaf form

Now remember, drugs: kids are bad!


“If you mooned somepony... how many moons would there be?”


You need to make a second chapter that shows what Celestia thought. Or something. Cause that sounds like it'd be even funnier.

wow.... 111 likes... zero dislikes. impressive.

I smoked weed once. I played Genesis games for a couple hours, then drew a map of Canada on my stomach with a sharpie, then fell asleep. From what I could tell, the map was surprisingly accurate.

Twilight was going to open the library... until she got high~
She was going re-shelve all those books... until she got high~
She was going to go out and hang with her friends!... until she got high!~
until she got high, until she got high... until she got hiiiiiigh!~

Oh man, Seriously, that was pretty funny. But I feel I must point out you don't really hallucinate with weed. I've smoked it a lot, and the closest I've ever come to hallucinating was a severe loss of depth perception (My hands are huuuuuge!).

That...is highly entertaining.
Now give the rest of the Mane 6 drugs...


As in the Sega Genesis?

Anyway that was freaken' Hilarious!!!

1407561 Yep. Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Green Hill Zone, over and over again.

Damn good game. i still like to play it from time to time. I've nearly beat it several time in the last 3 weeks alone. And yes our Genesis still works.

LOL! Twilight was smokin' some weed, huh? That crap's funny as hell! Five embarassed Twilights out of five. :twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush:


:trollestia: next episode, rainbow dash thinks she is a fighter jet and bombs the apple farm.
:trollestia:one day rainbow got high then bombed the apple farm, if you know what I mean.

whoever just thumbed this down is a little bitch :twilightangry2:

:rainbowlaugh: Sounds like Twilight's (ir)rational mind had a fun night off.

Loved every bit of this! :rainbowlaugh:

:facehoof: :rainbowlaugh:
Ok I needed that, very funny.

more more more more more

I have never seen anyone act like that on weed. But that was pretty darn funny.

Because Pinkie's brain is so {buysomeappels} already, the drugs make it work like a normal pony's?

Now I want to know the password.
Even though it does not work anymore.

And this is why I choose not to smoke weed. Cause I know I'll do some stupidly hilarious crap just like this! :rainbowlaugh:

Told you it'd get featured.

Sweet Celestia tripping balls, I loved this. :twilightblush: Great representation of a first timer...ah I remember my first time.....funniest trip to Texico ever. Also please, more of this, I honestly don't care which pony, but more of this. Even if Twilight slips up again, MORE. :heart::heart:

:twilightoops: My hooves can touch everything but themselves *clops them together* oh, wait...

>written by the person who never smoked any marijuanas


>comment written by someone trying vainly to greentext, making baseless assumptions in the comments section of a purely-for-teh-lolz story.


Laughing my PLOT off at this.

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