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Most zombies are terrifying creatures. Most zombies leave nothing behind but death and destruction.

Most zombies have never met Fluttershy.

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Nice! Sad but sweet. :fluttershysad:

:fluttershysad:IT'S SO NICE!!! BEST ZOMPONY EVER!!!:heart::yay::heart:

*reads description* :pinkiegasp: GOT TO READ IT NOW! *reads* :pinkiehappy:

Very good story. It is a nice read. You know how to write that is for sure.

I like the story very much, :twilightsmile:
even when it's a complete mystery how the zomby managed to overcome his desire for blood...
But that's Fluttershy awesomeness for ya..

Woah. That was... weird. Sweet, somewhat sad, but mostly, weird :twilightoops:

Make fluttershy a zombie plz cuz Then they live happiliy ever after the end xb

I could not help but a little when i read this.:fluttercry:

Sad but sweet... earned a fav and like.

This story touched me. I adored the way that it was written from the Zombie's point of view, and the way Fluttershy was depicted. Plus, the end was enough to make me cry. All in all, the best story I've read so far.

Touch my heart a Fluttershy’s kindness is just I have no words for it so beyond love and friendship it is eternal

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