• Published 21st Mar 2024
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Saved!!! - ArchoPony

A human fell through one of Midnight's portals; and now he's in a 7,000 foot free fall while slowing transforming into a horse.

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14 - Trains and Trainwrecks

“ Ehm. Ehm.“ Twilight nodded clumsily, walking back to the train with Ponder.

“ I - “

“ didn't ask a question or or make a statement. “ He responded.
“ Are you alright? “ He had to ask.

“ I'm fine. “ Twilight turned her head up, almost walking into a wall.
Ponder's gaze fixated on Twilight, ready to catch her if she fell.
Or maybe she was just having a stroke.

The ponies that watched had certainty seen a sight to behold.
The Princess of Friendship, half asleep, seemingly being followed by a guard that refused to intervene.
The rumor mill was sure to run wild.

' Listen to Twilight ' was what PonderBright heard and he intended to follow it.
If she says she's fine, then no intervening will be had.
None at all.
Not even after she had to catch herself going down some stairs.


A blurred image of a small red dragon invaded the edge of Ponder's vision for a split second.
He turn to look at the intrusion.

“ Do – Do you need something? “ A sales pony spoke to him.
“ N- No. “ He returned his gaze to Twilight and continued walking.

' Surely she must notice. ' Ponder was thinking.
' And just not care. '
She was gaining back her usual sense of semi-regal composure while boarding the train.

' Does the culture here just permit this degree of... reputation? ' He ended up sitting across from Twilight, adhering to an unknown emotional reaction beckoning him to not get too close.
He really didn't want too to rely on emotions.
But he thought he had too.

They weren't the most accurate anyway, but at this point it's all he had.
He would not let his autistic alien logic plague pony world again.

She was looking at him nervously, between him looking away due to not being good at eye contact.
A voice bellowed through a hollow metal pipe:
“ Last stop for PonyVille! “

She had fallen asleep. While sitting up, no less. He wished he had that power.
It's now or never.

T W I L I G H T ! “
Ponder autistically screeched, Twilight almost instantly shooting up to the ceiling.

“ WHA - “
“ WHAT “
She looked around, eyes darting around in fear; poking her head out from behind her seat.

Ponder reared back a bit, and took on a uncharacteristically pleasant tone:
“ Were here. “
He pointed a hoof to the door.

“ Oh. “
She stared off into space at the door.

“ Thanks. “
She seemed to be calming down quickly.

It was only a matter of time before he screwed something up socially again; if he hadn't already.
His plan was to go straight back to his room, and read a book or something until bedtime.
This would not come to pass.

“ Oh hey Twilight. Ponder. “ Applejack greeted her at the station.
“ Hey AppleJack. “ Twilight responded sleepily.
“ Oh. Whoop. I was hopin' to get your advice on somthin' but I can see you need your rest. “
She tipped her hat to her, and whispered as she was tipping it:

“ Rainbow is here. “

Ponder was interested as to why that was a bad thing.
“ Oh. “ Twilight responded almost as if she was forced to go to another hearing. Slumping, sad, the works.

Applejack walked away.
Twilight looked to ponder.
“ Just – don't... Um. “

Ponder was definitely feeling something when he saw her struggle with her words for him.
He wasn't exactly sure what, and he wasn't going to go digging in the emotion catacombs to go fetch an answer.
It didn't feel good. That much was certain.

“ Imply anything hostile? “ He took a guess.
Twilight looked up in contemplation for a bit before returning her gaze back to Ponder.
“ Yeah. Close enough. “

' Did – did she give up? ' Ponder was thinking to himself.
' Is she going to give up on the other stuff? '
' It almost certainly is. This isn't my first rodeo. '
Ponder, when zoning back in, noticed Twilight was walking quite fast.

He took out a hat from one of Twilight's bags he had been carrying and put in on, tilting the brim down so he would have a harder time being seen.

He took out some sunglasses and a scarf and offered them to Twilight with a
“ hm ? “
with his mouth full.

“ Oh. No. “

Twilight seemed confounded at the gesture.
After 7 seconds or so, She finally got it.

“ Oh! No. “
She said while looking at Ponder with a knowing glance.

He just assumed she understood what he was trying to do and continued walking.

“ Ah! There you are! “ The two heard from above.
If PonderBright's past experience with pony doppelgangers had been correct, and so far that they had,
that voice belongs to RainbowDash.

She flew down to Twilight, who had turned to meet her.
Ponder turned around too; while quickly and discreetly putting on the sunglasses.
' Awfully fast ' Ponder was thinking, as tiny amounts of sand and wind brushed by his face from the incoming pony.

“ Whoops! Sorry stranger. “ Rainbow looked to the disguised Ponder.
She showed off her wings, spreading them skyward.
“ Didn't mean to get you there. “

“ Hey Twilight, who is this shady character anyhow? “
She playfully pointed to PonderBright.

“ Let's catch up later. “ Twilight managed to conjure a friendly tone.
“ I'm really tired – and – I just want to go to bed. “

“ Yeah, Yeah sure thing - “ Rainbow had started to hover, her eyes slowly squinting and moving towards the yellowish-gold pony.

There was a pause.

“ Well,

nice to know you care about me Rainbow. Bye. “ Twilight started to walk off, but Ponder turned around in too much of a hurry.

“ Hey- Hey wait up a minute. “ Rainbow flew a bit closer.
Things were getting tense.
“ I think I know you. “ She said sneering, pointing a hoof to him.

He turned around.
“ I'm not from around here. You do? “

Twilight sighed.

She took a very small moment to gather herself before saying:
“ Rainbowdash, this is PonderBright. “
“ WHAT! “ RainbowDash was astounded. She outstretched her wings a bit too much, loosing a bit of altitude. She easily caught herself.

This is him? “ She immediately turned hostile. Or at least in tone.
“ Why are you sneaking him around like that? “ She further rebuked, half-confused half-angry.
She flew closer.

“ I- “
Twilight cut Ponder off.
“ Rainbow, please. If we all could just get some rest - “
Rainbow cut Twilight off.
“ And let him disappear into the depths of your castle again before I get to ASK HIM some very pointed questions? “, “ No way! “

Ponder felt physical unease.

“ Just leave him here and I'll have em' back by sundown in one piece! “
IF he cooperates. “
She flew ever closer.

Ponder lowered his head slightly. His eyes met hers, determined.
He would not go down without a fight.
“ Ponder. Your wing is in my face. “ a muffled Twilight said, from behind Ponder's outstretched feathery appendage.

“ Oh. Sorry. “ He could not muster anything but a stone cold tone and expression, given the situation.
He only looked Twilight's way for a moment, making sure she was safe, before immediately returning his gaze back to Rainbow.
He had come to realize he had only raised that one wing. Not both. Huh.

Rainbow seemed to notice too.
“ Umgh. “ Rainbow seemed conflicted, per the weird animal sound.

She then landed. VERY close to ponder.

They exchanged a stare.

Rainbow looked down and sighed.
“ Alright. You win. “

Ponder looked around, mostly behind him.
' This was a competition? '

“ Yeah. There's definitely something off about you. “ Rainbow said as she was walking away.
“ But I think I can leave you alone. “
She twitched back to face him.

For now.
She completed her fly-off. And just as soon as she arrived, she had left.

“ Great, now lets get home before I blow up the entirety of PonyVille by saying ' hello ' the wrong way. “
Ponder said under his breath, pulling his hat down even further.
Twilight looked at him, confused.

Ponder looked back.
“ Wait did I say that out loud? “
Worry and fear starting to creep into him again.

He jutted in a few rushed words:
“ I didn't mean to – I'll “

“ It's fine Ponder. “, “ Everyone worries. “ Twilight said that last one very rehearsed, as if by personal experience.

Ponder had a pre-cooked response ready to go:
“ I think I'll be heading to bed, If that's ok with you. “

Twilight nodded.
“ Your not the only one that needs bed right now. “

A minor smile.
A VERY muted response if Ponder has ever seen one.

Was this just how tired she was?

For once in his life, he was dead certain of something socially.
This was not entirely due to lack of energy.
He looked back at her, as he had always been walking a few steps behind.

Still smiling.
Quite a pleasant smile.
No way that was genuine. Could not be real.

Yet still, smiling.


He took on a (albeit fake) pleasant smile and sped up slightly to walk with her.
Eyes almost closed on one and a satchel of bags on the other,
They continued all the way to the castle.

Author's Note:

I am open to PM. No discord or email. Do not use email. Please.
I am open to work, even collaborations. I can't draw. Muscle condition.

Want to test my writing with this one. Will try to write more and more challenging subjects as time goes on.
All criticism minus something that can only be seen as a nitpick will be appreciated.

Autism is systematizing.
Friendship is personal.

But what happens when Autism wants relationships and Friendship has conflicting wants?

Lets hope their communication is on point.