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I am a Brony from the far away land of England. I have a YouTube channel on which i upload Minecraft vids, MLP vids and trolling vids.



When Scootaloo ditches her friends for something unknown they think nothing of it. She must just have something important to do, right? But when they see her wandering into the Everfree forest they become curious and follow her.
They find her stood in a clearing crying but Rainbow Dash turns up and seam's to know what's going on and tells them to leave.
What could be so important to Scootaloo that she could end up crying about it?


Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 22 )

Awwrr this is really good so far :pinkiesad2:

I'm working on chapter 2 at the moment.

Probably gonna be an emotional convo for a while then some improvisation mostly.

<3 :scootangel:

1401310 I'm working on my own at the moment ^^ Mine is a bit of a dark fantasy kind but it needs a lot of proof reading done :pinkiehappy: But i shall definitely follow this!

I want to see where this ends...




A'right, I think you stimulated my brain enough to make me forgot what I was typing, and make me feel weird... Like, really weird.

Not sure what you mean by this. The effect im going for it to feel pity for Scootaloo.
(Plus im a depressive person and find it difficult to write things that aint depressing without making it really cheesy. LOL)

Anyway. As per your request im gonna throw some Trance on the stereo and get writing. New chapter MIGHT be out tommrow of the next day. (I'm a slow writer)


1401564 I don't know what this feel is, it's something weird.
But hey, I'm the guy who doesn't even remember if he's wearing a hat or not!

Well, good luck with you'r feeling. And no worries, this WILL NOT turn into a clopper or anything. Just sad depressive Scootaloo. Thats my aim cuz im a sad depressive person. <3
If its sympathy then i can totally understand where your coming from but otherwise i have no idea.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed it. <3

Good just with your hat. lol

yay i love stories that involve scootaloo and rainbow dash

Same. I love stories with Scootaloo. My only problem with my preference is the excessive amount of incest fics there are. It sickens me to no end. But I've always liked sad fics. Hence, this fic was made.
I return your "D'awwwwwwww" with a friendly hug. <3 *Hugs*

BTW: I'm about half way through the second chapter atm. <3 :scootangel:

1404038 yea i don't like those kinds of fics either

Just released chapter two. Hope you all like it.,
I'm hoping to get at least another two chapters in before i leave the story. Hell, i might even make three. <3

NOTE: Please excuse the mistakes with the uncapitalised "i's".

<3 Scoots is best filly! :scootangel:

this is a good chapter keep it up

Cheers for the rad praise.
Next chapter will hopefully be our within the next few days. (Schools a pain in the flank, atm)

I also have an idea for another Scootaloo fic which i might start alongside this one. Havent decided yet. <3 :scootangel:


Also, there are some grammatical errors...

It's okay Scootaloo. You can stay with me if you want.

This is just so sad.:raritycry:

I am aware of this. Gonna proof it again later.
In not really intending for it to go like that but maybe...
<3 :scootangel:

EDIT: Fixed some grammatical errors in the second chapter. Gonna re-read the first later tonight.

You should capitalize those "Is" as well, along with the few "it's/its" errors.

Ah, i knew i was forgetting something. <3 I'll work on it when i get time. :scootangel:

This story is great, I can't wait for the next chapter.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: After spending over 3 hours writing a bunch more the document i was writing in got corrupted.
It will take me ages to recover it and write it all again.
As such this fic is now on hiatus until further notice. :fluttershysad:

There is, however, a good side to this. This will give me a chance to work more on another fic ive been working on.
No spoilers yet. But i think thats any CMC fans will like it. <3

Stay tuned. Again, so sorry about this. But i simply will not spend double the time that i took writing it to begin with to re-write it again.
This fic WILL be finished one day. But unfortunately not today.
I had great fun writing this but i think that i should prioritise from here on out.

Thanks for reading. Sorry about the issues.
New fic will be posted very soon.

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