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Taking place a month after the conclusion of "Rainbooms and Royalty," Rainbow Dash is settling into her new life in Ponyville. On the whole, it's great! But as some minor tensions crop up at her job and her new life, an old friend comes into town to turn everything upside down. What's a pony to do?

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>Looks at character tags

I see what you did there. And I'm going to read it so bucking hard.

Oh god yes.

Well... I suppose that episode is going to be different since RD is friends with Trixie. Glad to see you continuing the RnR'verse Trinary,

Raindrops is best pegasus!

And Trixie and Rainbow Dash are old friends.....Oh, this is gonna be RICH!!!!!

Also, is it just me, or does your version of Raindrops seem heavily influenced by the Lunaverse version of Raindrops?


It isn't just you. And Cloud Kicker and Blossomforth are from Chengar Qordath's Winningverse.


Calling it, Cloud Kicker and Blossomforth are the new Scratch and Tavia

never! You can't beat true talent, even with awesome innuendos :raritywink:

either way, YAY Sequel!! :yay::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh::trixieshiftright:

A sequel to Rainbooms and Royalty?


Thought about Favouriting this.
Since it's Triniary, I'll do it.

I can only hope that this one turns out to be somewhat less final than Griffon the Brush-Off, if you know what I mean? It never sat well with me that Dash just let Gilda fly off and never did anything to rectify the situation.

I can't be the only one who could totally see Dash and Trixie being great friends, right? Provided they met before the Ponyville debacle, at any rate, which is clearly the case here. They balance one another rather nicely, as Trixie is the only character who could hope to match Dash's level of natural arrogance. Friendships based on rivalry and competition are sometimes the strongest of them all (RD and AJ being a fine example of this).

Very nice opening, and I quite like the idea of Rainbow and Trixie being friends. Curious to see where you're going with this.

Also, loving the Winningverse references.

Ahh yeah, CK the wining pony. AppleCon, well it is always sunny in Fillydelphia after all.

I definitely like this so far, nice and slice of lifey plus Trixie for added fun. Looking forward to seeing how her show goes.

Oh awesome, I was hoping you'd write a sequel to Rb&R. I hope this doesn't turn out to be just a recasting of Griffon the Brushoff/Boast Busters, but part of that is because I'm a Trixie fan. :trixieshiftright: I'm sure it'll be a great read no matter what.
I like you because you update quickly, by the way.

As expected, excellent. My only gripe is, we once again that the CK winning pony persona and the same Bloosomforth. I did I miss a memo that these persona are now the accepted headcanon of all fim fiction now?

It would be nice to see something occasionally different.

Still good though, maybe Rainbow will learn to appreciate the weather teams work. I wouldn't count on it though.

Winningverse shoutouts, weapons-grade adorability, and an AU in which Derpy is alive and well?

Yes, please!

Oh I'm gonna read this fic so hard

A sequel!? Didnt see that one coming in all honesty...

But... Hail Celestia, a Sequel!!! Awesome sauce! Just this first chapter had me smiling te whole way through and through!

And quite the surprise that Trixie is Dashie's old friend as well? Even more awesome! :rainbowkiss:

All in all, i look forward to the next update and will be watching this!

It does seem to be heading that way. Not that I'm going to complain about the fact that I've apparently defined the fanon personalities of Cloud Kicker and Blossomforth.


Oh this is looking good. It will be interesting to see what Trixie is like here with a real friend to help her cope with her insecurities to some extent and no compulsion to use her as a scapegoat for a lesson in a short timeslot. It sounds like pranks are going to be the name of the game here because Trixie's approach to a lot of her challengers in the show were essentially pranks. This means she will probably get along with at least Pinkie well enough, and with two friends telling the others to cool off along with Derpy and Fluttershy being incapable of hating anyone she does have reasonable odds of being accepted to some extent.

Also, go Cloud Kicker.:rainbowlaugh:

Huzzah! Sequel! Huzzah! :yay:

“Whose Trixie?”

Should be "Who's" or "Who is." Unless someone owns Trixie. But that'd be creepy dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_TwilightWut.png


Heh, bit more than a shout out. I love Winningverse and I'm gonna lean on it for a lot of backstory and development of Cloud Kicker and Blossomforth, with some obvious changes. Ditto with Raindrops and Lunaverse.

:rainbowkiss: Congratulations, featured already!

I see Trixie.

Like a tamohawk missile closing in on its prey, I will be tracking this.

Okay, I've read. Hmm, Rainbow Dash and Trixie, old friends? Didn't see that one coming, but I can totally see it in hindsight. Trixie is basically one-half Rainbow Dash and one-half Rarity in terms of personality, anyway.

Also, yay more Raindrops! Raindrops needs more love. Raindrops needs a character tag, is what she needs...she's been around since episode 1 and has been a background pony in nearly every episode since...

A sequel to one of the best AU fics all year? All of my yes!

Hm... Trixie and RD are old friends, eh? This ought to be good.

Of course... if it's anything like 'Griffon the Brush-Off'...

on her muzzle completely oblivious to anything but her dreams.

A couple things here: first, there should be a comma after "muzzle;" and second, "anything" should be "everything"

Cloud Kicker no breaking Blossomforth

There should be a comma after "Kicker"

(PS original name, by the way)

That's not at all PS

in town I will grant this two-bit town

I think you used "town" too much in the same sentence; maybe replace "in town" with "around" or "in the area"?

So, what's this make, now... hmm, 13 stories on my Read Later list? *chuckle* If this is anything like Rainbooms and Royalty, though, it'll so be worth it... :pinkiehappy:

“Oourrh! You’re mom sure knows how to make breakfast.”

In all seriousness though, looking forward to what happens here.

1399202 Well, the thing is, once something is accepted in Fanon, it tends to Stay in Fanon. Once someone has defined the characters, it saves someone else from having to do it themselves, y'see? That's why Luna is associate with an Abacus, or Lyra is usually Utterly obsessed with Humans. If it's THAT huge a problem, wirte a fic starring them with Different personalies. It might combat The Common perception and thus we'll have multiple established Fanon personalities

Ohhh, I get it. Because Rainbow Dash didn't stay in Cloudsdale, she never met Gilda. Instead, her not-so-savory friend ends up being Trixie. Clever. :pinkiesmile:

Makes you wonder what happened to Gilda, though. :applejackunsure:

Yeah, though the Winningverse background is only applicable in broad strokes. After all, the massive backstory infodump in Winning Pony Chapter Nine goes out the window in a universe where Rainbow leaves Flight Camp after pulling off the Sonic Rainboom.

HeeeZ!!! Can't wait for more!!!!

Well, if you yourself are going to write the sequel, I suppose it's worth looking at how this alternate universe would impact events that happened in the show's episodes:

The most obvious ones are Griffon The Brush Off and Boast Busters, and it will be interesting to see how you make that play out.

You already proved the point that Dragonshy made when Nightmare Moon seemingly killed Rainbow Dash, but there's no reason that that couldn't happen in this story, either a little differently or simply as an "offscreen" event.

Bridle Gossip, Sonic Rainboom, and The Cutie Mark Chronicles were already taken care of, but Rainbow Dash would still enter the Best Young Flyer Competition. (I imagine either gloating to Trixie or offscreen event)

Then again, you'd probably largely ignore any episodes if they'd just play out too similarly in this universe. Which makes me wonder why I bring it up in the first place...

Hell yeah, a sequel. I'll read this later.

so trixie is going to replace gilda as the arrogant old friend?
i´m ok with that

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Now stop distracting me and let me do my essay :twilightangry2:

Ehh i was already doing something else. Gotta go find more distractions now

You know Raindrops does kind of have a point, Rainbow did get the job before the ponies that have been working the skies above Ponyville for a lot longer.

Of course... discrete whoopie cushion of significant size.

That outburst prompted only a slight shrug from Cloud Kicker. “Come on, it’s not like she’s related to you. She’s a pretty cute mare and a sweet gal. I wouldn’t mind having a taste of her muf—”

Wait a minute! Ditzy was a weatherpony for how many years and it took this long for Cloud Kicker to take an interest?

the fruits not the ponies since I don’t think ponies taste that good


Excuse me bu good colt, but did that treebrary just pass wind in our general direction?

Not a huge fan of Raindrops here. She seems to be bringing too much personal distaste for Dash's personality, lacking professional detachment.

“You know Kicker, you’re family’s pretty big.


What matters is that an old friend of mind is going to be


She had learned more than she ever wanted that Star Swirl the Bearded’s life and dietary habits.

I think that "that" should be an "about".

Dragonshy could always be remastered into a story about Spike.


Celestia's pupil and daughter by all but blood is looking for a job on the weather team, and there just so happens to be a manager slot available. She's got the aforementioned backing of royalty and the skills necessary for the position a dozen times over. What pony in their right mind would deny her that conveniently open managerial position?


You got that half-right. Ditzy Do was the weather manager or chief weather pony (I use the terms interchangably). When Rainbow Dash moved in, Ditzy was promoted upstairs to a job that involves more paperwork and less actual weather work (which given her clutzy streak is probably for the best).

I should mention that in my story she (Ditzy) didn't take somepony else's job away, more like they separated out the duties of a normal weather manager (physically managing the weather and writing the reports) which in my view would normally be a simple thing. But since Ponyville is right next to the Everfree with its uncontrollable weather, I'd say that writing weather reports takes up more time and responsibility than it would in another town. Probably enough that it would warrant its own position. So Ditzy got a promotion to deal mostly with that stuff and Rainbow got the weather managing job.

Sequal to R&R :yay:

1404215 it's still got to burn to see a 'rising new star' outpace you if you've been putting in the hours. It sounds like the parable of the Prodigal Son.


Agreed. If I was in Raindrop's place I might look for a better position elsewhere. Scratch that, I was in Raindrop's place and that is exactly what I did and am better for it. Right now the weatherteam is being led by a pony with no management experience who didn't work her way through the system. Raindrop has a legit beef. Maybe she should got back to the Lunaverse where she is an element of harmony.

1404526 I hadn't considered that but you are right. Management skills - REAL management skills, not what they tell you in an MBA program, require time spent working with others - something we're seeing Rainbow has a little problem with.
This is going to take mucho Love and Tolerance to turn out well.

1404105 Who said she got an interest just now? :P

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