• Published 5th Oct 2012
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The Little Things In Life - Cabral095

As tiny ponies invade the home of a young man fresh out on his own, his life is turned upside down.

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Pinkie Goes to the Store!

Chapter 4 - Pinkie Goes to the Store!


Night had returned to the California valley. The air was cool and the sky vacant of clouds; allowing the stars to shine brightly through the window of Jeff’s apartment. Jeff smiled to himself as he settled the ponies into a small, padded dog bed he had purchased earlier that day.

It feels kind of weird having them sleep in a dog bed, but I’m not going to buy a whole new bed for six small ponies, he thought to himself. Plus, this way they can sleep at the foot of my bed ... and not get crushed by me.

He covered the fillies with a small blanket; they squirmed slightly before resettling in the newfound warmth. Each of the colorful equines were fast asleep, breathing softly; with the exception of Dash and Pinkie’s loud snoring which had filled Jeff’s bedroom. He chuckled quietly, and slowly got into bed. After adjusting himself to a more comfortable position Jeff opened the small drawer on his nightstand and pulled out a small brown leather book. It was crisp, new, and the word, “Journal,” was beautifully engraved in gold filigree on the cover ... or he liked to think anyway, it was just shiny gold colored foil.

Grabbing a pen that was resting upon his nightstand, Jeff opened to the first page, and began to scribble his thoughts,

“Dear Diary,”

... That’s just stupid.

Scratching out the previous words, he scribbled onward.

“Dear Diary,”

“April 29, Sun 2012.

“It’s interesting, really, how lively these ponies are. I’ve only had them since yesterday, and it’s crazy how active they are regardless of their new surroundings. I’m sure it must be different here than where they came from…. wherever they came from. Note to self: Find out at some point where they came from.

So today Pinkie tried to eat a cupcake shown on the computer screen. I told her not to do that. One, because she probably would destroy my monitor either from actually eating it, or slobbering all over it and short circuiting it, and two ... She’s Pinkie.

Anyway, I finally convinced her it was a picture and that it wasn’t real. She almost started to cry when I said that. Without thinking, I said, “Hey, I have an idea.” And boy, was it an idea. “Let’s make cupcakes!” Oh, did that turn out to be interesting. Of course, everybody, er everypony. I’m still deciding what term I should use. I mean “everypony” sounds so weird, but they are ponies; and smart ones to boot.

Thankfully I had some cake mix in the cupboard ... can’t remember when or why I bought it though. I wish I could describe how the baking went in detail, but let’s just say that Pinkie broke out into song, Dash was flying around gathering the ingredients, and Sparkle and Crystal used their magic - which I had no idea that Crystal could use as well. They were a big help. AJ read off what we needed, and Pinkie just kept singing, and occasionally helped me mix and stir things. I swear it seemed like she’d done this before.

Fluttershy was off to the side of the counter watching us. I’m glad she at least joined us after a few minutes though. She’s so shy, but she’s opened up a little bit today. It was awesome really. I never thought that seeing somebody, err some.. pony. Yeah, fine, pony for the ponies, body/one for humans. It’s amazing watching somepony so shy begin to open up to people, ponies, and begin to talk. After the making of the mix, I put the cupcakes in the oven, and set the timer. Luckily Sparkle noted the need for those little cupcake paper things, I almost forgot them.

Then Pinkie became impatient, After a good twenty seconds, she kept asking over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, “Is it ready? Are they done yet? What’s your favorite color? Do you have any sarsaparilla?

Yeah, even though the last two questions weren’t related to cupcakes ... I don’t even know what sarsaparilla is ... she just kept asking me questions, and wouldn’t you know it, Sparkle started asking me questions as well Like:”What’s the name of our princess”, “What are those big shiny things that she saw flying in the sky”, and get this, “Do you have anymore books?” Yes, she read through my whole collection. Regardless of it being five books, but still! That collection took me some months to read! She read it in a day and a half!

I mean come on! Really Sparkle? I shouldn’t be complaining though, She’s a smart pony. Maybe she can help me with my taxes. I’ll have to go and buy her some more books soon. Oh, and another pony asked me some questions today also, Crystal of all ponies. So here came Crystal, trotting up next to me on the counter, “So do you have any clothes for me to try on?” Yes, she asked me if I had clothes for her to wear. As if I have clothes for ponies to wear!

Then again, I suppose that’s not too bad of an idea, I mean the ponies are technically naked. Well aside from all of my complaining with their persistent questioning, I had a great idea! I’ll have them watch a movie. I really need to get more movies, I only have like twenty total. After searching around, and Pinkie trying to play “I Spy a movie, guess which one.” I found an old favorite movie of mine: Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron.

And of course, I played the movie. I could not believe how quiet they all were. That made my day. Seeing them all sitting together watching the movie, until five minutes in. “Hey, are the cupcakes done yet?!” You’ll never guess who asked. So, after I calmed Pinkie, she went back to watching the movie. About halfway through ... ish. I really have no idea. The cupcakes dinged, yay! So I pulled the tray out, and set them on the counter to let the cool.

I walked back to the couch, and I discovered Pinkie was missing. I asked the others, but they were too caught up in the movie. So I went to the one place I could think of. The kitchen. Immediately, I spotted her eating a cupcake. Which I found shocking, they had only been out of the oven a minute, and she was eating one, fully iced! I had assumed they’d be blistering hot.

She must have been crazy, and even more crazy is that she was on the counter, how the heck did she even get there? Note to Self again: Keep an eye on Pinkie, at all times. So I of course do the stupid thing and try a cupcake as well ... I burnt my tongue. Pinkie laughed at me, and kept eating. After the tongue fiasco, I first asked Pinkie how in the heck she ate the cupcake, and how she did it in ten seconds. Then I told her she should have waited. Of course I let the whole issue slide, and we returned to the movie.

The rest of the day was spent in the spare room, building legos, and watching Youtube. Yes, I showed them Youtube, but only the child friendly stuff. Then again, I don’t really know what is considered child friendly anymore. Oh, something I completely forgot about, Nevil came over today as well.

Nevil was acting really strange today, he was nervous too. He kept on stuttering, and was trying to tell me something. Anyway, I made sure the ponies were well hidden from him. I was finally able to get him to go home after a few minutes. After that, I went and made us all some dinner. I had no idea what to make them, so I cut up some more fruits and vegetables. They seemed to enjoy it.

After dinner, most of the ponies, except Pinkie and Dash, were getting tired. Since I didn’t have a bed, I went to the store and bought a small dog bed. It was only five dollars, and it actually fits them all perfectly.”

Taking a moment to rest his hand from the constant writing, Jeff set down the pen next to his leg, and rubbed his dreary eyes.

Holy crap ... How much did I write?

Jeff had written three pages of thoughts into his journal. He rubbed his sore hand once more, and returned to the book.

I had better finish this off already, I don’t need to be up till midnight writing this.

“So I came back home and set them to bed, and now I’m writing in a journal I bought along with the dog bed. I know I’m the only one who’s going to be reading my journal, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. At least I’ll have memories of each day I spend with them; and if anyone ever starts thinking I’m crazy I can just say I’m writing a book.”

Sighing, Jeff set the pen down on the nightstand beside his bed. He rubbed his eyes once more, and closed his journal. After setting the journal in the top drawer of his nightstand before shutting off the light, and Jeff closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Sunlight seeped into the dim room, lighting the walls and other furnishings. Pinkie yawned furiously, scratching her face much like a dog would. She suddenly perked up and looked around the room; everyone was still asleep. After a moment of silent contemplation, as if remembering something, her eyes widened to cartoonish levels and she darted out of the small dog bed and over to Jeff.

“Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! Jeff!” she said, bouncing up and down upon him.

“What?” Jeff groaned.

“Can we have cupcakes?”

“ ... Pinkie ... ” Jeff said drowsily, “You ate them all.”

“Oh, can we make some more then?” she chirped.

Jeff yawned, “Not today Pinkie, I have work.”

“What’s work?” she inquired.

Ugh, I’m not in the mood for this..

Jeff slowly sat up, stifled a yawn, and rubbed his eyes. Glancing to his clock, the time read, 7:06AM.

Oh crap!

“It’s what I’m about to be late for, Pinkie,” Jeff said, scrambling out of bed. He fell face-first onto the floor.

A muffled “Ow” was heard.

Jeff jumped back to his feet and ran to his closet.

“Oh, what are you doing now, Jeff?” Pinkie inquired. “Gasp! Are you playing a game? Oh oh! Can I play?”

“No, Pinkie,” Jeff said putting on his work shirt. “I’m getting ready for work. I have to be there before that clock says 7:30 A.M.

“Maybe I can help!” Pinkie volunteered.

“No Pinkie, it’s quite alright.”

“But I want to help.”

Jeff sighed, and walked over to his bed. He sat next to Pinkie. “I know you do, Pinkie, but you can’t help me with work, because ... well it’s a game only certain people can play.”

Her eyes widened. “Really?”

Oh no, what have I done?

“Yeah, but like I said, only certain people can play.”

“And you’re one of those people?”

“Yes, I am.”

“How can I join?! How can I join?!” She’d become quite excited now.

Jeff stood up, and buttoned his shirt.

“You can’t. It’s so secretive, that it’s almost impossible for anyone else to join ... also the teams are full.”

Pinkie pouted and sat on the edge of the bed. Jeff waved her goodbye, and left the room. Walking to the kitchen, Jeff grabbed a sticky note and a pen, and scribbled a few things down.

“Sparkle, I’m leaving for work, and I’m sure you at least know what work is. I will be back late, sadly. Around 6:00 P.M. I’m leaving some fruits and vegetables out for you all. Stay safe and stay inside. I’ll get home as fast as I can. Also, you’re in charge again, Sparkle.”

She seems to be the one pony capable of leading them really.

Setting the pen down, Jeff grabbed the note, and returned to his bedroom. He gently set the note on his nightstand, and departed his home. He shut the door, locked it, and walked down the stairs to his car. Entering his Passat, Jeff placed the key into the ignition, pushed down on the clutch, and the engine roared to life ... before sputtering and switching back off.

“ ... Oh, no you don’t,” Jeff said as he turned off the A/C, removed and reinserted the key, switched the car on once more and reved it into obedience.


Sparkles tiny eyes slowly opened as she woke up this beautiful Monday morning. A tiny yawn escaped her tiny mouth. Looking around, she saw her friends all sleeping next to her. Save one. Pinkie Pie was nowhere in sight. She rubbed her eyes once more, and searched for Pinkie around the bed. Possibly disturbing some of her slumbering friends.

“OW!” Dash screamed. “You stepped on my tail!” Make that definitely disturbing some of her friends.

“Sorry,” Sparkle apologized.

“What are you doing anyways?”

“I’m looking for Pinkie, have you seen her?”

Dash stifled a yawn. “Not since last night. Hey! Can we have more cupcakes?”

Sparkle gave her a look of disapproval.

“What’re ya’ll talkin’ about so early in the mornin’?” AJ drowsily questioned the two.

“Well, I was looking for Pinkie. I can’t find her.”

AJ stood up and stretched. She looked around the bed spotting that there was a missing member of their peanut gallery.

“Has anyone seen Jeff?” AJ asked.

Sparkle and Dash quickly looked to the other end of the bed and saw no sign of the giant man.

“But, where did he go?” Dash asked.

Sparkle looked to the nightstand and spotted some paper placed before the clock. Exiting the small dog bed, Sparkle trotted to the nightstand. She jumped onto the stand and approached the note Jeff had left behind to read it.

“Sparkle, I’m leaving to work, and I’m sure you at least know what work is. I will be back late, sadly. Around 6:00 P.M. I’m leaving some fruits and vegetables out for you all. Stay safe and stay inside. I’ll get home as fast as I can. Also, you’re in charge again, Sparkle.”

“Why are you always in charge?” Dash questioned.

“‘cause she reads,” AJ smugly replied.

Sparkle glanced to the clock; embossed in light was, “7:40A.M.

“Alright, girls,” Sparkle said, hopping back onto the bed. “Jeff will be home late, but in the meantime I say we find Pinkie.”

“Maybe she’s playing hide and go seek again,” AJ suggested.

“Or eating cupcakes; you know how she was last night.”

Sparkle pondered a moment, giving herself some time to reflect the situation at hoof. Returning to the small dog bed, she looked to her friends.

“Come on, we have to find her.”

Her friends concurred and left the warmth of the bed. AJ, Dash, and Sparkle all glided down the side of the bed and exited the bedroom. The three colorful fillies trotted down the large hall. The surrounding walls cascading above to the lofty ceiling. The dim house was beginning to brighten as the sun continued to rise in the blue sky, slowly shining through the sparse windows in the house.

“Dash, I need you to go up there and check for Pinkie. AJ and I will check underneath.” Sparkle said, as they neared the bright orange couch.

With a quick salute Dash flew to the cushions above, leaving AJ and Sparkle to the darkness before them. After walking around several dust balls and finding a lost coin, Sparkle and AJ began climbing up into the under-couch while Dash checked between the cushions and pillows for the pink filly. The group reunited after several minutes and all had a look of dismay upon their faces. Dash quickly wiped the defeat from her face, however, and encouraged the others to keep looking. They proceeded to spend most of the morning searching in every possible location they could think of.


Jeff bolted through the busy parking lot of the local Toys Я Us in his town, dodging the many shopping carts left throughout the lot by the lazy inconsiderate people who couldn’t walk a few feet to the many return aisles. The blue doors hissed open as Jeff entered the sensor and he rushed inside.

It’s ok, maybe he hasn’t noticed yet. I’ll just quietly walk on back to the toy aisle and-

“Excuse me, sir.” A feminine voice rang from behind.

Jeff slowly turned and faced the woman. Holding her hand was a little girl, presumably her daughter.

“Yes?” Jeff replied. “Can I help you?”

“I was wondering where you got that little pink pony from?”

“Little pink pony?”

Jeff halted a moment and followed the woman’s pointed finger down to the pocket on his shirt. There, waving her hoof, was Pinkie, a large smile plastered on her face.


“My daughter here noticed it, and I was wondering where I could find one.”

“Oh w-well you see, this ... ” Jeff scrambled something together in his mind. “This is a ... special toy. It hasn’t hit the American stores yet. I, um, purchased it over the internet. It’s more of a good luck charm really.”

“What site did you get it from?

Oh, great! Now I have to lie to a customer! AHHH!

“Well I don’t really remember, might have been Craigslist but, i-it was so long ago. I’m sorry, but I have to go clock in now before I’m too late, excuse me.”

Before the lady could respond, Jeff dashed over to the men’s restroom and burst through the door. He quickly checked all of the stalls to ensure they were empty and that he was alone before reaching into his pocket and pulling out Pinkie.

“Hi, Jeff!” she exclaimed.

“Pinkie!” Jeff shout-whispered. “What are you doing here? You, you can’t be here!”

“But, why?”

“Because, little pink ponies don’t belong in a toy store.”


“I ... yes, toys; but Pinkie people aren’t used to seeing tiny, talking, pink ponies.”


Ok, this is getting old.

“They just don’t ... You shouldn’t ... ugh. Look, Pinkie, if I let you stay in my pocket, do you promise to not move or say anything?” Jeff said, rubbing his eyes in frustration.


Opening his eyes, Jeff saw that Pinkie had disappeared.

How did she ... ?

“Pinkie?! Where are you?”

Jeff scrambled to the floor to see if he accidently dropped her, but found no sign of her. He went back to the sink and looked around before checking inside the stalls ... Nothing.

“Ok, Pinkie, this isn’t funny, where are you?”


Snoring filled the bedroom of Nevil Mitchells. He lay sound asleep in his bed, a sleeping mask covered his eyes, and a curler lay nested in his hair.

“I’ll get you yet,” Nevil mumbled.

The hectic room was filled with dirty piles of clothes, various pieces of paper taped to the wall, and a pile of coffee cups on a disorganized desk to the left of Nevil’s bed.

“FAIRIES!” Nevil screamed as he lurched out of bed and fell to the floor.

“Ah! What the hay now?

Pulling off his night mask, Nevil sat upright on his messy floor.

I’m having those weird dreams of being an elementary school teacher again. I should stop drinking pickle banana juice before bed ...

Standing up, Nevil stretched and yawned. He scratched his hind quarters as he walked to his kitchen. The brown painted walls, and possibly wood rotted cabinets, created a dreary ... and unpleasantly smelly ... atmosphere. The room looked so poorly kept that words were very difficult to find to describe it. Scrummaging through the nearest cabinet, the door nearly falling off the hinge, he tried to locate breakfast ... and found only a can of peas.

Closing the wooden cabinet, he opened another and found some spider webs and a chocolate bar inside.

Well, it has been a while since I went shopping. I’ve been too distracted with those ponies. They’ve caused me nothing but trouble. And I was so close yesterday!

Nevil grabbed the chocolate bar and walked to the living room unwrapping it as he sat in his dull brown recliner.

But today, I will get a camera inside Jeff’s home! I just need for him to go to work and ... Wait a second, today’s Monday. That means Jeff is at work!

On that thought, Nevil leapt out of his recliner and rushed to the front door. Throwing the door open wide, he looked to the parking lot, and spotted the empty space which Jeff’s silver Passat was normally parked.

“Excellent, he’s already gone, now I can begin. AH HA HA! AH HAHA HAHAHAHA!..eh”

Quickly composing himself after his mild outburst, Nevil ran back into his apartment, slamming the door shut as he went.

This is perfect! Now I can sneak into Jeff’s home and find those ponies! But first I need to prepare, and plan.


“Did you find her yet, Dash?”

“Sorry, Sparkle,” Dash apologized. “I haven’t found her anywhere.”

“What about you, AJ?”

“Same, Sparkle, I ain’t found her yet.”

“I’m sorry as well,” Crystal spoke up. “I searched the whole spare room and couldn’t find any sign of her.”

“I hope something didn’t happen to her,” Fluttershy said worryingly.

“Well this certainly isn’t good,” Sparkle stated. “But we can’t give up.”

Sparkle walked to the edge of Jeff’s bed. She gazed out of the clear window, when she had realized something.

“Oh no.”

“What?” Dash asked.

“Is that window open?”

The fillies all turned their gaze to the window located some feet from the bed. A slight breeze was blowing through it, causing the curtains to drift back and forth slightly. Dash quickly flew over to the window and inspected it.

“Yes, Sparkle ... it is.”


Ok, it’s ok. Pinkie could not have gotten far, after all, she’s only three inches tall ...

Jeff exited the restroom, and started moving throughout the store, inspecting high and low; making sure it looked like he was actually working as he searched through some toys.

She has to be here somewhere!

“Whatcha doin’, Jeff?”

Jeff froze what he was doing, and looked to his left. There stood Pinkie right in his face.

“Oh! Are you playing a game? I love games! OHMYGOSH! Are you playing hide and go seek!?”

“No ... ”

“OK, on three!”

“No no no ... !”


“No no nononono! Pinkie, come back!”

And in a flash of pink, she was gone, leaving Jeff dumbfounded and speechless. He groaned and began to reorganized the shelf he had rummaged through.

Well at least with her hidden, she won’t be found ... I hope.

Jeff finally finished restocking the various toys and trinkets, and went out to search for Pinkie. He started in all of the toy aisles, considering that he was already there. With no luck, he walked to the Lego section and began searching behind the many boxes and pre-built example sets. Thankfully, lego’s weren’t normally pink, so it didn’t take long to inspect the aisle and again come up empty. With growing haste and panic, Jeff moved from aisle to aisle, checking everything from Barbies, to Nerf guns, to educational toys, to the small comic book section in the back.

I can’t believe that I haven’t found her yet! Where could she have gone? I hope she’s not somewhere like the clothes ... Why did Toys Я Us start selling clothes anyway? I mean, it’s a toy store.

Jeff sighed and departed the last of the toy aisles. He started passing the electronics section of the store when something caught his eye ... something pink. Looking to the screens, he could see Pinkie ... inside of the television.

... Why me?

Hastily walking into the electronics section, Jeff walked to the television and started pushing through the small crowd that had gathered before it.

“Hey, what’s everyone looking at?” Pinkie asked.

The crowd before her stood hushed as they gazed upon the wonder that was Pinkie as Jeff slowly made his way through the crowd.

“Jeff!!” she gasped from inside of the television, “You found me! Great job!”

The crowd turned and looked to Jeff.

“Eh hehehe …. Um, hey folks! I see you found our ... gag television loop. I knew Chuck forgot something ... ” Jeff nervously chuckled. “I’m sorry everyone, but I’m going to have to shut this tv off.”

“Awe, but why Jeff?” Pinkie asked.

I swear, when I get my hands on you!

Jeff quickly reached behind the tv, and unplugged the television set. The crowd seemed to have bought the lie, and began to disperse.

I’m so glad that’s over with.

“Wow Jeff, I can’t believe you found me!” Pinkie exclaimed. “I mean, it took me a whole thirty seconds to find that spot, and I thought you’d never ever ever ever ever find me!”

Jeff quickly grabbed Pinkie in his hands, and tried to quiet her down.

“Shh, Pinkie. I have a new game for us, ok?”

Her eyes lit up, and she quickly shut her yap. Jeff looked around, to make sure that no one was around.

“We’re going to play.”


“One of the most.”


“Amazing games ever!”


“Do you want to know what it’s called?”

Pinkie was now squirming with excitement.

“More than anything in the world!”

“Ok, it’s called the quiet game. Ok ok, this is how you play Pinkie; both of us will be quiet for as long as we can. The winner of this game, will get cupcakes when they get home.”

Pinkie bounced with excitement. She mimicked zipping her lip and throwing away the key, Jeff did the same. Jeff placed Pinkie in his shirt pocket, and returned to work.

I just hope she doesn’t get any ideas ...


“Aha!” Nevil cheered, reaching underneath his bed. “Just what I needed!” He pulled out an old worn out butterfly net from underneath his bed.

“This should make catching those ponies easy. Then, once I do, I’ll show the world ... that I’m not crazy!”

Nevil giddily raced to his bathroom and rummaged through the drawers. With a victorious “Aha!”, he found what he was looking for: a bobby pin. Once he retrieved his treasure, Nevil raced to the front door and flung it open.

Kneeling down in front of the door, he placed the bobby pin into the keyhole of the door. His ears listened intently as the bobby pin wiggled inside of the door.


“I can’t believe that actually worked!” Nevil proclaimed. “I should bring this up at the next inspection meeting.”

He hesitantly reached for the doorknob, and opened the door. The dark home was quiet, and void of ponies from what Nevil could see. He left the door open and tip-toed into the kitchen, scanning from left to right for any sign of the ponies and finding none.

He left the kitchen and entered the small living room. He checked under the couch, then behind the tv. Still nothing. He tuck and rolled out of the living room and reached the hallway. He set his back against the wall, and crept to the spare room. He did a double take into the room, trying to be as much of a spy as he could. He slowly walked into the room, but still managed to trip over a lego fort.

A small piece of paper rested on the bricks he destroyed.

“What’s this?”

“This fort was captured by the mighty Sparkle, lest we forget the brave Dash and-”

Nevil stopped mid-sentence and ripped up the small paper (which, in hindsight, seemed very counterproductive of his goal to remain undetected). “I don’t have time for this, I need to find those ponies!” He stood up and looked around the room, all was quiet still. Nevil saw at the other end of the room, a computer, and a small closet to his left. He walked to the closet, and sung it open. (That’s right, he sung it open, his singing voice was so shrill and painful that the doors opened just to make it stop.)

“AHA!” he screamed.

Only some clothes and boxes greeted him.

Where ... where are they?

He left the spare room, and entered the bathroom directly across the hall. It was also empty. Nevil hastily opened drawers to try and locate the ponies.

These ponies are craftier than I presumed. They must have known I was coming ...

Nevil rolled out of the bathroom, and jumped into the bedroom. His eyes searched the bare room. Everything was clean, much cleaner than his own room.

... Maybe I should really clean my house, perhaps make a base of operations.

Nevil’s eye glanced to the nightstand, and spotted some paper. He picked up the paper; it was a note. He read it.

“Sparkle, I’m leaving to work, and I’m sure you at least know what work is. I will be back late, sadly. Around 6:00P.M. I’m leaving some fruits and vegetables out for you all. Stay safe and stay inside. I’ll get home as fast as I can. Also, you’re in charge again, Sparkle.”

Nevil looked to the clock; 4:23P.M.

How long was I asleep today? Oh well …. Wait a minute, Sparkle? That name has been mentioned twice. Once on the small fort, only big enough for something just barely larger than three inches, which is much taller than a lego ... I think. This note marks the second. And so, with this conclusive data, this must mean that Jeff has, FAIRY GODPARENTS! ... Wait, that’s not right. Those dreams are really tripping me up.

Nevil pushed aside his thoughts for a later time, and set to work exploring the room. He checked under the bed, in the closet, under the sheets in the drawers, inside the lamp ... everywhere. In a short few moments, the room was in total chaos and disarray. Clothes, blankets, and even some salted crackers were on the floor, making Nevil regret not eating lunch even more; but lunch could wait for the greatest discovery of the century.

Nevil popped out of a pile of clothes and crackers.

Where could they be? I’ve searched every inch of this room, and the rest of the house.

“Ponies! If you’re here, then come out!” Nevil shouted. “Ponies!”

Only the silence responded to his cries. Sighing, Nevil stood up. He patted his pants of the salt and began to walk back to the front door. Just before reaching the front door, his ears were met with sirens. Flashes of blue and red filled his vision.

“Slowly step out of the apartment with your hands on your head!”

Oh poopy ...

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