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Three Is Not Better Than One - That Drunk Pony

Is it a love triangle, square, or whatever it means to have 3 like the same drake?

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Chapter 5 Special: Rarity's Memories

Chapter 5 Special: Rarity’s Memories

We turn back time to where Rarity has just exited the library with Applejack. The walk to the boutique was silent, but in Rarity’s mind it was all, but quiet. ‘I cannot believe Spike is with her. She must have tricked him or forced him to do this. Applejack and Spike don’t even match, I mean Spike is so dignified and refined, while Applejack is a brute and always messy. Why did he choose HER.’

Applejack was happy that Rainbow and Rarity were seemingly friends again, but how is Rarity and her friendship? She wondered about it throughout the whole walk. She probably wasn’t too happy like Rainbow Dash probably wasn’t, but eventually it will just be one big thing to laugh at. As her Granny says, ‘Time heals all wounds.’

Once they entered the boutique, Rarity snapped back out of her internal rambling and told Applejack that she needed a model. Applejack looked a little disgusted by the idea and a little scared with Rarity having a bunch of needles so close after the news that just happened, but she accepted it and trusted her friend.

Rarity begun with setting up Applejack in a basic sitting pose. She then put on Applejack really frilly dress and begun putting the thread in the needle. As she began hemming the dress, she slowly drifted back into past memories of Spike. All the times Spike had helped her and easily sacrificed anytime he had for her. The time when Spike turned into a giant rampaging dragon and ruined her dress she was making.

Applejack yelped in pain as one of the needles poked her. It didn’t pierce her luckily, but now it scared her. Rarity then began apologizing to her, and they continued. Rarity began her descent back into her flashbacks. She began remembering the fall that Spike and Rarity were going through when Spike shrank back down again. The scariest moment for her that day wasn’t the dragon, but what Spike was about to say.

She kind of knew his feelings, but she was unsure of how to respond. To just suddenly do that, she couldn’t bare it. She didn’t know where her feelings were at the time, but shortly after she wished he just asked again. When he did ask again, it was a little awkward at the time. She was going to Canterlot and already some ponies were there. She thought she would be ready for Spike, but not with her image on the line.

She regrets the decision she made where she told Spike to wait for her to come back for her answer. Especially what happened later at the marriage she secretly tried to have just one year after her departure. If it wasn’t for Derpy, she may have still kept her promise to Spike. She thought she was marrying a princely stallion in the beginning, but it turns out he wasn’t as princely as she thought. With the wedding slowly creeping up, she found herself thinking of Spike often. She then had the mail service send out invitations to all of Canterlot, but one pony name Derpy got a hold of a handful of invitations and sent them over Ponyville too.

When she saw Spike at the ceremony, she began to cry. She tried to hide it as tears of joy and had everypony fooled. She frequently found herself looking in Spike’s direction throughout the whole ceremony. She just wanted it to end and for Spike to scold her. What she got was much worse in her heart. When the father had asked, “If there is anypony who would object to the marriage of these two. Speak now or forever hold your peace.” Spike rose up from the chair and walked out right in front of everypony. Rainbow Dash went after him and so did Twilight, but Twilight came back in the room with her head down.

To see Spike just leave the room like that shattered what was left of my heart. It was worse than any words he could have said to her. She wished Spike did object and yelled at her for her mistake. Now he was gone. She wanted to leave, but her legs wouldn't move. She was scared to see Spike again. She decided to stay with the stallion and avoid returning to Ponyville.

She wore everyday ever since she left Ponyville the fire ruby that Spike gave her, until after that day. She kept it in a special box after that marriage. It wasn’t until one year later that the stallion had enough of her that they had a divorce. Unfortunately for the stallion, she was awarded a lot of his shares, but Rarity didn’t care about that. She just wanted Spike back.

She tried to forget Spike many times, but so many thing reminded her once again of Spike. She opened up a shop and it was successful, but still it couldn’t get her mind off of Spike. It wasn’t until a dream she had that she decided she must go back. The dream was like most of her dreams where Spike just walked away from the altar. She tried to chase him, but he always vanished no matter how hard she tried. This time however, Spike stopped and turned to her.

His mouth moved, but she didn’t hear what he said. She could read the lips as him saying, “I’m sorry.” Rarity then walked slowly to him as he didn’t move. She hugged him and cried out to him, “NO! I’M THE ONE WHO IS SORRY!!” She then repeated in an endless wailing, “I’M SORRY!!!” When she finally stopped, Spike was crying himself. He said, “I forgive you.”

She knew she had to return home and make things right. She got on the first train back to Ponyville that next day and made arrangements so that she would live in her Boutique again. By the time she got to Ponyville, it was pretty late. She walked all around Ponyville and saw the library. She peeked through the window and saw Spike had grown since she last saw him. She didn’t notice the wings, but she did notice he was larger than before.

He looked so peaceful. She decided that her talk with Spike would have to wait. Besides it seems all of her courage had dropped when she saw Spike. It wasn’t because he was larger, but because she was afraid of how he would react to her. She decided to just return home. Before she reached the boutique, she saw Pinkie Pie. When she saw Rarity, she gasped and sped off. Well there goes her big surprise return.

She then just went to rest for the upcoming day and the obvious party Pinkie was going to plan. She was a little excited at the idea, but at the same time worried. What if Spike was there? After waking up from a bizarre ice cream dream, she was escorted to the party. Luckily for her everything turned out fine. She was also happy that Spike accepted her help. What she wasn’t expecting was a certain rainbow maned pegasus interfering in her alone time with Spike. She was hoping to apologize, but Rainbow was going out of her way to make sure he wasn’t alone with her.

She didn’t have a single chance to apologize and it got her steamed up. After Rainbow left, she lost all her nerve anyways. After Spike left, she was all alone again. All she could do was get mad at herself. After she put the finishing touches, she decided to go to sugarcube corner to calm down. She then saw Spike in the window and immediately rushed to him only to find Rainbow Dash was there. She would have left right after that, but when she heard about that there was a secret about her that Spike was keeping. She HAD to know.

Spike was lucky Applejack was there, but they didn’t give up. Rainbow and Rarity made a momentary truce to find out what Spike was hiding. She was supposed to watch Spike at the farm while Rainbow guarded the library, but she dozed off and missed Spike. It was lucky of her that Big Mac caught her. She may have caught a cold. The next day Rainbow and Rarity woke up late due to staying up the night before thinking about the secret. When they both arrived at the library, Spike was gone. They searched all over Ponyville, but didn’t find him anywhere. They even asked Pinkie then Fluttershy, but didn’t find him there. Applejack had just left and Fluttershy directed the two mares to Applejack.

They pestered her to reveal the answer, but nothing. They were beginning to feel bad. What if Spike had skipped town? Just then the crusaders came out of nowhere saying he was headed to Canterlot. They immediately boarded the train to Canterlot. They spent the entire day there only to find out that they had been tricked, when Rarity discovered a note placed in her pocket with an apology from the crusaders. They decided to stay the night with the Princess, since they really had no other place to stay as every place was booked.

The Princess was generous enough to let them stay the night. They learned that Twilight was unavailable as she was in some meditation where her concentration cannot be broken for a full day. She must be one hungry pony when she gets out of there. They both decided it was best that Twilight never knew they were there. Before going to bed, the two decided to discuss some things.

Rainbow wanted to know why she returned. Rarity gave her honest answer of wanting to apologize to Spike. She would do whatever it took to get his forgiveness. She also knew she would have to earn some other ponies trust once more even if she didn’t directly hurt them. Rainbow saw how sincere she was, but wasn’t fully convinced. She told Rarity how bad Spike was scarred. It was all the more reason for her to apologize to Spike.

They agreed that the next time they catch Spike. They would both apologize for everything. When they returned to Ponyville, they first went to the library once more. Everything else was history. As Rarity’s flashbacks ended, she realized she was done the dress. It was a blue monochromatic dress with turquoise and sapphires of many colors all around. It looked beautiful, but sad.

“Alright Applejack. You may go now. Thank you for your help…” Rarity put her things away and levitated the dress off of Applejack.

“Um, okay. I guess I’ll see you later then.” Applejack left the boutique.

Once the door closed. Rarity heard a snap in her head once more. “Spike will be MINE!

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Comments ( 54 )

There! Not just one, TWO updates. Technically the two are just one chapter though.

Well, it's nice to see some explanation for what's happening with Rarity... past mistakes can be cruel to future wishes.

I was halfway reading the first update when this popped up. It's like Christmas came early over here.

:derpyderp2: well that was unexpected... I really like the idea of :ajsmug:x:moustache:, however, the last events will give more things to think of...


I'm really disliking rarity here, i hope Spike ends up with Rainbow Dash or Applejack :trixieshiftleft:


niceeeeeeee finally :DD neww chap it was awesome but ... :c well owww why rarity looks like da bad girl , i know she could has feelin for Spike but but :c He is now with AJ ... right??

awesome chap !!!

This fic is grade A proof why swag is a double edged sword.

2601829 Thanks for the updates.
Poor Rarity and Rainbow Dash.

I want one :ajsmug::heart::moustache:
Rarity had your chance.:raritydespair:
RainbowDash must to end with a strong friendship with Spike.:rainbowkiss:

I say either AppleSpike or RainbowSpike. Not a fan of Sparity and their is to many of those already.

I love harem stories... I hope this one is going to be one :moustache::heart::ajsmug::raritywink::rainbowwild:


2602384 or if spike can work some dragon magic 4some:rainbowwild:

2601824 2602886 2603772 2602384
Oh Spike. When will you learn that all the mares could be yours with a little persuading.

Oh more shots to my writing ego. I have a bad habit of going in and out of past and present tense. I am just glad to be able to get my message across mostly.


She's not a bad girl. Just slightly insane.

Cant you spare some care for Sparity.:raritywink: I will agree there is a lot of that though.

Poor dragon... In this Ponyverse is an old saying: 'Tartarus knows no fury than the mare ignored' and he has three of them after his hide...

I think that this Omen book from the previous chapter was a premonition of things going right down to Tartarus for Spike in the near future.

2603876 I was referring to Rarity's mistakes and her dream of getting Spike.

Oh sorry I was replying to both of your comments. The one about my errors as usual and the one about knowing a bit more about Rarity. Although I guess I didn't say anything about Rarity. :twilightblush: I was really into writing the backstory of Rarity so that some people would understand a bit more of why three years and why she had a divorce. :raritydespair: I was also hoping some people might get a little sorry for her, but it sort of backfired in some fronts. Especially when people know that her brain isn't exactly okay at this point in the story. :pinkiecrazy: well at least more people hope for a harem ending. :moustache: I bet its because RD and AJ though. :ajsleepy: Well I got a surprise coming up in the next chapter. :rainbowwild: I know you guys will love it or hate me for writing it. :fluttershysad: It must be done! Spike... We salute you!

2604404 I'm a Sparity or Harem person. I think what Rarity did was stupid, don't get me wrong, but obviously she knows where her heart belongs.

I could tell you enjoy Sparity and Harems. I shamefully admit that I read practically all your stories. I guess I am a bit more general in that I enjoy most ships with Spike. Truly I am pretty neutral on each ship pair. Maybe more Sparity because its the closest to canon and they usually have good stories here.

2604511 I should hope so, I kinda take care of all the Sparity groups stuff and I'm the founder for Spike's harems... Plus, I am in no way secretive in the least.

Shamefully? It's a long list who could say the same, I'm not sure there's much shame to be had :raritywink:

Yeah, I think the only Spike ship I don't like usually is Sweetie and Spike and that's because it's creepy. It's like, "I couldn't get your sister so I'm settling for you!" And this is a excellent example of a Spike ship fic, because no matter who you ship Spike with, you have to touch on Rarity and him because that's an important thing to him. Of course, Rarity does kinda come of as a bitch with the whole marriage thing... but the last chapter does make you feel for her. Pretty sure that was your goal :twilightsmile:

Yep, my goal that only got so far. Well I should continue to write while I still can. I still have one more story to update and I have new ideas for both this story and my first story and hopefully I wont mess up on the grammar again. *but I probably will and you will be the one to call them out again.*


Why is this chapter title chapter 5 and has a 'special' in it ?

Good question! I have one for you. Did you notice that there are two chapter 3's? I did these specials as a Gift. My original plan was to save the memories of each pony just before the final chapter where things become revealed, but with all the people asking questions about everything instead of letting the mystery unfold. I decided to just let them have it little by little. Just wait for Rainbow Dash's memories and the best one which is Spike. Then we will find out who he choosss.

P.S. I already know how its going to end. :p



So this special chapter acts like the girls' thoughts on the event and Spike ?

Yeah it is just their perspective on what happened from three years ago until this point into the story. So far we have seen Spike's take on current events, but not his backstory fully. Rainbow Dash is a mystery except where the others have met her. Applejack is pretty much explained. Rarity is pretty much explained. I am hoping people are putting the pieces together as I get into each chapter.

And now ladies and gentlemen....the shit storm:derpytongue2:

Damn, I'll be honest and admit I did not care for this chapter for a second, I hate Rarity, she does not deserve any kind of redemption or mercy, it's her own bucking fault, I was just waiting for when she did something bad with AJ....oh well, next!:yay:

Aw, but Rarity at least cares right? Why not give her a chance? She only broke his heart without telling him until it was too late and broke her promise to him in what seems like her pursuit for the rich life. She only just snapped. No one knows what she is going to do yet. It's not like anypony's life is in danger right?

I am such a good helper. :raritywink:

2634770 For Rarity, nah I'm good, don't like her, never will....hmmm...something seems off....this is going to be fun:twilightsmile:

Yay. I hope AJ and Spike stay together though. If you think about it, they'd make a great couple.

Awwww :fluttershysad: can't they all be together. Brakes my heart to see and of the pony's (or spike) sad......though I have to admit that snapped Rarity is ether going to be very funny or very dark to watch :pinkiecrazy:


I wonder when can we read the new chapter ?

well, spike's in for a long downpour of drama uphead :facehoof: n' all thx to :ajsmug:'s lil confession but, then again she did kiss spike twice plus he did agree :pinkiesmile:; so it ain't all that bad.... heh, yet :raritywink:. now, alls that left to say is may t best mare win n' g'luck to spike :yay:

nope! no Sparity. AppleSpikeDash is okay but no Rarity with Spike.

also, you dont seen like a fan of using question marks.


This can only way this can go, and that is down. I'm thinking when this is over spike will have age 40 years.

Spike you need to run man:moustache::pinkiecrazy:

4490672 I will take your advice kind sir:moustache:

This is what I think
Rarity: go die in a hole because I never liked you and you use spike
Rainbow dash: even though you have pulled pranks on spike before he can forgive (one of my OTPs)

4738741 when is there an update

4740521 i dun know, i didn't write this :/

rather funny that there was no reasoning behind why you dislike AppleSpike. Perhaps that's because there isn't one.:ajsmug:

5393673 Eh, it just isnt my think, doesn't really click with me.

huh....so this is gonna get interesting. I can dig it. going on the faves.

When're we getting an update on this?

Don't worry it could be great you just have to keep works on it. :yay:

is this story dead? please tell me it isn't

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