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Three Is Not Better Than One - That Drunk Pony

Is it a love triangle, square, or whatever it means to have 3 like the same drake?

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Chapter 5: Two small problems are not better than one BIG problem

Chapter 5: Two small problems are not better than one BIG problem

Applejack finally broke the kiss, which seemed to last an eternity in both of their minds. Spike still had his mouth open as the scarf slowly fell from his face to reveal Applejack’s blushing face. There was an awkward silence between the two. Spike didn’t know how to handle this at all.

Applejack was a little shocked herself. She acted on impulse. Her body was telling her to do this for hours now. She saw how Spike couldn’t react either and it got her worried. She decided to save their friendship by playing it off as an accident. “I- I am so sorry. I just fell over and…”, but Applejack was known to be a bad liar under pressure.

Spike didn’t catch much of it however, as his body collapsed from all the rapid thoughts that entered his head, lack of sleep, and the constant rude awakenings. They finally caught up to him and the extreme shock of Applejack’s kiss sent him over the edge. The last thing he saw was the ceiling of the room he was in as he blacked out.

Spike wakes up with the sun shining brightly at his face. The first thing he notices is Applejack next to him passed out in a chair while her face was on the bed sheet covers. Applejack looked like she had been crying the whole night. She still looked upset, but as Spike gently caress her head, she began to smile. Spike then smoothly got out of bed without waking Applejack and headed downstairs to see Applebloom and Granny Smith working hard on breakfast while Big Mac was setting down some plates.

Applebloom was the first to notice Spike as he entered the kitchen. “Good mornin Spike!”

Spike returned with an awkward waving like he was nervous or something, they were too busy to notice it however. Spike then said as he motioned towards the door outside, “Well, I think I should get going. I don’t want to overstay my welcome and I still have morning chores to take care of.”

Applebloom stopped what she was doing and stopped Spike before he continued further. Her eyes were so enormous and full of sparkles. The eyes that would make anyone feel guilty. She said in the sweetest voice, “Aren’t ya goin to stay fer brunch?” Spike’s body was stabbed with guilt all over. He couldn’t say no to her.

“Alright.” Spike said as he was defeated by her guilty eyes and sweet voice combo. Spike then thought to himself, ‘If I eat fast enough, I can probably escape before Applejack has time to wake up.’ Spike helped set up the rest of the table and sat ready to eat. Before he ate something, Granny Smith had smacked his claw with a wooden spoon. Even with dragon scales, that still smarts.

Applebloom told him, “We don’t begin eatin until everypony is at the table.”

As usual though, Spike’s plans didn’t go the way he wanted. It’s like a curse from up above. Applejack came running down the steps looking really worried to find Spike eating some breakfast with the rest of her family. “Oh hi Spike…” Spike waved awkwardly to her, which unnerved Applejack.

When she sat down at the table, both Spike and she were caught staring down their plates and utensils. One of the other Apple’s wanted to talk, but couldn’t find the courage to ask what happened or to even start a conversation. The meal was eaten in silence. Suddenly, Spike rose from the chair.

“I finished my meal.” Spike said quickly. He then brought his food to the sink in the kitchen then went back to the family. “I really must be going now.” Spike then motioned towards the door.

Before Spike exited, Applejack cut his escape off by saying, “NO!” The loud exclamation shocked everypony and Spike. “I mean I will escort you home…” She looked back down with a blush upon her cheeks. “What if those two are still out there? You will need somepony to defend you.”

Spike hates to admit it, but what she said was true. Spike looked as if he was going to go on his own, but Applejack’s sister began pleading that Spike take her with him. Spike had no choice, but to agree or face off against two persistent ponies. “Alright.” Spike was defeated once again, by the Apple family. He thought to himself, ‘Those two sisters work like a team.’

Ponyville looked empty. Applejack took the lead as Spike trailed behind her looking everywhere for signs of Rainbow Dash or Rarity. If it wasn’t for Applejack reminding him, he would have probably waltzed right into one of them, however, Applejack wasn’t really worried about them at all. She was worried about how is she going to explain anything to Spike and wondering if he remembers, what he feels about her, and what will happen to their friendship.

All of these worries weighed down on her and she was losing it. In her mind she was thinking, ‘Why did I go and do such a dumb idea like that. Spike never liked me that way. I tried so hard yesterday to get him to notice me and then I just go right up and kiss the guy while he was blinded. *mental sigh* I just wish Spike would notice me. I’ve tried so hard to make sure he was happy after that whole Rarity incident.’

Before Applejack’s thoughts continued any further, they were closing in on the library. She realized that she hasn’t once talked to Spike. It was now or never.

Applejack then stopped suddenly. “Um, Spike?”

Spike stopped and answered, “Yes?”

Applejack then turned to face Spike. Her eyes were really focused. She was going to question him and she was going to get an answer. “Do you remember what happened last night?”

Spike rubbed the back of his head and gave a general answer, “Well I sort of remember, it is a little hazy though.”

Applejack wasn’t playing games, “Spike, don’t dance around the truth.”

Spike sighed and began to blush, “I remember that you and I… ki- kissed.”

Applejack blushed as well, “Well… how was it?”

“Well. I don’t really know what to make of it.” Spike noticed Applejack reacted a little hurt. “I- I mean it wasn’t bad or anything or good. I mean I’m not saying you’re a bad kisser or anything.” Spike continued rambling, but just kept digging himself further down.

Applejack stopped him by planting her hoof in his mouth. She was as red as an apple as she told Spike “Spike, calm down.”

Spike removed her hoof and continued more calmly, “Sorry. I just don’t know what to say.”

“Spike. I’m sorry.” Spike noticed in Applejack’s eyes that she began forming tears. “I really am sorry Spike. I don’t know what I’m doing either. I mean I really want you to notice me, but I’m just so scared.” She turned away to wipe away her tears while continuing her pleas, “Spike, I was so scared that if I tried to get closer to you that we might not be friends anymore. That you might hate me. I was also scared that you were going to be taken away by any other mare. I just couldn’t bare it any longer and no I’m just another burden on you.”

When Spike heard that, it was the last straw. He quickly hugged her and with tears of his own being shed. “Don’t ever say that Applejack. You’re always helping me. I’m sorry too Applejack. I always came to you for problems, but I never knew you were suffering this much.”

Applejack then reacted on her instinct once more, and gave Spike another kiss. Spike initially was shocked, but this time returned it. It made each other feel warm inside, but the feeling was short lived for Spike. They eventually broke the kiss and now just staring at each other’s eyes. The loving daze they were in was finally broken when they noticed that it wasn’t so early in the morning so other ponies were now up and about. Some walked away with red faces as they noticed in which gave them blushes. They then headed to the library which wasn’t so far away now.

When they entered they found Pinkie still having her mouth wide open from the shock.

Spike reacted, “Pinkie!? You’re still here!?”

Pinkie shook her head like she just got back to reality, “Oh hi Spike.” She then gave a long yawn.

“Pinkie. Go home. You’re clearly tired and probably hungry and the cakes are probably worried that you were gone for a day without telling them.” Spike directed Pinkie towards the door.

“What do you mean for a day?” Pinkie tilted and scratched her head.

“Pinkie. Don’t you realize that you have been here for about a day now? Just look at the calendar!” Pinkie then walked up and saw that it was indeed tomorrow.

“Oh no! I got to go! See you guys later!” Pinkie looked like a pink blur as she exited the library. Now only Applejack and Spike were left in the library.

Spike tilted his head in confusion. “Man, Pinkie sure is a weird one. You’d think I would have learned that by now.” They both chuckled together until they heard a knocking at the door.

Spike went to go answer the door, “It’s probably Pinkie. She may have forgotten something,” but what he saw was Rainbow Dash at his door. He nearly had a heart attack as he fell back to the floor. Just then Rarity appeared behind Rainbow. It was Spike’s worst nightmares coming true. Applejack then got in front of Spike to defend him.

Before Applejack said anything, Rarity spoke first, “We mean no harm.” Spike and Applejack gave a confused look. “We are here to apologize to Spike.” Rarity then gave Rainbow Dash a quick glare.

Rainbow Dash then gave her apology first. “Yeah. We are sorry for trying to pry at your secrets.”

Rarity then continued with her own apology, “Spike. We both don’t want you to avoid us for something like this. We hope you can forgive us for being so rude to you.”

Applejack went from a defensive position to a more welcoming one as Spike got up. All of Spike’s worries were finally gone. Rainbow Dash and Rarity weren’t after him anymore and were friendly with each other. He was so happy that the troubles are over and he can enjoy his vacation while Twilight was still away.

Spike gleefully responded to the two apologetic mares, “Of course I forgive you both! You don’t know how happy this makes me!”

The two mares were smiling now as the both said, “Thank you Spike.”

Rainbow continued, “So Spike. You won’t miss out on practice anymore right?”

Rarity added, “And you will help me again won’t you? When you have the time of course.”

Applejack responded for Spike before he could, “Well Spike might have less free time for y’all.”

Rarity questioned, “Why would that be?”

Applejack blushed and turned away as she answered, “Because he has a special somepony.”

All three had the same shocked reaction. Rarity and Rainbow added to their reaction, “WHAT!!!?”

“Y’all heard me.” She continued to blush without even noticing Spike’s reaction.

Rainbow then asked the obvious question, “WHO!?”

“Me of course.” Applejack was proud to admit that.

Rarity then questioned Spike directly, “Spike! Is this true!?”

All the attention was on Spike again. Problems just naturally come to Spike as usual. Spike decided to go along with Applejack for now. Truly he didn’t exactly hate the idea. It was just a bit shocking to him since they hadn’t made anything official yet.

“Yes. It’s true. I am with Applejack now.” After Spike said this a book fell on his head. The title was ‘The Black Omen’. It became dark outside as dark cumulus clouds quickly swept through the skies. They spiraled around the library. Thunder roared as lightning bolts hit the ground. Spike did not realize what he just started.

Spike looked out the window and asked Rainbow, “Hey Rainbow, I thought today was supposed to be clear skies.” He turned back to rainbow, who could not believe what just happened. Her eyes were practically pure white as her pupils were so tiny. Spike looked at Rarity and noticed she was practically the same. “You girls alright?”

They finally regained their senses, but were still appalled at what has been said. Rainbow Dash felt defeated. She was not used to that feeling and never wanted to. Rarity heard a snap in her head before coming back to reality.

Rainbow responded first, “Yes Spike… I’m fine. I think I’ll go home now.” She left quickly out a window before the tears showed.

Rarity reacted a bit differently. She seemed even more calm and collected than usual. Applejack felt a cold chill creep up on her back. “Well Spike. I guess I will be off as well.” She then turned her gaze to Applejack. “Oh and Applejack. I was going to your farm to ask for your help, but since you’re here, can you help me?”

“Oh sure Rarity.” Applejack waved bye to Spike.

Before Rarity left, she said to Spike, “If anything happens. My boutique are open doors for you.”

Spike just scratched his head, but felt happy. Everything seemed to work out fine. Now he can go goof off the rest of the day. It is still only noon after all. Spike decided to go pay Fluttershy a visit and tell her the good news. He noticed as further away he got from the library that the clouds just disappeared. He just thought it was odd weather.

When Spike reached Fluttershy’s place, she was feeding some of her avian animals. Spike landed abruptly and disturbed the birds from feeding time. Fluttershy was a little shocked herself when Spike landed. He then began hugging her round and around telling her, “My problem has been SOLVED.”

When Spike finished her eyes and the world was spinning for her. “I am happy for you Spike.” She grabbed her head until the world stopped spinning. “So Rarity and Rainbow Dash aren’t after your dreams?”

“Yeah!” Spikw quickly replied.

“And they are friends again?" Fluttershy continued with her questions.

“I think so.” Spike was still unsure, but he could tell they were better around each other than before.

“And there are no other problems then?”

“Well…” Spike was now thinking about how Applejack sort of unofficially made them an official couple. He wasn’t against the idea, but it seemed a little underhanded. The reactions the other two had were questionable too. More Rainbow Dash than Rarity. He felt worried for her now that he thought about it. She left so quickly. He would have the chance to talk to her about it later since they had practice in a few hours.

Spike told Fluttershy, “I am dating Applejack… apparently.”

Fluttershy was a bit taken back. “Are you really going out with her?”

Spike hesitated for a short, but noticeable moment.“Yeah it’s true.”

“I am a little shocked. She seems more like a big sister than a marefriend to you.” Fluttershy was being very blunt about the situation.

Spike thought of Applejack in the same way before, but with recent events he wasn’t sure of many things now. Nopony ever gave him a proper explanation about his dreams. Spike really wasn’t sure who to ask anymore. Twilight was out of town, Applejack didn’t give a desired answer, Fluttershy and Pinkie were both unable to answer properly, and there was no way Spike was going to ask Rarity or Rainbow Dash. There was only one other pony he could ask. Princess Celestia.

“Thank you again Fluttershy.”

“Oh. For what?” Fluttershy had no idea what Spike was going on about.

“For helping me once again."


Spike waved goodbye and left a confused Fluttershy behind. He raced to the library and quickly began writing a message to Celestia to ask her about the dreams he had. She has to know with all the thousands of years of experience.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I need your help badly. I asked many ponies about certain dreams I had and nopony gave a proper answer. Can you explain what they are?---
--- And that was what happened in my dreams. Please help as soon as you can. It is really a distraction to me and there is nopony I have left who I can rely on.

Your student’s assistant,


“Well that’s that.” Spike burns the message to Celestia. “I hope she can give a proper answer. Well I guess I should fix up this place. It’s getting dusty around here.” Just then a return message burped out of Spike. “Well that was faster than I was expecting.” Spike then open the letter and began reading.

Dear Spike,

You are just growing up. It is nothing to worry about. You’re in love Spike. You just have feelings for both Rainbow Dash and Rarity. I thought you always had a crush on Rarity though. Maybe since she was your first crush is why your love for her still lingers. I am surprised that you didn’t figure it out already. It does frighten me a little that you put a little too much detail in your report. I wish you the best of luck.

Your assistant’s teacher,

Princess Celestia

P.S. Don’t be so formal all the time.

Spike let the letter slip out of his hands as he read the last line. He was in love with those two? And with Rarity once more? That can’t be! Spike tried to deny it, but the more he did, the more he realized how true it was. How could he have been so stupid… Just then Spike realized that he is also with Applejack so what now!? He can’t just leave her high and dry now. Spike now realizes that things only got worse, but what Spike doesn’t know is how deep the problem lies.

Author's Note:

The usual no editing for this story. It took so long to get my brain started for this chapter, but once I started. I could not stop. At least one thing happened Spike finally gets an idea of what's going on. We salute you Spike.

Also I apologize to all readers who suffered because of my procrastination + school work+ art competition/ artworks. I have put you guys off for far too long. Also this is not the end as you may have guessed.

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