• Published 5th Oct 2012
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Three Is Not Better Than One - That Drunk Pony

Is it a love triangle, square, or whatever it means to have 3 like the same drake?

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Chapter 3: Dreaming Up A Storm

Chapter 3: Dreaming Up A Storm

Spike wakes up under some tilted over table that had half eaten cupcakes and icing next to it. He looked around and saw that he was inside Sugarcube Corner. Before he had a chance to really think about what happened, he grabbed his head from what felt like a hangover. He looked to his left and saw Rainbow was clinging on to him.

She then slowly began to wake up herself and looked around. She had not even noticed she was still clinging on to Spike until she looked up. Spike and Rainbow’s faces got red and they soon separated.

Spike then asked the question, “What happened last night?

“I don’t know darling.” Rainbow said with a shrug.

“Hmm well something must have… wait did you call me darling?” Spike’s face went from a confused one to a shocked face.

“Of course. We are married” Rainbow said happily like it were a fact.

‘Married!?...’ Spike’s face was one of fear.

“Yeah this was our anniversary party” She says with a big smile on her face.

‘Anniversary!?…’ Spike was losing it in his head.

“I wanted to surprise you at the party, but I guess we just partied too much. Spike I am carrying your child.”

“MY WHAT!?” Spike’s reaction was priceless.

Spike then awoke again, this time on Twilight’s bed back at the Library. “Oh it was just a dream. One crazy dream.” Spike first noticed something on his upper right arm. There was a tattoo on it. It was a heart with the name Rarity in it.

He then turned to his left to see that there was another pony in the bed. He first suspected Twilight, but she was supposed to be away. Who could it be? He slowly lifted the covers. All that was in his mind was that it would be Rainbow Dash, but what he saw shocked him even more. ‘RARITY!?’ Spike shouted in his head. He almost passed out right then and there.

He held on and tried to get out of the bed without waking her, but she was holding on tightly to his left arm and her hind legs wrapped around his left leg. It seemed like an impossible escape. It was still night, but he could see that the dawn was slowly approaching. He did his best to wiggle and slowly escape her grasp, that by the time the sun began to rise he had already escaped her grasp. Now all that remained was that he sneak out of the bed and get out of there.

He took his first step and made a loud creak. Each step after sounded even louder as he approached the door. When he grabbed the door he felt something on his back. The shock caused him to yell loudly in horror. He then looked behind him and saw that it was Rarity grabbing onto his back.

She then said in a sad voice, “Don’t go.” Spike looked at her face and there were tears running out her eyes.

Spike had no idea what was going on, but his instinct to try and make ponies feel better kicked in. “I wasn’t leaving forever. I was just... going to the bathroom. I didn’t want to disturb you in your sleep.”

“Oh, well come back soon then darling.” Rarity said smiling, but the tears were still on her face.

‘Darling... no way.’ Spike thought to himself with such a stressful look. He then rushed to the bathroom and just sat down to think. ‘What happened last night!? Why is she calling me darling!? Don’t tell me I got married to Rarity. This has to be some crazy dream. Why do I have her named tattooed to my arm!? Twilight is going to KILL ME when she finds out about that! Come on Spike you just need to wake up. Come on, WAKE UP!”

And Spike finds himself awake at Sugarcube Corner again, but this time he is outside and deep into the ground. He looks behind him at what looks like a trench dug by him. He looks up and sees Rainbow’s face, but can’t hear a sound she is saying. It slowly starts to come back to him. He tried to fly past Rainbow when she made her legendary Sonic Rainboom. He was close to mimicking it, but messed up and crashed into the ground.

He slowly regains his ability to hear as Rainbow is crying over his head. “Well I never thought I’d see the day that you cried so much.”

“SPIKE! You’re ok!” Rainbow excitedly reacted, but then it took her a second to process what he said and she then bucked him on his arm. “That was for scaring me”

“OW!” Spike yelled. ‘I guess I kind of deserved that’. Spike then asked, “How long was I out for anyways.”

“About an hour now. Pinkie went to the hospital to get help. I wonder what’s taking her so long.”

“Why didn’t you go? You are clearly the fastest pony ever.”

“Well, um...” Rainbow’s face started blushing, but she tried to hide it by turning around. “Well I felt it was my fault that you were in that ditch so I wanted to make sure you were alright. I felt obligated to.”

“Obligated? Maybe you are turning into an egghead.”


“Well come on. We still haven’t got our meal yet.”

“Are you even ok to do anything. That was a hard crash and I know a lot about bad crashes.”

“I bet you do.” Spike chuckled. Rainbow was about to buck him again, but stopped as Spike continued, “I am fine. Remember I got thick scales. Besides the dreams I had while I was knocked out were much scarier.”

The idea of scary dreams got Rainbow curious. “What kind of dreams are we talking about here?”

“Uh well um... just some scary impossible stuff.” Spike said trying to be vague and to avoid answering.

Instead however, he just poked her curiosity and peaked her interests. “That sounds exciting. You should tell me.”

“I’d rather not” Spike said, fearing since those dreams weren’t exactly as exciting as she was thinking.

Rainbow tried to provoke Spike. “What are you scared? Is it like a fear you have that you’re too scared to share?”

Spike was a bit angry at being called scared by Rainbow, but let it slide cause he kind of was scared at her reaction. “Lets just drop it. I am hungry and I really don’t want to talk about dreams on an empty stomach.”

Before Rainbow could respond her stomach growled again. “Fine lets go eat, but afterwords you will tell me about those dreams.”

Spike was worried cause when something has Rainbow’s interest, she can become very persistent. He would have to distract her while they ate. Before they entered Pinkie came back with the entire staff from the hospital.

Pinkie was yelling, “EVERYPONY CALM DOWN! WE ARE HERE FOR THE DRAGON!” She then started putting police barriers around and put on her detective hat. “Okay, Private Eye Pinkie is on the case.” She then turned to Spike who was totally confused and asked, “So Spike. Who did this to you!?”

Spike answered, “I messed up? So me I guess?”

Pinkie then continues, “Aha, so you admit to hurting Spike. I knew it. Take him in boys.”

The head doctor said, “We aren’t the police miss Pie. We are here just to check on what happened. Clearly this wasn’t as severe as you said. He is perfectly fine. Lets go back everypony.”

The nurses and doctor headed back to the hospital. Spike and Rainbow were a bit confused at what Pinkie was going on about, but that distraction seemed to have made Rainbow forget so Spike was thankful to Pinkie.

After they finished their meal, Rainbow and Spike were slurping on milkshakes. Rainbow finished hers really fast and started getting brain freeze. Spike was laughing at her face, but his laugh didn’t last too long. Rainbow asked, “So Spike, how about those dreams?”

“You’re not gonna let that go are you?” Spike replied.”

“Of course not. I really wanna know. So tell me or I will have your milkshake.”

“Yeah like you’re going to get my milkshake.”

Rainbow then took out her straw and put it in his milkshake and started drinking it. Spike tried to pull it away from her but she wasn’t letting go. All of his precious milkshake was being taken by the vacuum that is Rainbow Dash so he tried to drink as much of it as he could from his own straw. They glared at each other, eye to eye.

What happened next was only to be expected. A quick yell came out of no where and stopped the two. As they turned to look rainbow got another brain freeze and started grabbing her head again while wobbling her head to shake it off. Spike saw that it was Rarity.

Spike quickly imagined what it looked like they were doing. “Rarity, that wasn’t what it looked like. She was stealing my shake! I swear!”

Pinkie then intervened before it escalated any further noticing how events were turning. “It’s true. Rainbow was being a meanie pants and tried to take Spike’s shake so he would talk about some secret.”

Rainbow finally got her head back in order while listening to the whole thing. She then thought to herself ‘Well Spike was quick to react. Why is Rarity even here anyways? I was hoping to get some lone time with Spike... not that I like him or anything. He just owed me this.’

Rarity then let out a sigh. Without Spike explaining and Pinkie’s witness support, she may have taken it the wrong way. ‘So Spike and Rainbow were just having fun as usual.’ she reassured herself in her head. “So Spike and Rainbow Dash, what brings you here anyways and what is this secret that Pinkie was talking about.”

Rainbow then added, “Yeah Spike, tell us about that dream of yours before we got here.”

Spike was put into a corner. What was he to do? Tell the truth and make it even more awkward since both mares were present? Avoiding it doesn’t seem to be an option anymore and there doesn’t seem to be a chance that another distraction will appear. ‘Curse you Pinkie for reminding Rainbow and now even peaked Rarity’s interests.’

Rainbow and Rarity then said, “Well Spike, we are waiting.”

Now other random ponies were listening in on this situation, but they try to hide it. Spike was now stuck between a rock and a hard place. He just wish he could wake up from this nightmare, but this was as real as it was going to get. ‘Or was it’ Spike thought. He then kept telling himself in his head it was a dream and he needed to wake up in his head, but nothing. That was reality and he was doomed.

Just then his luck changed. Applejack came in. “Hey Rarity, Pinkie, and Rainbow. Oh and hi Spike. I almost didn’t see you with all them mares surrounding you.” Rarity and Rainbow backed up a bit when they realized that. Applejack then continued, “I am just messin with y’all. Say Spike can you help me out with taking some sweets back to my farm. It might be too much for me to carry all alone and you owe me.” She went to the front desk to get 2 boxes from Mrs. Cake.

Spike was thinking to himself again, ‘What could I possibly owe her?’ He then noticed that she winked when the others weren’t looking and realized she was saving him. “Oh of course.” Spike then quickly got up and rushed to her Applejack’s side. “Well sorry ladies, but I am needed. I’ll see you later.” Spike said as he quickly rushed out carrying both of the boxes and Applejack.

Spike kept running until Applejack finally got his attention. “Hey Spike! We are going the wrong way!” Spike stopped running and started gasping for air while still holding on to the boxes and AJ. “Spike. Could you at least let me down. I can walk just fine.” Spike was embarrassed to have carried her so far, but AJ was even more embarrassed. They both were blushing hard as Spike put her down gently.

There was an awkward silence between the two until Spike finally said, “Thanks for saving me back there.”

Applejack looked back at Spike “So Spike, what happened back there. Why were they corning you.”

“Oh they just wanted to know about some dreams that I had when I passed out in a racing accident just before I got to Sugarcube corner.” Spike said as quick as he could so she wouldn’t hear it while quickly picking up the boxes again and began walking. “Come on we should get to the farm.”

AJ then lassoed his tail to get him to halt. “Hold on there partner. What you mean by passin out in a racing accident? And what dreams?”

“Uh” was all Spike could get out as he started thinking to himself for a quick escape, but AJ was too good at telling when Spike tried to lie. He just gave up knowing that there was no way he was going to get away. She lassoed him and she can tell when he lies. What other option did he have?

“Spike, just tell me the truth. I can handle it.” Applejack said to help him lower his guard.

Spike then pondered about whether to talk or just try to avoid it. ‘Well AJ wasn’t exactly in the dreams and maybe she could even help out or something.’ “Alright AJ, I’ll tell you everything IF you promise to never tell another living soul.”

“Ah promise.” Applejack excitedly replied. ‘I will finally share a secret with him that nopony else, not even Twilight, knows about.’

“I need a Pinkie Promise.” he said with a grin.

“Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” she said as she performed each of the motions. “There was that good enough for you.”

“It didn’t feel like you meant it”

“Just tell me already!”

“Alright, alright. Calm down.” Spike said as he led her to a quiet place so they could talk in private. “The dream began...” Spike then began to tell Applejack about both dreams and she seemed less than pleased.

‘Spike was dreamin bout those kinds of things with both Rainbow and Rarity. He didn’t even seem like he was hidin anythin. Does that mean that he doesn’t even remotely care.’ AJ was trying her best to keep a straight face, but the longer she thought about it and hear Spike’s story she was starting to lose it.

After Spike finished he noticed that something was wrong with Applejack. He started waving his claw in front of her face to get her attention, “Hey, Equestria to Applejack. Anypony home up there?”

She finally realized that she spaced out for a moment and hid her face away. “Sorry Spike, I got a little distracted.”

Spike then looked confused. “Well that’s unlike you. You’re usually really focused, but I guess it is late and you’re probably tired.” He then went back to the dreams, “So AJ, what do you think those dreams are about.”

Applejack didn’t really want to answer. She sort of knew what it meant, but she herself didn’t want to. “Well Spike. Considering what happened in your dreams. I would have to say...” She paused and looked down for a sec. She then continued, “that you are scared of commitment. I mean just look at how you reacted. You were terrified about hearing any of those things, especially from those two.”

Spike then thought about it. “Yeah, maybe you’re right.” He then rose up off the ground and patted himself a bit. He then grabbed both boxes again “Well lets get you home. I’m sure your family must be worried for how long I kept you.”

“Yeah sure.” was the last thing Applejack said the entire way back to the farm. ‘I can’t believe I just lied to Spike. It seems obvious that he has conflicting feelings for them.’ They both arrive at the front door of her home. “Well Spike, thanks for the help.”

“Are you kidding? You have helped me so much today. I almost can’t thank you enough.” Spike put down the boxes and began to hug Applejack. All AJ could do was blush. He eventually set her down and she couldn’t really say anything. She could barely stand as her legs felt so wobbly just from the embrace.

Just then a sudden cold breeze kicked in. Spike had a small shiver, “It’s already getting to the cold time of the year. I may ask Rarity to make me a scarf or a sweater.”

Applejack quickly responded, “Wait Spike, I could make it for you.”

“Why? Do you even know how to knit?”

“I have been gettin a few lessons from Fluttershy and want to make one. Since you want a scarf, I can make one for you and practice it at the same time.”

“Well alright, I guess it does save me a few bits even with friendly discounts.”

“I’ll be sure to make it nice and warm for you.”

“Thanks. Well see ya later AJ.”

“I’ll good night Spike.” She picked up her boxes and headed inside.

Spike headed for home while keeping a sharp lookout for Rainbow Dash in the sky. He sneaked all around Ponyville until he reached the Library. He was home free until he saw that Rainbow was in the tree keeping watch.

Spike wasn’t surprised. ‘I wonder if she remembers she has cloud duty in the morning.’ He waited until finally she flew off for home. ‘Finally. I am gonna wake up so late tomorrow and I have to help at the farm. Tomorrow is going to suck, but at least I am safe until I can come up with something.’

As Spike headed toward the house, he felt a hoof tap on his back. He quickly yelped, but was quieted when the hoof went around his mouth. He turned to look and feared the worse, but it was just Pinkie.

“Are you crazy Pinkie!?” He shouted with a whisper voice.

“Lets go inside so you can tell me about those dreams.”

“I’ll tell you tomorrow. I am really tired right now and I have work early.”

“Pinkie Promise?”

Spike does the Pinkie promise. Pinkie then started hopping around the Library, “Alrighty Spike. I will see you tomorrow after your work and I want to know with excruciating details.”

“Yeah, now can I get some sleep.”

“Oh sorry, good night.”

As soon as Pinkie left he just laid down on the couch and instantly fell asleep. With all the things that may happen tomorrow. He felt he could sleep there for an eternity.