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Three Is Not Better Than One - That Drunk Pony

Is it a love triangle, square, or whatever it means to have 3 like the same drake?

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Chapter 2: Enter Rarity

Chapter 2: Enter Rarity

Spike has pleasant dreams of ice cream. An endless sea of Ice cream in shapes of small hills filled with Gem Sprinkles. The frozen wonderland was beautiful. He dived into the first ice cream only to collide with the first gem head first. He passed out in his own dream if that were even possible. When he woke he heard some noises of ponies who were playing around in the wonderland.

It was Pinkie on top of a giant pony shaped Ice cream with Twilight and the rest at the bottom of the colossal structure having a snow ball fight with ice cream. Rainbow snuck behind Pinkie with a dark cloud. Pinkie was too busy claiming she was the queen of the Ice cream land to notice and was scared her off with a loud crackling thunder. The Pegasus had now claimed that she was the new queen.

Twilight then came to Spike with a hoof out, “Spike, wanna join in the fun?”

Applejack then added, “Yeah, lets show the new ‘Queen’ who is the real boss around these parts.”

Spike was excited to hear the invitation and replied with a grin, “Sure, I’d love to join.” Spike looked down and grabbed the mare’s hoof. Just as Spike took the hoof, however, he noticed the coat was not Twilight’s. It had changed to white. Her mane was now a pure different shade of purple. It was Rarity. He stopped for a quick second until he saw the other five stood behind her with smiling faces. It reassured him and he took her hoof once again.

When he got up, Rainbow Dash had thrown an ice cream ball and said, “Spike, think fast.”, but it was too late. BLAM!

Spike then woke on the floor groggy and in a small puddle of drool, which is expected considering how Spike had such a delicious dream. He was dazed, but then started hearing some voices coming from just outside the library. He was still wobbly from falling off the couch, but was still conscious enough to recognize Twilight’s voice through the door.

“I am worried more about how Spike will react than her returning. I hope he doesn’t go crazy again or worse.” Twilight said. Once Spike heard his name, he immediately was investigating and eavesdropping on the conversation.

“It worries me too, but it’s not like we can exactly keep it a secret from him. I just hope Spike will be alright. I myself was surprised to see her walking in town.” He heard from another voice that he couldn’t make out too well.

Spike then began to ponder, ‘Who were they talking about? Who is that pony with Twilight? Why does it concern me?’. He then started listening in again.

“Well if anything happens to Spike, I will be sure to help him as best I can.” He heard the mysterious Pony once again.

“I wish I could be there for Spike if anything goes wrong, but I have to leave to Canterlot once more. I wish I could stay here to protect him. I am putting my trust in you--”, but before Twilight could say the name of the mysterious pony a loud obnoxious pony which was obviously Pinkie Pie came.

“Hey girls! You should get ready for the welcoming party for Rarity!” the Pink one said.

The look on Spike’s face went from curiosity to a devastating and shock face. ‘Did she really say Rarity? Am I still delusional from the dream?’. Spike could not comprehend it and was going on and on in disbelief and denial.

“Well, Spike is going to have to face her sooner or later. I guess at the party he will have the support of his friends.” Twilight said. All the alarms in Spike’s head rang. “I guess I will go wake him up and get him ready. He may have matured, but he is still a baby when it comes to cleanliness.”

Spike didn’t have time to react to Twilight’s comment with all that was going on in his head. He thought about escaping but remembered that there was only the main door to escape from. Then he remembered the upstairs balcony. ‘Yeah I can fly out of here’, but as Spike started to walk to the stairs, Twilight had entered.

“Oh Spike! Your up. We have a party to get ready for. It’s for a special friend of ours. A homecoming party.” He was caught. He couldn’t run now. Twilight would have stopped him from getting even to the borders of Ponyville. After the last time he ran away, she put a tracking spell on him so she wouldn’t loose him and with her teleporting, she could easily find him.

Spike was defeated and now is going to be forced to face the music. Even he did not know how he would react to Rarity’s return. He wanted to tell Twilight that he didn’t want to see her, but that would reveal he was eavesdropping and he didn’t want to get punished. He just kept quiet and replied to Twilight, “Okay.” and began to get ready for the impending party.

The walk to the party was like walking on glass. It hurt each step he took. The walk was silent and he made no eye contact to any pony. Not even to Twilight who tried to start small conversations even though it was clear on her face that she was worried as well. The questions were flaring in his head ‘Why is she here? Why now?”. Then they stopped at Sugarcube Corner, where the party was planned at.

Spike looked at Twilight and noticed she wasn’t even attempting to open the door. He decided to take charge since she wouldn’t and he didn’t want her to see that he knew. He opened the door while having a fake smile that was so well done that no pony could have ever noticed.

Spike then said, “Hi everypony!” As he said it, his eyes quickly glanced around to see if Rarity really was there, but there was no sign of her. He sighed a deep relief in his mind as he only saw Applejack, Pinkie, and Rainbow.

“Hiya Spike, cheerful as ever I see” the happy pink pony happily replied as she poured a drink for him. “Your still a little early. Fluttershy is coming with--”, but she was stopped by Applejack who quickly covered her mouth.

Applejack then pulled her to the side and whispered, “Are you crazy!?”. As Pinkie was about to reply, Applejack put a hoof on her mouth expecting her to say ‘No, I’m Pinkie’ “Don’t answer that. Did you forget what we talked about already!?”

Rainbow tried to distract Spike while Applejack was giving Pinkie a stern talking to. “So Spike, did you see the Wonderbolts race last night?”

Spike then put a claw on his face. “No. I forgot all about it.”

“Well Spike, I still have it saved on PVR” Rainbow said to the dragon to make him forget his worry of the races. “Maybe we can watch it later or something.”

Spike was a big fan of the Wonderbolts, but no one was a bigger fan than Rainbow herself. “Really!? Thanks so much!”. Rainbow’s cheeks blushed as she just thought how this was probably the first time she invited him to her home.

Spike then went to the punch bowl and got a drink. As he took his first gulp of the velvet red punch, he heard Fluttershy’s voice “H- Hi everypony”.

Spike already knew what that meant. Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow all said “Surprise!” only to be followed by a late Pinkie “SURPRISE! Oh darn it.”

“Why thank you. I missed you all so much” Rarity said with her usual grace. Spike started choking on the punch in the background. As he finished his coughing he looked to see Rarity.

Nothing really seemed much different about her. Her mane was the same as before. She still had her snow white fur and graceful look about her, but Spike noticed something. He didn’t feel all that different. He didn’t feel the need to impress her, nor did he feel infatuated in her as he was in the past. Maybe it was just a small crush in his past. With this, he felt a bit more confident.

Spike thought to himself ‘Maybe I really have gotten over her. I guess that means I can put what happened in the past behind me now.’ Spike then walked to Rarity who was talking to Twilight. The room got quiet as all eyes were on Spike and Rarity who were finally face to face. Well Rarity now had to look up at the dragon, but only slightly.

Spike then started, “Welcome back Rarity.”

Rarity then replied “Thank you.”

The entire room was in shock. Nothing happened. It was like so much suspense for nothing. Rainbow, Twilight, and Applejack were all relived a bit, but Pinkie was kind of hoping for a little more. In Pinkie’s head it was ‘OH COME ON!’ similar to Sweetie Belle.

Spike then continued, “Well lets enjoy the party.”

The party then went on without worry. They played many party games. It seems like every party, Pinkie always had some new games to play to never let her party guests be bored. This time she had a dunk booth and put Twilight in the chair first. Rarity went first and just missed the target. Fluttershy was after and threw it, but didn’t put enough power into it. It fell to the ground before even getting halfway to the target.

Then it came to Spike’s turn. Twilight wasn’t scared of the first two, but when Spike was up, things changed. Spike still remembers Twilight accusing him of making the mess in the library. “So Twilight, are ya feeling lucky” Spike said while grinning.

“Spike, lets be reasonable.” Twilight pleaded.

“As I recall, you blamed me for wrecking the library. Say your sorry.” Spike could only smile as he said it.

Twilight got upset and apologetic, “I’m sorry Spike. I won’t accuse you or any pony ever again”

Spike wasn’t satisfied. He then pulled back his arm and took aim. “Sorry Twilight, but your going down.”

Twilight then got angry, “Spike! I said I was sorry. What more do you want?”, but seems as though her messages weren’t getting through to him. “Spike. If you throw that--”, but she was cut off by Spike who threw the ball and hit the target, sinking Twilight in the dunk chamber.

When Twilight got out of the tank, soaked in water, she was getting ready to charge, but was stopped by Pinkie. “Twilight calm down. It’s just a game. Besides it’s his turn.” The idea of Twilight getting revenge this early satisfied her.

Spike sat where Twilight was sitting. First to throw was Pinkie. She powered her hoof and threw, but clearly missed at heard something break in the background. “Oopsie” was all she said as she went to whatever broke.

Now it was Rainbow’s turn. The competitive and aggressive side of the pegasus took over. Spike was a little taken back by it. Rainbow was good at games like this so he put his claws together and prayed to Celestia. “Well Spike. It was nice knowing ya.” She threw as hard as she could, but she managed to miss worse than Pinkie. Her ball went clean out the open window.

Spike could only laugh at how bad it was. Rainbow pouted and went to the back of the line. Applejack said while laughing, “Woo Rainbow. You couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with that throw.”

Next up was Applejack. Spike’s laughter was now cut short as Applejack was probably better at this game than anypony. “Sorry Spike, but your luck has just ran out.” She powered her hoof and took aim.

Right when she was about to throw, Rainbow shouted “DON’T MESS UP!” and Applejack missed her shot and actually hit Spike in the chest. Rainbow then laughed at Applejack who was chasing her yelling “Consarn it Rainbow! You messed up my throw!”

Twilight then asked Spike, “Spike. Are you alright?” Spike nodded while still holding where Applejack had got him. “Well then get ready to swim!”. It was now Twilight’s turn and revenge was all over her eyes. Spike knew pleaded meant nothing so he braced for it once again. He closed his eyes so he wouldn’t see. All he heard was a whoosh sound wiz by his head. He felt the wind from the ball.

“Jeez, Twilight. Are you trying to kill me?” Spike said with a quick fury.

“Sorry! That was by accident.” Twilight said while still snickering. It really was an accident however.

Now Rarity was up. Things got serious once again. Rarity was now there last hope in taking down the overconfident dragon. Everypony started cheering for Rarity. “Come on Rare. You got this.”

With eyes full of determination to not let her friends down she got ready once again. Besides Spike, she was the closest to the target, excluding Applejack who was of course cheated out of her shot. She got ready and took aim. Spike, however, didn’t seem at all scared.

Spike said with a smug look “Good luck Rarity!”. She threw the ball and Spike’s eyes widened as he saw it look as if it was going to hit. In slow motion he was thinking to himself, ‘Nooooo’.

The ball grazed the top of the target. There wasn’t enough force for the target to dunk Spike. He was safe from the water. “I WIN” Spike said with so much excitement. He felt triumphant for the first time in a long time.

Twilight then cut his victory short. “Wrong Spike. There is still one pony who hasn’t gone yet.”

Spike with a confused look. “Who?”

Twilight then narrowed her eyes. “Fluttershy.”

Spike was just laughing even harder. Harder than the element of laughter ever could. Even all five of the other ponies were not confident either about Fluttershy being the last hope.

Fluttershy then took position, but looked so scared as all the pressure was on her.

“It’s okay sugarcube. You don’t have to do this.” Applejack said to calm Fluttershy.

Rainbow added in her raspy voice, “Yeah, we will get him next time.”

Spike then added in a caring way, “Yeah, its alright. You don’t have to. I will let you choose someone to throw for you.”

But Fluttershy wouldn’t stand down. “No. I have to do this. For everypony!” The fire in her was a bit shocking to everyone. Spike still didn’t seem to phased by it. He felt his victory was set in stone now.

Spike opened his mouth to say “Good luck”, but was instantly denied. Fluttershy threw the ball at the target right in the middle with such great force. She shattered the target completely and Spike sank. The fact that Spike sank was great, but his face afterwards was priceless. Everypony was just shocked.

They all cheered for Fluttershy. Spike then crawled out of the tank soaked. He walked to Fluttershy who at first was happy, but then got quiet. She then saw the smile on Spike’s face and he held out a hand.

“Congratulations, it was a good game” was all he said. She then put out her hoof and shook his claw with a smile.

The party continued well into the evening. The sun was already setting and now they were saying there goodbyes to each other. Spike was then pulled out to the side by Rarity. “Um, Spike can you come help me tomorrow? I still have a lot to unpack and I need help.”

Rainbow took quick notice of Spike and Rarity chatting and began to eavesdrop.

“Sure Rarity. I don’t have anything really planned tomorrow.” Spike said with a smile. Rarity noticed something different. Spike then ran out following behind Twilight.

Rainbow was thinking to herself ‘Was she trying to use Spike again?’ Rainbow would not stand for it and began planning for tomorrow.

As Rarity walked home she was wondering what was different. She obviously knew he physically changed, but something about how personally acted. It was as if she was just another pony to friend to him. She felt something when she thought about it. She tried to play it off as she entered her home.

Twilight had then began to question Spike, “Spike. I am surprised at how you reacted today at Rarity. We were all worried for you. How was it?”

Spike answered with an honest truth, “Well I kind of overheard you when you were talking outside the library. I was trying to escape cause I didn’t know how I would react, but when I saw her I guess it wasn’t as scary with everyone being there.” Twilight smiled when she heard that until Spike continued “That party was actually much more fun that I thought. Especially when I got you good.”

Twilight gave a glare, but then started to laugh and Spike soon followed in laughter. “Yeah, but the expression on your face after Fluttershy broke the target was even better.” They both laughed all the way to the library. “Well it’s time to rest.” Spike got on the couch and Twilight said in a soft voice, “Good night my child.” and gave a small kiss on his forehead. She then trotted to her room to go to bed herself. Twilight was now sure that Spike would be fine as she left for Canterlot tomorrow.

Morning has come and Spike is having a dream of being the hero once again. He wakes up by the cracks of light that shines through the curtains of the windows. Spike then rubs his eyes and gets off the couch to get ready for his daily cleaning duties. He picks up a few books and notices that some are a few are missing. He doesn’t mind it so much now and continues to the next room.

He finally got to Twilight’s bedroom and as he entered, he noticed that Twilight was missing. Before he could really think on it he found a note that was signed off to him.

To Spike

Sorry for not telling you sooner, but I have to go to Canterlot for a few days because the Princess needed my assistance. I was worried about leaving you alone, but I think you’re old enough to handle it. If your wondering how I wrote this, I used magic hehe. Remember Spike to do your chores and don’t bother anypony. If I so hear that you did anything wrong, you are going to get it. Also keep the pets fed. Well I better wrap this up before I start rambling on. So I will see you in about a week or two.


Twilight Sparkle

“Jeez Twi, even your notes are lectures.” Spike said and sighed. Then Spike put his claws together and rubbed them deviously. “Well Spike, seems like you got vacation time.” After he said that Spike remembered a little quote from the note. ‘If I so hear that you did anything wrong, you are going to get it.’ “Right, I forgot about that. Well what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

Spike then continued to clean the house until he remembered that he had to go to Rarity’s place to assist her again. He was glad he didn’t have to help at the farm today so he wasn’t pressed for time. He got himself ready for the day ahead and started heading toward Rarity’s boutique, however he was stopped by a curious Rainbow Dash.

“Hey Spike!” Rainbow Dash had said with in an overly happy way.

Spike was a little caught off guard. “Oh hey Rainbow, everything alright?”

“Of course everything is alright. I am just happy to see my pal Spike. I was hoping to come by and visit since it is your day off so we could have fun.” Rainbow Dash replied.

“Sorry Rainbow, but I already made plans to help somepony already.” Spike said as he continued to head towards Rarity’s home.

Rainbow then flew at his speed slowly and began questioning him. “Who is it? Where are you going? Does it have to do with any heavy lifting? Can I join you?”

Spike answered, “In order, it’s Rarity, I am going to her boutique, knowing Rarity’s luggage it may be heavy lifting, and if you want to.”

Rainbow Dash paused when she heard that it was Rarity for a second. “You’re going to go help Rarity?”

Spike simply replied “Yep.”

“But are you sure? I don’t want to have to dig you out again.” Rainbow said as a warning.

Spike tried to reassure her by saying, “Don’t worry. I was scared at first, but after meeting her I feel like she is just my friend and don’t worry about Rarity replacing our fun time. Just think of it as another pony that I want to help.”

“I’m not worried about Rarity, replacing me” Rainbow said with a slight blush.

“Well do you still join in then?” Spike asked as they neared the boutique.

“Uh.” was all Rainbow could say as she thought to herself ‘I don’t want to set foot in that boutique, but I have to make sure Spike will really be alright.’ “Alright!” she said excitedly.

Spike thought to himself as they stopped right outside the boutique. ‘I think something is seriously wrong with Rainbow today. She hardly ever seems excited to do work. What’s she planning?’ Spike then asked before he knocked, “Are you sure that you’re alright?”

Rainbow nodded with a seemingly fake smile. Spike decided to overlook it and knocked on Rarity’s door. They both heard from inside. “Come in.” As they opened the door, they saw Rarity already using her magic to arrange a few things. “I am glad you got here Spike. Can you help put all the mirrors and ponnequins around the display area?” She asked.

“Sure Rarity.” Spike said getting straight to work.

Rarity then looked toward Spike and noticed that Rainbow was there. “Rainbow Dash? Why are you here?”

Before Rainbow could say anything, Spike said, “She wanted to join in so she is going to help as well.” Rainbow already regrets asking to join.

“Well then, Rainbow can you move the gems in the chests and try to organize each kind of gem in each chest?” Rarity said as she continued what she was doing.

“Alright.” Rainbow said with a bit of an irritated way.

As they fixed up Rarity’s shop, Rainbow noticed something odd. Spike was doing his work fine and not glancing at Rarity like he usually did in the past. That was expected, but what really got Rainbow was when she noticed Rarity giving Spike a couple of glances instead. She thought she was just imagining things, but it was still nudging at her.

Rarity then out of nowhere screamed. “Rainbow Dash! What are you doing!?”

Rainbow looked down at the gems and noticed that a few were mixed up. “Oops”

Rarity then said in a worried tone “Oops? You have to organize them, not just dump them in!”

Rainbow then got angry “What? It’s just a simple mistake. I was just a little distracted.”

Rarity then continued “No I will fix your mistake. Just go.”

Rainbow steamed up and blurted out “Why are you trying to get me out so bad!? Are you just gonna hurt Spike as soon as I turn my back!?”

Rarity then gave a confused look, but then it quickly turned to her own rage. Spike however stopped the verbal war from escalating by getting in between both. “Calm down ladies. Look how about Rarity goes and finishes the upstairs while Rainbow and I finish down here. We will go after we are done.”

They both were still angry, but agreed and Rarity stormed off upstairs while Rainbow pouted. Spike then put his claw on Rainbow’s shoulder “Hey Rainbow Dash. You alright?”

“No.” Rainbow said and then paused. She turned to Spike with her head down to hide her teary face. “I think I should go.” Before she took off however, Spike grabbed her hoof. “Let go Spike.” Rainbow demanded.

Suddenly he pulled her and gave her a hug. He then whispered into her ear, “I’m not gonna let my good friend be sad. Thank you for worrying about me.” Spike then gently let her down as she kept her head down this time hiding a her blushing face. Spike then put a claw on her chin and rose her head up. “You should look up instead of hanging your head.”

Rainbow was just at a lost of words. Her body was almost overheating from the situation as she stared into his eyes. Her legs were feeling weak and she almost felt as if she was flying without using her wings.

Just then Rarity said from the upper floor, “Spike, can you come help me move my bed and dresser?”

Spike then replied, “Yeah, give me a sec.” He then turned to Rainbow who was looking odd to him. He then put his forehead on hers. “Jeez you’re burning up. I think you should go home and rest before you get sick.”

“But Spike” Rainbow said before she was cut off.

“Not another word. Go home and rest. I will come and check on you later after I finish.” Spike said with a smile on his face.

Rainbow couldn’t say no to him. She tried to regain her embarrassing moment and answered Spike “Alright, I was getting tired anyways. I’ll see you later” Rainbow said as she Dashed away.

Spike then continued to help Rarity until the horizon started turning yellowish and orange. Rarity had asked him to do many tasks throughout the day. Spike was exhausted after all of that work. After he put down the last of the ponnequins, he then told Rarity “Alright, Rarity I’m all done. Is there anything else you need?”

Rarity came downstairs wearing a well made white dress that had purple Amethysts all around the dress and a wonderful pattern that all complimented her natural colors. She then began, “Spike, thank you so much for being so helpful. I kind of missed your assistance. It makes me happy that you’re able to help me again.”

Spike then replied, “Well Rarity, I also help other ponies so be mindful when you schedule things. I have been getting busier and busier recently for my strength and claws. It gets tiring often, but I am glad to do it.”

“Oh Spike, well how can I at least make it up to you tonight for helping so much.” Rarity asked while posing in front of a mirror. She looked at the mirror’s reflection to Spike rather than herself. Spike however didn’t even seem to be mesmerized by her appearance. It almost feels like he was treating her like a normal pony or just another friend.

“It’s fine. I need to see Rainbow Dash anyways. She seemed a little sick and I want to make sure everything is alright.” Spike said smiling. He then turned around and tried to head for the door, but was stopped by Rarity.

“Spike! What do you think of this dress?” Rarity said giving a more seductive pose.

Spike said, “It looks nice. It really matches your colors.”

Rarity thought to herself, ‘It looks nice!? Is that all he can say? He used to go on and on whenever I wore anything. Why am I getting so worked up anyway? I don’t usually go fishing for compliments.

Spike then said as he walked out the door, “See ya later Rarity.” Spike then spread his wings to get ready for flight.

Rarity tried to stop him again, but he already took off before she could stop him. She put her hoof to her chest as if she was struck by a sharp nail through it.

Spike then began to think about all that happened as he flew to Rainbow’s home in cloud. He was confused beyond belief. He had no idea how to respond to anything that happened. First Rainbow who was trying really hard to do something with him, then the fighting between both of them over something so simple, then how Rainbow’s random high temperature, and finally Rarity who was acting weird as he left.

Today has just been full of weird things. Spike just thought that maybe it was something in the air or they were at that time. Whatever it was, it wouldn’t bother Spike too much. He just continued to Rainbow’s place. As he arrived, he saw Rainbow already waiting on the edge of her home as if she had been waiting for awhile.

“Hi Rainbow.” Spike greeted.

Rainbow shook her head and then replied, “Oh hey Spike. All done?”

“Yeah, It was really exhausting.” Spike said sighing.

“Well Rarity does carry a lot of junk. Hard to believe that she calls those ‘Necessities’.” Rainbow and Spike then shared a good laugh together.

Spike then goes to sit next to her. “So Rainbow, are you feeling better?”

Rainbow replied, “Well I wasn’t sick.”

Spike then asked, “Well why were you on fire then and your face was getting a little red too.”

Rainbow blushed once again, “Well maybe I was a little sick, but I am all better now.” Rainbow then flew off and did a few flips and tricks to show how good in health she was. “See I’m all better.”

“Alright, alright. Don’t go showing off.” Spike said reassured. “Well now what should we do? We can’t really do much training since most of the day is over.” Spike’s stomach started grumbling.

Rainbow started laughing until her own stomach started growling. They both then started laughing. “Alright well I guess we should go get something to eat. Maybe at Sugarcube Corner.” Rainbow suggested.

“Alright. At least they bake gemstone cupcakes for me.” He happily said. He then said quickly as he took off, “Race ya there!”

Rainbow didn’t hesitate and immediately dashed after him saying “You’re on!”