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Sing Sing Sing (With a Swing)-The story of Benny Goodmane - Bandy

We all know what jazz is, but just who created it?

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Finding Hoofa(Part 2)

5) Finding Hoofa (part 2)

My apologies for such a short chapter. I had the option of either doing one upper long chapter or two slightly shorter chapters. You can see which one I chose. Also, if this chapter feels rushed, it is. I promised you part two, dear reader, and by golly I got you part two!

"Of course I know Gene Hoofa! You really should've just asked earlier, silly!"

Benny bit his tongue, grateful that Pinkie Pie knew where to locate this Gene Hoofa. "So where can I find him?"

"Oh he owns the music shop."

"And where can I find the music shop?"

"It's right next to the hotel over there!" Pinkie pointed at the hotel he was staying in. Benny trained his eyes to the buildings near it. Sure enough, there was a faded brick building with a guitar resting above the entrance just to the right of Benny's hotel. A blue hoof smacked the center of Benny's forehead.

After cursing himself for not checking his surroundings, he trotted over to the shop, eager to finally meet this Gene Hoofa.

As he neared the shop, he became awake of a drone of activity emanating from the inside of the building. Benny rapped on the door three times.

As he did, a large, wooden drum hurtled through the shop's window, projecting glass onto the street corner, a thunderous crash ripping through the air followed by a dense thud as the drum contacted the road. Traffic slowed to a crawl as ponies stopped to gawk at the sight. A brown unicorn with snow white hair and a suit appeared in the hole where the window had once been.

"Sorry 'bout that! Sorry." He hopped out of the building and levitated the drum, tossing it back into the shop. It was then that he noticed everypony staring at him. He scrunched his face up, returning their looks glare for glare. "Well? What are YOU looking at?!" he shouted, and tramped back into the shop.

Benny decided it was best to just walk in, seeing this pony wasn’t one for formality. What he saw ad he walked in blew him away.

The walls were stacked floor to ceiling with every single variety and size of drum one could imagine, and more. Cymbals hung in mid air, suspended from the ceiling by wire, giving the entire shop a slight amber tint from the light reflecting off of the bronze sheets. Drums, some lined with bright sparkles and lacquer, some rough and unfinished, haphazardly occupied the ground, as well as several shelves against the wall. The unicorn in question was near the rear of the shop, beating the side of a drum with a hammer.

"Uh... Hello?" stammered Benny. The pony snapped his head to the side, realizing he wasn't alone in the shop. A look of rage crossed his face, and he lifted the hammer as if he were about to throw it at Benny.

"You aren't a member of the royal guard are you?"

"What? No, I'm Benny Goodmane."

A look of relief washed over his face. He tossed the hammer behind him, hitting several tools before clanking to the ground.

"Well hello! I'm Gene. Gene Hoofa. Nice to meet you!"

Benny meekly extended his hoof. Gene grabbed it and shook violently, almost throwing Benny to the floor.

"Why did you think I was part of the royal guard?" Benny asked apprehensively.

"Oh, that. Just a little mishap the last time the princess was in town. Some people can really hold a grudge. I mean, sure, that drumstick could've killed Princess Celestia, but I'm sure that if given the opportunity, any reasonable pony would've had the same idea to shoot the darned things out of a cannon. I mean, how cool is THAT?! A cannon that shoots drumsticks? It's pretty cool!" Winded, Gene took a seat on a sturdy looking bass drum. "So, Benny, what brings you too my humble abode?"

Benny had rehearsed this conversation a million times. But now, seeing Hoofa up close, all bets were off. "Uh... Yes. I hear you write and play jazz-"

"Jazz? I LOVE that stuff! Can't get enough of it! I'm always trying to get a band together, but no one seems to like swing like I do. It was hard enough finding a bass and a couple of horns to back me up, let alone a full band." his expression changed to a forlorn look, and his shoulders sagged.

“Wait a minute,” said Benny, “you already have most of a band?”

Gene nodded slightly. “Yeah. I could really use a piano, maybe a clarinet or two.” He stared off into space for a moment. Benny stomped a hoof on the floor, causing Gene to break out of his stupor. “Oh! Sorry. Just kind of… zoned out there for a moment. My bad. What can I do for ya?”

Benny exposed his pearly whites, and said in a sing-song voice, “You said you were looking for a clarinet for your band?”

“Well, yeah. But I don’t quite get what you-“Benny turned slightly, exposing his cutie mark: A clarinet, offset by several music notes. Gene’s eyes shot open, and he almost rocketed off of the drum he sat on, causing it to tip over, knocking over more drums in a domino effect. He grimaced slightly as the drums cascaded down to the floor, but quickly regained a smile.

“Hey! Uh, would you maybe be interested in joining a band? I know not many ponies like jazz, but if you try it, I just KNOW you’ll love it."

Benny's smile grew even more, already knowing the answer he has about to give. "I would be honored, sir."

Gene nearly jumped out of his fur. "Really? Cool! Let's go get some guys together!"

Benny cocked his head to one side. "Wait, you barely know who I am, where I'm from, or what I play. How can you be so sure I'm telling the truth?"

Gene extended a hoof towards Benny's flank. “You have cutie mark of a clarinet. I don't need ant more confirmation than that.” He said in a matter-o-fact voice.

Benny wasn't going to let him off that easy. "Well, I want to know you before I do anything. For starters, why did you throw a drum through that window?"

Gene gave Benny a sheepish grin. "Well, the darn thing wouldn't tune right, so I just... Tweaked it a little."

A look of horror spread across Benny's face. "You… “Tweaked” it by throwing it out a window?"

Gene shrugged. "You never know if it'll work or not until you try it."

Benny sighed. This was going to make for one heck of a story back in Canterlot.