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Sing Sing Sing (With a Swing)-The story of Benny Goodmane - Bandy

We all know what jazz is, but just who created it?

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Finding Hoofa(Part 1)

4) Finding hoofa (part 1)

A.N. My apologies if you happen to find any errors. I've been preoccupied lately with getting my driver's licence. SOOOO much paperwork...

Anyways, here goes. Part two coming... tomorrow?

Benny stared at the wall. Its sea-green shades stared back at him.

"How am I gonna find Hoofa?" the wall held its stoic silence.

"I don't even know what he looks like, much less where to find him!" The wall refused to answer, instead staring blankly back at Benny.

"Hmmm... Maybe someone in town knows him." Benny felt the cogs of his brain beginning to turn.

"I could ask that girl I met... Twilight Sparkle! I'll bet she knows Hoofa!" The wall refused to acknowledge his revelation.

"Some help YOU are," he spat at the wall as he exited the room. He immediately ran into a dilemma.

"Where do I find her?" He cursed under his breath. How could he have forgotten?

He thought back to his conversation with the lavender mare.

"I run the town's library. You should stop by sometime."

"Well, looks I'll be paying Ms. Sparkle a visit." He headed off into town. The rain of the previous day had given way to a cascade of loose sun rays permeating the cloud layer and shining down on the inhabitants of Ponyville.

"Now to find the library." Not knowing where the library was, he opted to wander around town aimlessly until he found the library. "At least it's not raining," he mumbled to himself, remembering the river of mud the road had become yesterday.

After several minutes of wondering, he had not happened upon the library. Growing frustrated, he took stock of himself. "Maybe Pinkie Pie can give me directions!" He said to himself. He burst out into laughter at his joke, attracting more than a few unusual stares from ponies nearby.

"I can give you directions, silly!"

The mare's voice caused him to choke on his own spit. He whirled around violently, but saw no one.

"Oh no. I'm going crazy!" he said. "That sounded like Pinkie Pie!"

"Well DUH it sounded like Pinkie Pie. I AM Pinkie Pie!"

He did an about face, and came nose to nose with the pink party pony herself. For a split second, they held the pose. Then, Benny burst backwards, creating distance between the mare. He was incredulous.

"What?! But... How? You were there, but... Behind me... What is going on?!"

Pinkie gave a toothy grin. "Well you said you needed directions. I can give them to ya, if you want."

Benny stared the pony down. Apparently, she could break the laws of physics as well.


"Uh... Yeah," said Benny, still wary of the pony in front of him. "I was just looking for the library. I dint know if you-"

"OH! I know where that is! Two lives there! Although it's kind of weird she lives in a tree. I mean, trees aren't really made for living. Unless you're a squirrel. Maybe Twi's a squirrel! But why would she keep that fact from me? What if it's a squirrel conspiracy?! Maybe-"

"OKAY! The library?" shouted Benny, an irked expression on his face.

"Oh yeah! The library! Follow me!" Without so much as a second thought, the mare began to skip away at a surprising pace. Benny realized she was attempting to guide her to the library, and scrambled to keep up with her.

Benny somehow managed to tune out the banter coming from Pinkie's mouth until they reached the outskirts of town. Pinkie stopped, and with a bow, gestured to a giant tree, it's branches spread out as if the tree was stretching, it's ancient roots sticking out of the ground at odd intervals, it's gnarled bark only separated by...

"Windows? Doors? This... Is a tree! Not a library!" Benny smirked.

"I know right?" chattered Pinkie Pie. "I thought so too, but then Twi just popped out all 'Hey Pinkie Pie, I live here!'. And I was like, 'Wow, you live in a tree?’ And she was all-"

"Okay okay okay! Thank you! Goodbye now!" shouted Benny, making a sweeping motion with his hooves, gesturing Pinkie to leave.

"Oh, you want some private time? Okie dokie lokie! See ya layer, Casanova!"

Benny put up a hoof to protest, but she was already gone, skipping along back to town to do whatever Pinkie Pie did when not torturing ponies.

He shrugged off the encounter with Pinkie, walking up to the door at the base of the tree and giving it several strong knocks with his hoof.

"Come on in!" He heard a voice from the inside of the tree call out.

He opened the door and attempted to walk in, but tripped over a massive encyclopedia. He could only watch as the floor rushed up to meet him, cutting off his descent abruptly. Darkness blotted out his field of vision.

He awoke on a plush cushion in the middle of the most poorly kept library in all of Equestria. Books fought with scrolls of parchment for control of the floor. Massive bookshelves that lined the walls did nothing to organize the avalanche of written knowledge, their shelves stuffed with more scrolls and an infinite amount if books. A tiny dragon that was carrying an ice-pack waded through the sea of paper to his side.

"Here you go. You took one heck of a fall."

“You’re telling me.” Benny took the ice-pack, and flinched as he applied it to his head. "Thanks. I'm... I'm here to see Twilight?"

The dragon nodded. "She's coming over here."

A purple mare with her horn alight with a deep red glow trotted over, using her magic to part the surrounding paper, clearing a path to Benny's perch.


"Whoa whoa, slow down there," groaned Benny, rubbing his head. “One word at a time please!”

The pony blushed. "I'm so sorry. I was doing some research and I just threw some books on the ground. I didn’t think someone would show up this time of day.”

"Really?" smirked Benny, lacing his voice with playful sarcasm, "I just thought you had Equestria's worst home decorator."

Twilight giggled. "Smart talk for someone who just tripped over a book."

"With all the books on this floor, how couldn't I?" Benny retorted.

"Touché." replied twilight.

Benny got up, steadying himself on s stack of dictionaries. "Anyway," he began, "I came here because I was hoping you could help me find somepony."

Twilight's smile faded. "Oh, I'm sorry. I’m a bit new here, and I still don't know all if the ponies around here. You should ask Pinkie Pie. She knows EVERYpony in the town.

Benny's eye twitched involuntarily. "You mean... I could've..." a long sigh escaped his lips, and he fell down onto the pillow. "Oh Celestia kill me!"

Twilight cocked her head to one side. "Now come on, Pinkie Pie's not THAT bad."

An incredulous look from Benny shattered her facade. "Okay maybe not. But she's the pony to go to for this."

Benny repressed a scream, and handed the ice-pack back to The dragon. "Thanks little guy." He stood up, flicking strands of his mane out of his face as he did so. "Well," he replied, steeling himself for the inevitable, "I'm going to go have a chat with Pinkie Pie."