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Two years have passed ever since BFFLs Maya & Zaria accidentally transported themselves to the mystical world of Equestria. Now, at older ages, they find themselves being transported again—but this time it's no accident.

Princess Celestia needs the girls' help, for the fabrics of time of time aren't healing; they're ripping to shreds every few seconds! Will the girls be able to save the world? What will they encounter on the way? And more importantly: what will their former "inner ponies" say about this?

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I love the idea of having both merged with different/additional ponies this time. Maya will have a great time being merged with Pinky and Twilight.

- "Let's party studying!" :pinkiehappy:

- "No, let's study partying!" :twilightsmile:

1396664 Congrats on being the first commenter!! :pinkiesmile: And whatcha mean by Maya being merged with both Pinkie and Twilight? Explain please? p.s. nice two quotes down there! :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile:

1396772 I'm a little confused by the following paragraph:

"I know that Maya and Zaria did get merged with Twilight and Fluttershy's bodies, but this time we'll need to be able to perform the process again. One of you must volunteer yourself to be merged with these two ladies, and I'll perform a very difficult spell." The whole room was silent again, which was getting flippin' creepy! Finally, two ponies raised their hooves: Pinkie and Applejack.

I thought that Maya was already in merged with Twilight and was now additionally being merged with Pinky. Same for Zaria, who I thought was already being merged with Fluttershy and gets now additionally merged with AJ. That's how I understood the paragraph although I don't understand the need for the additional merging.

Or aren't they merged with Twilight/Fluttershy this time?

1396830 In Chapter Eight of Our Inner Ponies, in the end, Celestia was able to switch the girls back into their human bodies and Twilight and Fluttershy back into their pony bodies. So the girls are humans in this one, and they need to go "under cover" as ponies since the citizens of Ponyville won't know who/what they are.

So Pinkie and Applejack volunteered to be switched, but this time the two ponies aren't going in the GIRLS' body, their being MERGED with them.

Is that confusing? Sorry if it is! :twilightsmile: let me know if you get it!

1396868 Ah, I see. It's not confusing. I was just stupid, I guess. :derpyderp1: :derpyderp2:

Anyway, I think you made a clever decision by having them merged with different ponies this time. This kind of rotation keeps the story interesting. And the choice of AJ and Pinky is fitting too. AJ has the necessary courage (RD would have worked just as well) and Pinky will see the fun in that.

So, yeah. I'll try to think of some ideas for you.

1396930 Aw, you're not stupid. It's okay to be confused, but don't blame yourself. :twilightsmile: My mom tells me that all the time whenever I say things like, "What? Aww! I'm so stupid!" What's ironic is that I asked my friend (guess her name) who her favorite pony was from the show, and she said it was a mix between Applejack and Rainbow Dash. xD

And I simply chose Pinkie 'cause she's my favorite pony, and I actually had a "scary" story idea where Zaria chose Rainbow, and I went all Pinkamena on her and almost hurt her!

I might do that! Poor Rainbow, though...Anyways, still gotta do Dating Derpy. Romance stories are hard sometimes!

told ya'll i wouldn't let you all down! :pinkiesmile: what do you think? i'm not sure if it's my best, but meh :applejackunsure:

I think you got Pinkie's character extremely well. I love the Maya/Pinkie combo.

Oh, and Cliffhanger, damn it!

1411803 well thank you very much!! :pinkiesmile: and yes, cliffhanger...I hate 'em as well. But never fear! I will be publishing another chapter! :D Oh, and FeinesFabi, you wanna know how I thought of the chapter's idea? Through a dream, I swear. I was daydreaming at school too and it felt real! But, I don't wanna go into detail now. Gotta write!! Bye!:twilightsmile:

Sorry if it's short guys! I wanted Chapter 4 to be longer and more action-y. And please don't ask me about that whole hungry thing. I'll explain it later. I promise, kk? Bye!! :twilightsmile:

I hope you guys find this good. :pinkiesmile: I'm off to bed now. Night-night!!

:heart: NYQUTIE

P.S. If you find some (possible) errors, let me know! ^_^

1451507 I burst out laughing at your comment! Thank you! :rainbowlaugh:

Yay, Pinky-Maya is gonna have fun! :pinkiehappy:


"Well, until we get this whole time thing straightened out," I announced to myself, "I'm going to enjoy myself this time. I Pinkie Promise!"

I'm just happy that Maya is going to enjoy herself. Until now, it all seemed kinda depressing - although I can't really explain why.

1452274 Ohhhhh! :P Well, she SORT OF enjoys herself...Just wait till you see Chapter Six. Everything goes downhill for Maya...:twilightsmile:

What do you guys think? Sorry if I annoyed you by putting little segments of Maya trying to persuade Rarity & Rainbow to believe her. I think they'll believe her NOW. :pinkiecrazy: But anyway, stay tuned. I was out having lunch with my aunt & mom today, and now it's almost 9:30 P.M. But don't worry! I'll get started on a chapter and finish it up after school, kk? Hope you guys don't mind the whole Cupcakes thing. :twilightsmile:


Guys, I feel like the ending of this one chapter needed a little somethin' else, ya know? But I can't put a finger on it. :( Luckily, we get to some action! Hopefully you liked this chapter!! :twilightsmile:

P.S. I just wanted to get this chapter over with and introduce the villain. Stay tuned! ;)

Ah, the good old dinosaur in a top hat and monocle, riding on a segway. Good time's, good time's. :twilightsmile:

Is this good enough action? ;) Though I'm not sure the ending is too...WOW enough, ya know? Any (possible) suggestions? :twilightsmile:

I Pinkie Promised I would work on more chapters for this, and I did. Hope you guys like it (is there an amount of action to thrill you, or no?). Once I get somethin' to eat, I'll work on this some more. I think after one or two more chapters, the sequel's gonna end. Ya'll excited? :pinkiesmile:


Is it good guys? And be honest! :twilightsmile:

nice a bit anti- clamatic after all that tho

1503784 Thanks for the heads-up. Any tips to fix that? :pinkiesmile:

Eggstead the fight seen and slow it down it went from 60 to 0 in two seconds nice cliffhanger tho

1505703 thanks for the comment about the cliffhanger, but can u explain that first sentence to me plz?

i can not spell so you will have to deal

i cna not spell so i can not make clear

This is my way of saying "Sorry I was lazy and didn't publish any chapters of this story." I'll be working on the very last chapter, which MAY be short, but I'm not certain. Anyways, question alert: What do you guys think of this? Please be honest, kk? NYQUTIE out! :pinkiehappy:

I know it might be short, but don't badger me about that, kk? Anyways, WOOOOOHOOOO! It's finished! It's finally finished! I feel really happy. Thanks for staying with me, my awesome "fans." If Pinkie were here, she'd thank you too! :pinkiehappy: Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it! And if you have any requests...you know how to message me. ;) BYE!

~NYQUTIE :pinkiesmile:

1812059 Ha! Glad ya find it humorous! :pinkiehappy: What chapter are you on now?

I like how no one commented on the first chapter of this. :rainbowlaugh: It's alright, though. I'll be the "first."

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