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Just a critic who happens to write about pastel colored magical talking ponies


Grace is a super awesome alien girl with morphing abilities, and her crazy boyfriend sent her to Equestria for Celestia knows why. Did I mention she's part squirrel? (Crossover with El Goonish Shive )

Cover art by Azure Spark .

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Just a word of advice, from one Goon to another--the cover looks kind of bad. You might just want to go with Grace Pony on a pure white background. Also, I suggest clarifying what the crossover is somewhere in the description. :twilightsmile:

Thanks. I couldn't find any other images for a pony Grace, so I took that one and hacked it together best I could in GIMP, while I wait on a commission. :pinkiehappy:

On a different note: I hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing it.

Well, I didn't actually read it. I ain't a huge fan of crossovers. But heck, I'll give it a shot. During my upcoming fanfic marathon. :pinkiecrazy:

EGS + MLP? :pinkiegasp:


You have captured my interest. Please be gentle to it and feed it regularly.

I think Grace just broke that guard in record time :pinkiecrazy: MOAR!!

El Goonish Shive, a webcomic.

The art starts off a little rough, but it improves dramatically, and the stories are quite good.

The character Grace is from there.

1384567 Yeah, same here. XD I'm like 'Wait wat? Wat? HWAT? Only a prologue so far, and I'm already tracking/upthumbing this, and watching the author. :P

EGS is one of the most awesome webcomics out there, it has been going strong since 2002.
Basically it is a story about 6 teenagers one of them being an alien-alien-human-squirrel hybrid known as Grace Sciuridae, that can morph into practically anything. This picture is from when she became a fan of My little ponies show

I found another unicorn who's part squirrel! Squeeee!

I have favored your story but you better not disappoint, it is a heavy burden to make any crossover good, and this is egs we are talking about

To boldly go where...11 people have already gone before!


The dirtiest squeaky-clean webcomic in history.


I'll do my best. I've got the whole storyline planned, but it's filling in the details and the jokes that I've never been good at. Then again I'm letting Grace tell me what to write so... Here's hoping.:twilightblush:

1385923 For the record, it was the 11 that commented before me. I haven't seen anything like this before, unless you count the EGS sketchbooks.

Also Dan (the webcomic's author) made one of my favorite Derpy pictures ever.

My only complaint is Grace seems a little dumb here. She's a genius, and I think has a photographic memory. She's really naieve, and there is tons she doesn't know but anything she does know she has no problem with.

That said you did get her cheerful attitude just right, as well as her ability to accept weridness without batting an eye down perfect.

Baby, I was born this way.

On that note, do they normally put down horses like this, sorta like gas-chambering dogs and cats? I kinda sorta don't know a thing about horses.

Glad to see this fic doing well, Raindrops! Even though I have no idea what it's about.


If you hate the show, why did you bother making an account?

What is your problem?

1386433 The funny thing is, he joined a week ago, and is already banned.


You can GET banned on this site?
I've never heard of it before.
Which, of course, makes it all the more sad that he WAS.


But what is that all about then, since you say i'm clueless? I honestly have no idea.

1386539 It'sa meme, an' it was appropriate fer th' situation, so I decided to, ya know, use it! I never really meant t' call ya clueless; I swear on m' good name!:applejackunsure:


I'm not offended, but since you said it was appropriate for the situation, there must then be something i'm clueless about.
(Let's have these comments in PM's from now on so we don't clutter this poor dude's notifications box with comments on a story when the comments are not relevant to it)

1385497 actually, i worked at a vet office this summer. they are injected with something (i was just a volunteer, so i don't exactly know) and they just start falling.... asleep.... with no.... pain......
:pinkiehappy: so there you go!

Oh, okay. whew.

Thanks for pointing that out. I was kinda going off of the fact that she was very very sheltered, as was be restated by yesterday's comic, so she probably wouldn't know what a pony or a unicorn was.:scootangel:

I like the concept, but your story seems a bit rushed as of right now. I would suggest finding a good pre-reader who is also a fan of EGS and can provide second opinions on Grace's reactions. (Grace may be sheltered, but she's smart. She should've known the guard was a pegasus as soon as she saw him and she shouldn't be having trouble pronouncing "seyunolu" in her talk with the guard. She knows what she is.)

I am a bit...(dictionary! What is this I'm feeling? Tell me!)... put off (The dictionary failed me:facehoof:) by Grace's exchange with the guard. In my opinion, I felt he did not react the way a guard should have reacted to a possible threat. From his point of view, a strange bipedal creature just appeared in the middle of the castle grounds out of thin air. Furthermore, the creature can shape-shift. If this takes place after the season two finale, that alone should have been setting off warning bells in his head and having him call for back-up.

He sees all this and what does he decide to do?

"Come on into the castle, Strange, shape-shifting Not-Pony. I'm gonna let be in the same room as our country's beloved ruler."

I can understand wanting to move Grace along quickly to Ponyville, where I assume you plan on having most of the story take place, but the exchange with the guard is just... an awkward way to go about it. I know you're going for Comedy, but it's okay to still have moments when characters don't act silly or make choices that would make no sense outside of a comedy setting. I feel that scene would have gone much smoother had Celestia been in the garden to begin with. The guard could still easily be in the scene too, showing up to in an attempt to protect the princess from the possible threat, and then being told to back the buck down, because Celestia, as wise and as kind as she is, can see Grace means no harm. The scene could then continue as you had it, with Grace explaining what she is and how she got there.

You do have a very excellent funny moment that I felt stayed true to Grace's character.

“Oh, and, um... squirrel, your majesty,” Grace added.

That! That right there works. That's funny
Now granted, it's a small moment of funny, but it's a moment of funny that comes off naturally.

Hmm... I could say more, but I feel if I do say more it would suddenly become less "This part could use some polish and here's a suggestion on how you could do it.", and more, "No. No. Like this. *takes keyboard from you*" And I'm the last one who should be doing that because I haven't a fic to my name. :twilightoops: (I guess this means you should be taking my advice with a grain of salt.)

I know I sound harsh, perhaps even a little rude, but I certainly don't mean to be. I had a theatre teacher in high school who encouraged us to pick apart each other's performances to the smallest detail.
Do I think the story would benefit from some polish? Yes.
Do I still like the story despite my nit-picky review? Absolutely. I await the next chapter. (SO I CAN TEAR IT APART TOO!!!:pinkiecrazy: *Cackles evilly*) (just kidding)
Did I write a lot more than I meant to write when I first wanted to leave a comment? Sigh, Yes...

I now close this comment (finally) with a Classic EGS question.

"What did Tedd do now???" :trixieshiftleft:

Harsh? Rude? What are these words you speak? You've obviously never had a story of yours ripped to pieces, fed to the shredder, and handed back to you in a pile of lint by the great NickNack. That guy was brutal, you're a kitten compared to him. :twilightsheepish: Still, though, kittens can be quite painful if they attempt to use your leg as a ladder.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, comedy's not really my strong suit. If you'll pardon my crazy for a moment, Grace told me to do it. The same way Pinkie Pie got me to watch ponies via a dream I had, Grace kinda convinced me that I should write this, because [redacted, I will not spoil the upcoming plot].

To get to the point: Thank you. Your advice is most welcome, aside from desperately needed. I was mostly having fun on this one, though, and focused more on putting words to metaphorical paper than making it coherent. I'll see what I can do to clean up the scene in question, and, please do point out any other errors you may or may not notice during your perusal of my mindless scribblings, will you? :pinkiehappy:

As for Grace's smartness, I remind you of the mopping incident. though you do have a very good point. Now then, I must write, for the gods of curling demand it!
Okay, lame joke, but um... what is that, some kind of demonic duck? *hides quickly*

Can you tell me what crossover this is specifically? I searched up EGS but I got a gaming company and recipies. :I

kinda a rough start, but it has potential.

Whoo! this updated. Also there are all sorts of ways Fluttershy and Grace interacting can be fun.

And then FLuttershy abducted Grace, and she was never seen outside of a giant squirrel=house again.

Don't tempt me, haha. I'm hitting a bit of writer's block, and haven't quite written past the first 100 words of the next chapter. :twilightsheepish:

Want a hand? my main fic at the moment keeps getting darker, and I could use a little light-hearted themed writing. Just give me an outline of what you want to happen, and I could do the next chapter for you.

EGS crossover where have you been all my life time on fimfic! *commences reading at once*

>user added this story to "Dead"

What? No but... It has been over a year, hasn't it? Well, I'll have to change that. I'm not making any promises I can't keep on an official date, but this will not be in that dead folder for long

God this story is great. Just got done with Q and A number seven. Waiting for sister three to get fully fleshed out. may take a while, but it will be worth the wait.

Ah if only I could get this story moving. IT seems so simple, but when I sit down to it, there's just nothing.

When I searched 'shive' on a whim, I was surprised to see there was exactly one story, though it's on hiatus. (Similarly, if you search 'axe cop', there is also exactly one story, and it is also on hiatus. Lack of motivation is a bitch, ain't it?)

Anyway, it's not bad so far, hope to see more eventually.

This story has been on hiatus so long, the original editor has left the fandom and EGS Canon negates my plot for this story.

It might still be worth picking up again though.

Well yeah, fan works based on an active source will occasionally be negated by canon, it's just the nature of the beast.

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