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Wolverine: The Equestrian Myth - Axel IV

Wolverine finds himself in Equestria...

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The Attempted Escape

"Pinkie!" Twilight gasped as she watched her pink colored friend tumble through the air. Pinkie was headed straight for a nearby dresser, but luckily Celestia's telekinetic magic caught her just a breath away from the wooden obstruction. Pinkie's eyes were closed tightly, a bruise beginning to form on her cheek.

Luna was the first to initiate the defense. Her horn sparkled angrily, reflecting the emotions of the dark colored alicorn.

"You dare harm one of our friends, monster?!" The princess growled as a a powerful blast of magic launched from her horn and headed into the blue mist. The room rumbled as the magic exploded, sending debris through the blue mist. It was obvious that Luna's attack had made contact with the floor, yet the damage could not be observed. The attack did, however, blow away much of the magical mist that had clouded the view of the creature.

They saw its full form for the first time.

The monster was covered in some black hooded cloak, its face and upper body hidden from complete view. On its lower body it wore what looked like blue jean pants, and at its feet were dark black boots. The ponies had all been frozen at the sight of it and were gazing at it in awe and fear.

However, their focus was immediately switched over to its skeletal appendage.

It's arm was exactly how Twilight had seen it in the crystal. It was a shimmering metal, the bones being completely visible. She could make out three sharp blades located inside of one of the bones, but her attention had changed away from that quickly. Something seemed to be moving onto the bone, and it took Twilight a moment to realize what was going on.

The arm was... regenerating itself.

The dark red muscle soon began to encase the arm and 'hand' before a light colored covering, which Twilight guessed was skin, followed soon after. It had all happened within seconds.

"Urf!" Applejack covered her mouth with her hoof as her face color changed into a shade of green, "Please tell me that it did not do what I think it did..."

The monster snarled, shaking all the ponies back into reality. Luna was the first to react and sent a powerful dark bolt of energy straight at it. The creature seemed to notice, but for some reason its body refused to move how it wanted it to. The bolt smashed straight into the creature's chest, propelling it backwards into the glass balcony doors. They shattered instantly, releasing the creature into the hands of gravity which caused it to race down towards the pavement.

Luna cursed her ignorance and immediately gave chase. Her wings sprouted as she dived after the falling monster, trying to catch up with it. Rainbow Dash wasn't too far behind, screaming insulting things at the monster far below.

"Pinkie!" Twilight cried, dashing over to her friend, "Are you okay?!" The pink mare had been set carefully down onto the floor onto her back. Pinkie's eyes blinked before she sat up, cracking her neck with a big frown on her face.

"I told it to say yes! Not buck-slap me in the mouth!" Pinkie grumbled, rubbing her cheek, "Whatever it is, it's not getting away from me without an apology!" The pink pony jumped onto her hooves and raced out of the room, determined to prove that the creature was in the wrong.

"Oh no... " Celestia sighed, running towards the balcony as she watched her sister give chase.

It was obvious that the creature's body wasn't in its best condition. The years of absent movement seemed to take its toll on its body, limiting its potential. The monster managed to maneuver around in the air, trying to get a grip on the castle walls as it descended.

"Hey!" Rainbow Dash yelled, "If you don't stop being all mean and angry I won't save you!" The creature growled again, slashing its 'hand' at the blue pegasus. Rainbow pulled away, her heart thumping in fear.

"Hey!" Rainbow yelled in an angry tone, "Stop! Or you're gonna-

It was too late.

A few moments earlier, beneath the balcony of Canterlot castle in a simple donut shop...

"I tell yah, Joe... " Bronze Spear, one of Celestia's royal guards grumbled, "There's not enough action goin' on 'round here." The white stallion munched on a donut as he complained.

"Aw, come on Bronze!" Pony Joe chuckled as he slid a hot cup of coffee towards his friend, "The last interesting thing that happened around these parts was the changeling invasion... and from what I remember, you guys got your flanks kicked!"

"Hey!" Bronze protested as he took a sip of his coffee, "W-We were distracted! Captain Shining Armor was unable to give commands!"

"Right... " Joe rolled his eyes, "Alright, Bronzey... I've got a scenario for you: Say that there was some unknown creature that just happened to appear right in front of us. What would you do?"

"Well... " Bronze grinned, draining his cup before he slammed it down, "I'd kick its flank of course! There ain't no monster in Equestria that I can't face! I ain't scared of nothin-

The ceiling suddenly broke through in the middle of the shop, and a strange black cloaked creature along with the debris from the roof crashed down onto the center table. The ponies sat in silence as they stared in wonder at the strange scene.

Suddenly, the weird creature groaned and struggled to its feet, its body bent in weird angles. It was covered by a large black hooded cloak, and they couldn't see it in detail. Grotesquely, the creature began to pop its joints back into place which caused loud cracking noises to be heard that were followed by the monster screaming with each adjustment. The creature then seemed to roll its neck around, a few more cracks being heard before it turned its attention to the two ponies at the counter.

"Um... " Joe sweated, pointing a hoof straight at Bronze Spear, "He did it!" Bronze Spear let out the exact opposite of a masculine scream and dove behind the counter.

The creature snarled, but before it could make a move a powerful dark magic bolt hit it right in the chest and knocked it right back down onto the floor.


The beast snarled before jumping back up onto its feet. More dark bolts of magic were fired, but it was ready this time. It clumsily managed to dodge each burst that was wrecking the shop and dove out of the glass window and into the street. Luna descended into the shop as the creature bolted away.

"COME BACK HERE!" Luna growled. She then suddenly noticed the extensive damage that she helped cause and shot Pony Joe a sorrowful glance. The poor stallion was too shocked to speak, his jaw hitting the counter.

Luna scratched her head with her hoof, "Um... Do not fret, Joe of the donuts. We shall cover the costs of damage when this is all over. Now if you'll excuse me..." Luna glanced back to where the creature had sprinted away before taking a deep breath.


The creature heard her, but it couldn't comprehend what she was saying. It was running clumsily, not being itself at all. It's feral instincts had taken over, pumping the idea of survival into its head. At the moment, its conscience had been blocked by its animal tendencies. It was not likely it would remember what it was doing at the current moment it its strange berserk state.

The ponies on the streets gaped as they watched the strange being run through the streets shoving down ponies, leaping over carriages, and scaling up the walls of buildings. None of them had ever seen anything like it and wondered if it was an experiment gone wrong.

The creature quickly rushed into an alley, its breathing uncontrolled. It's stiff body was at its limit from lack of use and exhaustion was hitting it hard.

"Freeze!" A commanding voice barked, "We have you surrounded!" The voice belonged to none other than Shining Armor, captain of the royal guard. Celestia had quickly ordered him to capture the strange monster at once in fear of the pony civilians being harmed. Shining Armor himself was very shocked at the appearance of the beast but held it back due to his bravery and valor.

There was no way out of the alley. Dozens of guards were posted on both entrances, and pegasus guards were hovering in the skies. Celestia herself stood beside Shining Armor, along with Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rarity. Luna and Rainbow Dash soon spotted the spectacle and remained in the air.

"We've got it... " Celestia stated, taking a step forward, "Beast! We will take you into custody. If you refuse... We will have no choice but to-

"GRAAAAGH!" The creature howled, extending its arms. The ponies felt their bodies stiffen, and some of the guards began to quake in fear.

"Stay your ground, royal guards!" Shining Armor commanded, "It cannot take us all!"

The ponies watched in horror as three razor sharp blades suddenly extended out of each of the creature's 'hands'. The monster howled once more, its voice rattling the brains of the ponies surrounding it. It's eyes found Shining Armor's, and before long it suddenly dashed at its target baring its fangs.

"No!" Luna shrieked, firing a bolt of magic.

The creature sidestepped it, ignoring the flying chunks of cement.

"Attack!" Shining Armor yelled, his unicorn soldiers firing their blasts of magic.

The creature charged straight into the magic bolts and took every single blast to its body. It's cloak was disintegrating with each hit, but the beast persevered.

"Grrr... " Shining Armor growled as his horn began to emit its purple glow.

"GRAAAAGH!" The creature snarled, raising its claws into the air as it leaped, its eyes hidden from view as it descended down upon its target.

Suddenly there was a bright blue flash that was followed by a earsplitting crack that seemed to emit an immense amount of heat. Guards close by could feel their manes singeing by the strange flame, and a large amount of dust had been kicked up that blocked their vision. They could no longer see Shining Armor or the creature.

"BROTHER!" Twilight shrieked, her horn glowing as a gust of wind suddenly swept away the kicked up dust.

Shining Armor, despite his now frizzy mane and shocked dilated eyes was completely unscathed and stood stiff like a statue. Directly in front of him the creature had collapsed onto its face, smoke rising from its lightly scorched body.

"Oops!" A familiar grey wall-eyed mare gasped, falling down from a dark raincloud and onto her haunches right beside the captain of the guard, "I'm sorry! I just don't know what went wrong!"

"... Damages aren't too extensive and no pony was injured in the event. Only thing we have to worry about is how the public would handle the whole situation. We've managed to calm everypony down, but the nobles are trying as hard as they can to speak with you, Princess. For the moment, the castle is on lock down. Nopony is going to be allowed in."

"Thank you for the assessment, Shining Armor, " Celestia smiled weakly, rubbing her temple with her hoof. They caught the unconscious creature hours ago, but the aftershocks had just sprung up. Celestia so far had said nothing to the public about the strange beast that had escaped the castle... Frankly, she wasn't sure what to tell them. She didn't want to lie to her subjects but she also didn't want to scare them with the truth. So for the moment, they would keep quiet until further notice.

Luna was by Celestia side the whole time and took this moment to get a few words in, "Captain Armor, how does that beast fair?"

"It's quiet... " Shining replied, "We threw it into our most secured cell underground. Last time we checked, it was still passed out. I even wonder if it knew what it was doing... "

"Well, we will find out eventually." Celestia answered, "It definitely seemed feral and angry. But I do wonder... what did that creature do to have itself be stuck in a crystal like that?... "

Luna was about to add her own idea when the doors to the royal throne room gently opened up. The six elements of harmony walked in looking a bit exhausted and stressed out. Pinkie Pie had an ice pack on her cheek but looked as cheerful as ever.

"Ah, hello my little ponies." Princess Celestia smiled, "I'm sorry to throw you into this mess... None of you deserved to be put through such a thing... "

"It's alright, princess... " Twilight Sparkle replied sheepishly, "We wanted to help you in whatever way we could."

"We're glad that nopony got hurt... " Fluttershy stated, "You've all handled it so very well... "

"Hey! I got hurt!" Pinkie touched her hoof to her cheek to make the statement before wincing, "Ouchy!"

"You'll be fine, Sugarcube!" Applejack laughed, knocking her hoof against Pinkie's shoulder, "You're tougher than a rhino!"

"Um, what is going to happen to that horrible beast?" Rarity asked, cocking her head slightly, "I mean, it did come close to harming the fair Shining Armor... " Shining gulped nervously as the white unicorn teasingly fluttered her eyelashes, "And it did ruin poor Pony Joe's shop... What are you going to do?... "

Luna gave Celestia a cautious glance, "Sister... That monster... disturbs me... It has a strange magic that grew its arm back! I wish to keep it locked down in the prison to avoid causing anypony harm... "

"I agree that it can be a danger to us, " Celestia answered, "But perhaps there is more to it then it first let on."

"Princess Celestia... " Twilight cleared her throat, "I... I wish for you to hear me out." The eyes of all the ponies turned to the purple unicorn who gulped silently.

"That creature... The likes of it has never been seen in Equestria. It is a living, breathing relic. If it's okay with you... I would like to remain here and study it."

"Twilight, are you crazy?!" Rainbow Dash asked, her eyes wide with shock, "That thing could have hurt your brother! Or worse!"

"I'm aware of that, " Twilight glanced over at her brother before meeting Celesta's eyes again, "But I can't shake the feeling that whatever this thing is... It has a heart. I don't know if it is intelligent or not, but... But I want to give it a chance." The ponies glanced between Celestia and Twilight, the teacher and the student. Celestia finally broke the tense air with a bright smile.

"As expected from my most faithful student, " Celestia chuckled lightly, "You are very noble, Twilight Sparkle. Very well, you may remain here to study the human."

"Hey!" Pinkie jumped up and down, "So Twilight has to stay here and we have to go back?!"

"Yeah!" Applejack added firmly, "We can't just have only five best friends together!"

"What she said!" Rainbow ended, hovering in the air.

Celestia laughed before trading grins with Princess Luna and Shining Armor, "Of course. The elements of harmony are best when they are together!" The six mares cheered, the dark events of the day already seeming to be forgotten.

"Celestia... " Luna whispered over to her sister, "You sure this is a good idea?... "

"I trust my student and her friends, " Celestia replied, "And if there is somepony that could help such a lonely creature... it is them."

Ugh... What the hell is going on?...

Wolverine cracked open his eyes, the familiar sight of darkness clouding his vision. He felt the familiar feeling of a cold stone floor on his back, the smell of dust clogging his nostrils, and the taste of stale air on his tongue. Wherever he was... He was definitely not where he thought he would be.

"Am I dead?..." He asked himself, staring up at the dark ceiling. He let that thought and question linger in the air before his vision began to adjust itself in the dark. He was able to make out a few shapes, and it wasn't long before he recognized his location inside of an old prison cell.

"Damn... I thought these didn't exist anymore..., " He grumbled to himself as he sat up. He couldn't see it, but he could tell his black cloak was completely tattered and practically destroyed. He tossed it aside, and revealed a dirtied white tank top, torn up jeans, and worn down black boots. Man, he missed his leather jacket. He moved his hand to make sure that his dog tags were still around his neck. Satisfied, he got up onto his feet.

He felt a light chill over the back of his neck, and turned his attention to the wall behind him. There was a small barred window high up on the wall with a small cot lying beneath it. He could see twinkling stars out, which obviously showed that it was nighttime. Cracking his neck, he moved over to the bars placed in front of the cell. He completely disregarded the dish filled with lettuce, carrots, and apples that was placed onto the floor.

The bars were thick and large, completely blocking him off. The door itself had a heavy lock on it, and he could tell that it hadn't been used in a long time. Grumbling to himself, he wrapped his fingers around the bars and gave it a little tug.

"Yep, they aren't moving, " He said to himself gruffly, "But its about time I get out of this shithole." Clenching his hand into a fist, three razor sharp blades suddenly unsheathed themselves between his knuckles. With one swift slash, the lock hit the floor in pieces. As he stepped out of the cell, his heightened hearing and sense of smell alerted him immediately. He heard the clopping footsteps of... two people? He blinked, the smell familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. He knew whoever they were, they were coming for him. Figuring now it was time to get answers, he slipped into the shadows and waited.

"Rarity! You need to stop batting your eyelashes at my brother like that! He's married to a princess!"

"Oh, it's just all in good fun darling! It's not like it means anything you know. I'm quite sure he gets that quite a bit. He is a dashing, well ranked pony in society... I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few maid mares wanting to get a little something-


"She's just joking, Twilight!" Applejack chuckled, her plate now barren of all food, "Besides, your brother wouldn't let any mare take charge of him besides Princess Cadence." The six friends had just finished eating their dinner. The three princesses and Shining Armor had some business to take care of so it was just them tonight.

"How did they meet anyway?" Rainbow Dash asked, flicking a pea on her plate, "I mean, yeah she was your foalsitter and stuff but when did they actually start dating?"

"You know, I haven't actually asked that yet... " Twilight thought to herself, "We used to play together when I was small, but I don't remember them actually dating each other at that time... " Twilight got off of her chair, using her magic to wipe a napkin on her face.

"Heading down to check on the, um... human?" Fluttershy asked, cocking her head.

"Yep!" Twilight replied with a smile, "I'm taking down more food as well."

"Twilight, it's been a few weeks already and that thing still hasn't gotten up... " Applejack stated, "You sure its gonna wake up soon?... The food you put down there rots within the day!"

"And it hasn't even eaten my cupcakes yet!" Pinkie groaned.

"I'm just making sure that when it wakes up it has something to eat," Twilight answered, "Do any of you want to come down with me?"

"Nah, " Dash replied, "It's probably just passed out like it was before. It's weird how it rolls around a lot in its sleep... "

"I think I actually heard it scream and yell a few times... " Fluttershy added, "Poor thing... it must have been through so much... "

"Hopefully we'll get answers soon... " Twilight nodded, "Well, I'm going down. See you girls later tonight if you aren't asleep!" They each waved goodbye to the purple mare as she disappeared behind a door.

Twilight was heavily intrigued by the human. She couldn't get close enough to actually take a look at its face, but its body shape and visible features were so interesting. The things on its arms called 'hands' let her know that it knew how to use tools, and the fact that it was wearing clothes showed that it had some sort of intelligence. From what she had seen of it, there wasn't much hair on its body unlike primates such as monkeys. Did the creature have its own language? She could hardly wait for it to wake up.

The guards let her into the prison area without a problem at all. She had known them personally when she was just a small filly exploring the castle, and they had watched her grow up. Most of the guards she knew by name, but there were a few rookies who she had never seen before. Since she was at the castle at the moment, maybe she could get to know them all.

The Canterlot prison was rarely used... There were very few crimes in this modern day and age besides a few small drunken cider fights. But the ponies were only thrown in for one night so that they couldn't harm anything or anypony around them. The human was the only consistent resident of the prison.

Twilight finally came to the conclusion that the human was male. It's voice was deep, and there were no feminine qualities that she could see on it. Perhaps she was wrong, but Twilight's hunches were almost never wrong when it came to studying something new.

Twilight creaked the door open, "Hello?... " Like usual, she was answered back with silence. Sighing, she walked into the dark room. The human's cell was up against the wall with thick steel bars separating her from the strange specimen. It was nighttime, so everything was pitch black. Her horn glowed, and soon the room had been lit up.

The creature wasn't in its cell.

Twilight wasn't even given a chance to let fear creep into her heart as she was swept up by a thick meaty arm crossing underneath her chin, pulling her up and causing her to dangle above the ground as her horn ceased its magic. She was too shocked and too scared to react, yet she noticed that the creature wasn't choking her... It wasn't trying to kill her. Well, at least not right away. The thought wasn't helping her nervous breathing, however.

The human holding her seemed almost just as shocked as she was for some reason but it quickly tossed that feeling aside. She heard the sound of its blades emerging from its knuckles. She would have to think fast... She could teleport out of his arms and probably-

"Hey, " The creature growled, "I don't know what the hell you are or where the hell I am... But you're gonna help me get out of here." Twilight's pupils dilated slightly. It... It knew how to speak equestrian?

Twilight hesitated, but gave a stiff nod.

"Good... " The human answered back, "Now... You're going to lead me to the exit." Twilight gave another nod... And unknown to the strange creature, she had other plans in mind...

What the hell is this thing?

At first, Wolverine thought it was just some kind of watch dog... until it spoke. His eyes could see its body shape and make out small features, but that was it. And when he grabbed it he could feel a sort of soft fur coat on its body along with a mane... He could also make out hooves on its feet... And was that a horn poking his chin? Wolverine decided to act first and ask questions later.

Holding the strange creature in one muscular arm, he began to use his skilled stealth ability to quietly move through the next dark prison hallway. He found that each of the cells he passed were completely empty. Was he the only prisoner in this strange dungeon? It was still dark so he couldn't get a good look at the creature's face since he was staying out of the light from the torches.

At the end of the hall there was a large wooden door that probably lead to the bigger part of the building. Sniffing the air, he identified two different scents. They had two guards posted outside of the door. Not it was getting a bit more familiar. The light beneath the door showed that his cover of darkness would no longer help him.

"Anyway past those guards?" He asked the creature in his arm. He felt it shake its head and he growled, "Figures." His hand tightened into a fist, his three blades quietly and slowly emerging to their full length.


Wolverine blinked, "What?... "



"Don't... hurt them... please... "

He didn't notice it before, but the creatures voice was... female. It sounded scared and young. He couldn't handle scared young females very well. After a moments hesitation, he withdrew his blades. A sigh of relief followed from the creature, and he had to think for a second. If he couldn't sneak by them or harm them...

Wolverine kicked the door open, causing the wooden slab to break off its hinges and hit the ground loudly. He darted out, his arms tightly wrapped around the creature's neck.

"If you don't want her hurt, " He growled, "Then let me- HUH?!"

When the human kicked down the door and jumped into the light, Twilight finally had a good look at his features. He had a black mane that flared out atop his head along with shorter black hair that ran down his cheeks. Unlike ponies, his face wasn't narrowed much at all. He definitely looked much different then what she had thought he would look like.

What surprised her the most, however, was his reaction to seeing ponies for the first time. From what she could tell, he was just as surprised as she and the two guards were. Since he spoke equestrian, Twilight thought that he would have at least seen a pony before.

"What?!" One of the guards blinked before noticing Twilight dangling from the human's arms, "What are you doing to her?! Let her go!" Both of the guard's horns began glowing, and once more the human was surprised at what was happening before him.

"No... " he growled back, finally coming to his senses, "If you resist... I'll snap her neck... " Fear crept back into Twilight's heart, but it was gone as soon as it had come. She couldn't feel any killing intent from him, and his arms didn't tighten around her neck... It was as though he was completely different from the thing that had run rampant through Canterlot just a few weeks before.

"Do as he says!" Twilight replied to the guards, causing them to gape at her in shock, "I'll be fine... it's okay... " She gave them a knowing wink. The two ponies stared at her before nodding, their horns dimming.

"That way... " Twilight said, pointing a hoof down a particular hallway. The human nodded before immediately taking off. The two guards nodded to each other before running off to find the captain.

I never thought the day would come that I would take a purple talking unicorn captive to escape from a prison...

Wolverine believed himself to be completely insane. He had just seen two horses with horns wearing shiny golden armor while he himself had an arm wrapped around the throat of violet equine. He had no clue what the hell was going on... Was he hallucinating? Was he drugged or something? Only time would tell.

At least he had a big height advantage on the horses. Their height reached his waist, and he was betting that the unicorn in his arm was even shorter than that. Was he finally going crazy or was he trapped in the imagination of a six year old girl?

Taking his mind off of that, he took note of his location. He was currently running on a fantastic red carpet, with elegant stone walls and stained glass windows. Large expensive looking paintings were hung up, along with wonderful bright chandeliers that were being hung high from the extremely tall ceiling. He had to be in some sort of mansion or castle.

"That way... " The purple unicorn pointed. Wolverine didn't exactly trust this horse, but he had no other choice at the moment. There was no way it could be smart enough to lead him into a trap, right?

Wolverine immediately followed her directions, sprinting all the while. Despite his great healing abilities along with his superhuman qualities, he was much slower and more exhausted than what he would normally be. What was going on with him?

"What's... your name?... " The unicorn breathed as she dangled from his arms.

"I don't have time for that." Wolverine snarled, his feet pounding as he ran. He hadn't seen many guards since he made it out of the prison, and the ones he did notice he managed to sneak away from. Whatever the case, whoever owned the building he was in must of been very confident of their security.

"Please?... " The unicorn coughed a little, "I would... like to know..." Wolverine frowned, and opened his mouth to answer.

"HEY!" A shout came from behind, "What's going on?! Release the unicorn, you fiend!" Wolverine looked back to see a whole group of horses charging at him, each of them wearing the shining golden armor.

"Shit... " Wolverine breathed, "Are we almost there?!"

"Those doors... " The purple equine said, pointing a hoof at a set of gigantic and heavily decorated doors. There were four guards posted outside of it, and they stared at Wolverine with shocked expressions as he approached them.

"Dammit...! " Wolverine snarled, his arm tightening around the purple unicorn's body, "Alright... Hold on tight." He felt the horse wrap her hooves around his arm. Taking a deep breath, Wolverine sprinted and leaped high up into the air, jumping a few meters above the heads of the flabbergasted horse-guards. Cocking his arm back and tightening his palm into a fist, Wolverine released a loud battle cry as he smashed his fist as hard as he could into the wooden door. He felt the wood bend and break from the contact, and he rotated his body so that his adamantium spine crashed through, protecting the horse in his arms from the wooden debris.

When he broke through, Wolverine landed hard onto his feet, the stone ground cracking beneath his weight. Taking a deep breath, he gazed forward.

"Okay... Where to nex-

There was a bright flash, and the horse that was once in his arms suddenly disappeared. Completely taken by surprise, Wolverine stared at his empty arms before slowly gazing upward, his jaw dropping at the sight. This wasn't the exit to the castle... This was a throne room. He had been tricked.

"Oh my... " A mature sounding female voice called out quietly, "It's... awake... "

Wolverine looked to see a massive horse standing on what appeared to be a throne. A golden crown was atop her head, and her mane was flowing with many different colors. Beside her was a smaller horse, but she was still large in size. Her body was dark, and her mane resembled the night sky. And between them both was the purple unicorn that was in his arms just moments ago.

"Shit... " Wolverine cursed as the large doors opened up behind him. In a matter of seconds, he was completely surrounded by the horses in shimmering golden armor.

"Yeah... " He grumbled, tightening his hands into fists, "I'm definitely dreaming... Somebody fucking pinch me."