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Born and Raised in Equestria - ReverseBrony

The Apple Family finds a human baby and raises it as their own. This is his life story.

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The Apple DOES fall far from the tree

Chap1: Some apples DO fall far from the tree.

Do you remember the day you were born? I'm sure Applebloom doesn't. But her older brother and sister do. One of their fondest memories was the day Applebloom was born. For more than one reason though. Want to know what that other reason is? Then listen to my story and you will learn that in Equestria, everypony (or should I say everyONE) is considered family.

March 15, 100X-Sweet Apple Acres farm house.

In the master bedroom of the farm-house, Mrs. Apple was giving birth to a foal.

"C'mon on darlin, she's almost out." A mare by the name of Granny Smith said helping her daughter in delivering the foal.

Meanwhile in the living room, Big Macintosh and her little sister Applejack were waiting for their mother and grandmother.

"Aw, c'mon. Wha in the world can they be doin in ther? Does it really take that long to deliver a foal?" Applejack asked impatiently.

"Eeyup. Ah, suppose so." Big Macintosh replied bored. The two sat in the room when it started raining. Neither one of them seemed to notice. Then, the door upstairs creaked open and Granny Smith's voice called out.

"I'm comin down, children." Granny Smith said as she opened the door more. Applejack and Big trotted to the base of the stairs to watch. Granny Smith walked down balancing a basket on her back. She finally made it to the table in the center of the living room and placed the basket on it then walked away with her head down. Applejack lifted the blanket off the basket, revealing the newborn foal.

"AWWW" Applejack and Big Macintosh cooed in unison.

"She's adorable, Granny Smith." Applejack said then looked around the room. "But, where ma?" She asked curiously. Granny Smith was crying for some reason. "Granny? Why are you cryin?" She asked walking up to the mare.

"Ah-Ah'm sorry little ones, but yer mother..... died givin birth to yer little sister here." Granny Smith tried to explain to the young ponies without getting too emotional. The two pre-teen ponies gasped and small streams of tears began flowing from their eyes. "Ah guess it was too much fer her." Granny Smith finished her explanation and wiped her eyes.

"But, then... Ma's dead, and pa's also dead. Who's gonna take care of us?" Big Mac asked his grandmother, tears still running down the colt's face..

"Well Ah am of course, Ah may not be as young anymore but Ah can still raise ye like y'all were my own." Granny Smith said walking to her grand foals and pulled them in for a hug to try and comfort them. Then the sound of crying rang out. "Oh dear, the little one's cryin." Granny Smith said turning to the foal. Only to notice that she was asleep. "Wha? But, where's that cryin comin from?" The cries were coming from outside. Big Mac was the first to run out to find the source with Applejack close behind. They followed the cries to the nearest side of the barn next to a bail of hay. The two found a wad of cloth leaning against the hay.

"WAAAAHH!" They heard coming from the wad.

"Let's bring it in. Poor critter must be cold." Applejack said as she helped her brother hold the crying creature in cloth.

The cloth was brought inside and was set next to the foal's basket. The three older ponies untangled the cloth to find....something in the mix. "What in Equestria is that?" Applejack asked alarmed. The creature had no fur, no hooves, small ears, and no tail.

"Don't look like a foal." Big Mac said. He looked to find a paper stuck in the blankets the thing was wrapped in. He took it out and looked at it, then he gave it to Granny Smith.

"Says here, A new human baby. Johnny." Granny Smith read. "What in tarnation? Human baby? Who's Johnny?" She asked bewildered.

"Maybe a human baby is what he is, and Johnny is his name ah guess." Applejack suggested looking closer at the baby. The baby had stopped crying and sat up. He crawled to the basket and looked inside. "Hey! Stay away...." Applejack said about to push the baby away thinking he was going to do something to her new sister. Then Big Mac held her back. The baby reached in and touched the foal. The yellow foal woke up and looked back at the baby. The two newborns smiled at each other.

"Ah think they like each other." Big Mac said.

"Sure do. But we can't just leave this...human in the rain." Granny Smith said. "Why don't we take him in?" Granny Smith asked her grand foals.

"Really? Won't that be a little weird seein that he...ain't a pony?" Applejack asked.

"Now we don't look at what he is wiper-snapper. He's in need and we found him. He's our responsibility." Granny Smith said.

"Ah'm okay with the idea, Ah wanted a younger brother anyway." Big Mac agreed.

"Sure, me too, it might be fun." Applejack said.

"Well then, welcome to the family you two." Granny Smith smiled as the two newborns giggled to one another.

Over the next few days, Mrs. Apple was buried next to her husband and the whole Apple family showed up for the funeral. While there, Johnny was introduced to the whole farmer family as Johnny Appleseed, and his sister was named Applebloom. The whole family welcomed both newborns but paid more attention to Johnny then Applebloom for obvious reasons. The entire family was rather curious to see how such a strange creature ended becoming one of theirs. But in the end they all accepted him and proud to have him be part of the family.

When they grew older, Applebloom and Johnny were taken to Ponyville. The towns folk were bewildered at the sight of Johnny. No pony had seen such a creature before. It took some time but the citizens of Ponyville became accustomed to seeing the growing boy in their town. Even Princess Celestia had come to the town to see them. She gave them both a special blessing and wished them nothing but happiness. But she still seemed curious about Johnny and once she returned to Canterlot, she began work on investigating more about him and his kind.

Over the years Johnny became the second tallest member of the family. Slightly taller than Applejack but shorter than Big Mac. He also began working on the farm and soon became rather strong for some one his age, and was able to talk in complete sentences from listening to the rest of his family. He developed a southern accent (much like how the rest of the Apple Family had) and became accustomed to the farming atmosphere.

Applebloom and Johnny began to attend school and made several friends and learned many things. And out in Ponyville the town knew well of Johnny and always welcomed him as if he himself was pony. But inspire of all of that, he felt strange around these ponies, he felt different.

We continue our story 7 years later.

"Applebloom! Johnny! Time fer school!" Applejack yelled out.

"Comin sis!" Applebloom and Johnny responded running down the stairs from their room. Applejck handed them both lunch bags and their ran out the door. Both grabbed an apple of the trees and continued on their way to the school.

"Last one there's a rotten apple!" Johnny challenged as he ran faster.

"No fair! You got a head start. Ah can't beat you if yer gonna cheat!" Applebloom yelled out sarcastically. She speed up and passed her brother in a matter of seconds.

"Aww. Ya tricked me...again!" Johnny acknowledged laughing. The two continued running through the orchard out to the streets of Ponyville. "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Cake!" He waved to the Cake family. "Hi Ditzy Doo! I hope you and Carrot Top get your roof fixed." He said too the cross eyed pegasus who was currently eating a muffin.

They made it to the school house just in time and sat it to their desks. In order to compensate for Johnny's height a special desk was made for him and he was also given different school supplies such as an actual back pack (instead of a saddle bag).

"Okay class." The teacher pony Ms. Cheerilee spoke. "I'll take attendance then we'll begin todays lesson. Ahem,...Applebloom?" The students responded with "here" when called. "Chowder?, Diamond Tiara?, Dinkie Doo?, Featherweight?, Johnny?, Scootaloo?, Silverspoon?, Snails?, Snips? Sweetie Belle?, Twist?.... Good everypony is here." Cheerilee said happily. "Let us begin."

(YEAH! I alphabetically listed them! Buck yes!)

At lunch, Johnny would eat with the Cutie Mark Crusaders in their usual spot. It was late in the lunch period and all was going well until a certain duo of fillies walked to them. "Oh look, the blank flanks and the freak are eating their lunch." Diamond Tiara mocked.

"Leave us alone you guys." Scootaloo said defensively.

"Yeah and mah brother ain't a freak!" Applebloom defended her brother.

"Yeah he is, he looks nothing like a pony, doesn't walk like us or even act like us. He's different, and he's weird." Diamond Tiara insulted, her friend Silver Spoon nodded in agreement.

"Sh-shut-up Diamond Tiara. Y-you're just jealous cuz I get more attention then you!" Johnny said sniffling.

"Yeah. You're jealous because Johnny is more popular and way cooler than you!" Sweetie Belle proclaimed.

"Pft. Like I'd be jealous of any of you." Diamond Tiara retorted.

Then Cheerilee called out to the kids. "Time for class again kids. Come back in please." She called out making sure everypony heard her.

All of the students went back to the school house but Johnny himself hesitated. 'Guh what am I kidding, she's right. I am different, I wish she could just forget that and leave me alone.' Johnny thought to himself then hurried in. He tried to hold back tears.

There were five minutes left in class and Cheerliee was lecturing about the different species of creatures in Equestria.

'Oh I don't want to hear about this!' Johnny cried in his head. Suddenly he was poked by Sweetie Belle whom handed him a paper. She pointed to a filly with a puffy red mane sitting in the second to front row. He opened it and read. "I really like you, meet me at the front gate." He looked up at the filly and noticed she was waving at him. Hesitantly he waved back.


"Oh! Well that's it my little ponies, I'll see you next week." Cheerilee said erasing the board. Every pony walked out of the schoolhouse, but the Cutie Mark Crusaders walked to Johnny's desk to see what was going on.

"What's that bro?" Applebloom asked.

"I think Twist wants to see me at the front gate right now." He replied.

"Well ah won't keep ya waitin. I'll tell sis that you'll be home later." She said to her brother walking out the door. Johnny gathered his things and quickly walked out. He saw Twist standing near the gate like she promised, she waved again.

'Just be nice, make it quick.' Johnny reminded himself. He had never heard of anypony having a crush on him, and never really expected it. He was curious to see what Twist would say.

"Hi Johnny! he he." She greeted cheerfully and giggled.

"Um..uh..Hi Twist." He responded.

"I wasth justh wondering iff you would lihke tah go to Shurgur Cube Cornerhs. Would you?" She asked. Jonny thought.

'Is she doin what I think she's doing? Big Mac told me about stuff like this. Is she askin me out... on a date?' Johnny thought to himself. He didn't really like to hang out with Twist, but he did know that she was good and friendly pony. 'Well, she.. is kinda cute. And maybe she's just being really friendly.' "Okay sure, but... tomorrow. I need to go home right away for something."

"Oh, okay. Tomorrow then." Twist confirmed then walked away. "Bye!" She waved to him. He followed far behind her and walked to Sweet Apple Acres.
Applebloom and Johnny always did their homework on Friday instead of waiting until Sunday. They were about to finish their math when some pony called from the living room. They got up and walked downstairs. The living room was dark and no pony seemed to be there. Suddenly the lights turned on. "SURPRISE!!!!" A group of ponies yelled. Johnny and Applebloom shrank back from the surprise. The mane six, Apple family, and the cutiemark crusaders were there.

"Wow! What a surprise!" Applebloom yelled out.

"Happy 7th birthday you two." Applejack said hugging them both.

"HURRAY! PARTY TIME!" The super-active pony Pinkie Pie cheered and bounced around.

Everypony was having a great time. The cake was magically delicious, upbeat music played all night and good friends were able to spend time with one another. But now it was time for everyone's favorite part of a birthday party.

"Time fer yer presents!" Granny Smith called out to the birthday boy and filly. The two of course ran straight toward the group of party attendees.

"Alright, first up is Applebloom." Applejack said as her little sister walked up to the presents. Appleblom received some arts-and-crafts kits that she would use to build different things, clothes, some bits and a book on cutiemarks. "Johnny, yer turn." Applejack said. Johnny walked up to the gifts and opened each one. The first one really got his attention.

"WOW! Thanks Pinkie Pie!" He took out the gift Pinkie had bought him. It was a racoon-skin cap.

"Yeah I know. Remember? It was last week and you were all... Oh wait! Silly me, how bout we have a flashback?" She asked. (Que wavy screen)

A week earlier, Johnny and the mane six were walking around Ponyville's shopping district. They were passing by a hat store when something caught Johnny's eye. He looked at the mannequin head and saw upon it the cap he received. "Whoa. Doesn't it look cool!?"
Johnny asked tugging his sister's tail.

"It sure do little bro, but we'll look at it more later, we got other stuff to do." She said continuing her stroll with her friends.

"And so I got that hat for ya likity-split and here you go! Exactly 7 days, 3 hours, 12 minutes and 43..44..45..46..47..48" Pinkie explained... then counted the seconds passing by. Johnny put it on and walked toward the front of the room to show the group.

"How do I look?" Johnny asked adjusting his new cap.

"It looks really nice on you." Fluttershy complimented.

"Makes ya look more like an adult if ah do say so mahself." Big Mac said.

"I really like your hat!" Sweetie Belle cheered.

"Simply smashing darling, it even matches your shirt." Rarity gleefully complimented.

"Thank ya Pinkie! It looks so cool on me! I'm always gonna wear it!" Johnny announced.

"Oh I feel horrible for the poor thing that they made that cap out of." Fluttershy said quietly. Johnny was the only one that heard her say that.

"If it makes ya feel uncomfortable Fluttershy, I'll only wear it on special occasions then." Johnny promised and also apologized for making her feel uncomfortable.

"Oh no! It's fine, please wear it... if you want of course." Fluttershy responded taking back what she said. Johnny only nodded and put it back on and proceeded on to unwrapping the rest of his gifts. In the end Johnny received new clothes, some bits and a set of weights.

Later on that night after everypony went home, Applebloom and Johnny were about to go to bed when Johnny asked Applebloom a rather odd question.

"No way Johnny. Ah don't think yer weird. Why'd ya ask that?" She inquired.

"W-well. It's about what Diamond Tiara said." He explained.

"What about it? She's been tellin ya that stuff fer years and only now it's botherin ya?" Applebloom asked confused.

"Well, I've been thinking and..."

"Nothin! Alright? You got family 'nd friends that love you very much. And I for one do not care what excuse you come up with, yer still my brother!" Applebloom tried encouraging her brother. Johnny sat in his bed and thought.

'She's right, I shouldn't be worried. But I still have another problem...' Johnny remembered. "Uh.. another thing... Twist asked me to go with her to Sugar Cube Corners tomorrow. What do you think I should do?" He asked her.

"OOoooh! you like her don't ya?" Applebloom teased.

"Wha? No! That's a stupid thing ta assume. She just asked me if I wanted to go." Johnny clarified.

"Well, go ahead and go. If ya don't want it to be a date, then just go as a friend." Applebloom suggested.

"That sounds like a good idea, thanks sis." He thanked her and laid in his bed. The two slept in a bunk bed and Johnny was on the bottom. "Night sis."

"Night bro, see ya tomorrow." She said and began to drift off to sleep. Johnny on the other hand continued to think about the next day.

'I'll just see how it goes, and who knows? Maybe I'll like it.' Johnny drifted off to sleep.

I am over whelmed! I have a billion fics I plan to do and I only have a few up. GAH!
Anyways yay. A rather interesting human in equestrian fic. Please make sure to comment, I like it when ya'll favorite and watch and stuff. But what I really like are reviews. So yeah, please and thanks. Hope tah see y'all soon. And make sure to check out my major project,Fallen Angel . Thanks again.

P.S. The story may seem too fast paced but I did it this chapter for a reason. Kinda like in the beginning of Dragon Ball Z Kai when it explains Goku's life as a kid and what happened through his adulthood. Trust me, I'll expand it further on as the story goes. Anyways thanks for understanding.

P.S.S. Though it may have sounded like this might be a DMZ/MLP Xover. It's not!

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