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Applejack has been having nightmares before summer started, and it has been taking its toll on the farm. She is constantly tired and can't do her job well, and to top it all off, the Summer Sun Celebration is coming nearer. How can she make it in time to it? Can anyone help her? A friend?

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Still no tags, could they be invisible? :pinkiegasp:/:applejackconfused:/:trixieshiftright:

Nope. I just don't want to ruin the surprises. I feel like if I add the "alternate universe" tag (which I'll never do) for example, people would expect Twilight to make a mistake with a spell and send them to their genderbender world. I'll add the tags when I touch a subject.

I still don't see why you haven't put story tags on this, is there something I'm not getting? :applejackconfused:

If I do it most details that would pass inadvertly would become very apparent. Just keep reading and be patient!

I'm sorry to say that Winona's chances of survival aren't very good if she's been gone for 4 days, that's 4 whole days without food and possibly water, and the weather only makes things worse. :ajsleepy:

1645259 She's a smart dog. She's big, grown up and can take care for herself.

Applejack you could have just told Big Mac about your sleeping issues, I'm sure he knows you'd never lie to him. :twilightoops:

1645270 Well she can only survive on her own for so long, so unless someone else finds her or she finds her way back she won't last. :ajsleepy:

1645307 I knew of a dog who survived for half a year, dude! Believe me, she'll be OK.

So it's back hm? Well still not much of any development and still no tags so I can't see where this is going. :applejackunsure:

—“Don’t pay them no mind, honey.”

That's a double negative you know. :eeyup:

2634576 I know, but it's Granny Smith's southern accent to blame. Also, I added the tag of "adventure", although I don't think it's the main focus of the story.

Hm a few spelling errors are present here. :eeyup:

Not really much to comment on here. It's kind of dry. :applejackunsure:

Comment posted by Sheendough deleted May 26th, 2013

O.k. I think whoever gave that order that anyone making trouble is to be banned is crazy. Sometimes accidents happen, so Rainbow Dash made one mistake so whoop de do. :facehoof:

It's like saying you can't make mistakes and forgetting that ponies aren't perfect. :eeyup:

I'll still follow this but that whole thing kind of throws it off for me. :trixieshiftleft:

Also just wait til the CMC find out what kind of trouble they caused. But I think they should've written Silver Spoon since Silver Spoon has always been Diamond Tiara's best friend and having your best friend tell you that you suck would be the most devestating thing that could happen to you, unless you had a heart of ice.

2634645 Oh, believe me... There is SOMEONE to blame for that Order LXVI... Be patient. Do you think it's fine or should I upload a couple more chapters?

2634666 I think perhaps a few more chapters. At least show us what sort logic is behind that decision.

2635148 Oh, that won't happen until after a while... I still haven't even introduced the antagonist (yes, there will be one) up to where I've written so far (chapter 20-something...). I decided to finish the story first and then upload the rest on a certain period of time. So far the plan is to upload one chapter per writing (that is, I upload chapter 13 beacuse chapter 23 is already written).

Wow what a jerk that life guard is. I certainly wouldn't want to visit any beach he was working at. :ajbemused:

2892951 Chaos usually goes like that. Stay tuned until next chapter (now that my DA and FimF accounts have the same number of chapters we can begin).

Ouch so now Pinkie Pie's feeling guilty. Well this is another fine mess you've caused CMC and if I were you I'd come out and confess before things get any worse. :ajsleepy:

So our two heroines are safe, for now anyway. :trollestia:

I'd forgotten all about this story until now. Glad to see that it's updated.

3848596 Did you recommend this story? :twilightoops: You were the only one who faved this, and suddenly there are two more guys reading this. :pinkiehappy:

3850145 Well then, I gues fortune just smiled upon me. :raritystarry:

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