• Published 12th Oct 2012
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Apocalyptic Riders - RedundantRedundancy

The Well of Souls is not where a journey ends, but where they begin...

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Chapter 3: Meet and Greet

War looked up upon the mountain holding the city. It was a magnificent city. From what he could tell, it used to be peaceful, now all hell had broken loose. Black insect-like equine creatures were attacking other equines. Those of a different species.

War could sense a familiar presence in the city.


“Hello once more, brother.” he muttered.

Slowly, War's form began to catch fire. Fire did not bother him, instead he enjoyed its presence. The Horseman leaped up and rocketed across the air, becoming a living comet. He went across the city at an impossible speed. It seemed that the direction that he was traveling in was strategic. He had hit many of the black creatures, burning them. The air smelled of dried blood. The creatures fell, one by one, to the ground, burning.


Death stood in the courtyard. Surrounded once more. After the queen had gone back into the castle, swarms of the black creatures had poured out, quickly surrounding the Rider. The queen came out, sneering down at Death.

“I see you've once again used these creatures,” Death said, “a bold choice.”

Chrysalis snarled.

“Your sarcasm and arrogance is unwelcome!” she said.

“Pity. They seem determined to follow me wherever I go.” Death said.

“Slaughter him!” Chrysalis yelled.

Slowly, the creatures moved towards Death, snarling and glaring at the Horseman.

Death heard a familiar sound. That of a distant moving comet.

He waited.

Then brought out his scythes.

Just as he leaped up, a comet landed behind him, shaking the ground and scattering the creatures. Death landed within the ranks of the creatures, striking them down. Many charged upon him, still they could not get past Harvester. Limbs and head flew, green blood sprayed everywhere.

War leaped out of the crater that he had created. Chaoseater was in his hand, its blade glinting wickedly. He landed and swung his sword, killing multiple enemies at the same time. The bodies fell, their other halves flew through the air.

Two brothers. They hacked and slashed with no effort at all. They did not tire, for this was something that they did all the time. Nothing could stop them.

Soon, all of the creatures had either retreated to the castle, or lay on the ground, dismembered and dead.



Death looked at his brother.

“Who sent you here?”

“Our so-called masters.”

Death smiled under the mask.

“Good to see you then.”

War said nothing as the two of them approached the door of the castle. It was locked, there was only one way to get in.

“Our target is likely to be in the throne room.” Death said, “Split up, we are to cover more ground.”

War nodded and punched the castle door. It shattered to pieces like fragile glass.

He marched in, followed by his brother.

In there, an entire battalion was waiting for them, their fangs and eyes glistening despite the darkness of the room.

“War.” was Death's only utter.

The Second Horseman complied, charging into the swarm while Death leaped up, then clung to one of the columns, his fingers digging deep into the concrete. Below him, the cries of battle and the sound of flesh being cut rang through the air. He could see Chaoseater slice through the creatures like paper. Green blood flowed and splattered everywhere, staining the walls and the already stained glass.

Death wasted no time in climbing up. He had to get to Chrysalis, and interrogate his victim. Her fate concerns him. Whatever gets in his way, does not. The Horseman went through a series of beams and passages. His focus was on the very room Chrysalis was in. He could sense other beings in there too. He could sense fear, weakness and prey.

His favored traits among his victims.

Finally, he was atop the very chamber in which his target takes refuge. He saw her gloating to six young equines that she had won. That nothing could stop her.

She was wrong.

He also noticed two other equines, taller than the younger ones. One had a horn, the other was pinkish in color and had a horn and wings. It seemed to him that these two were lovers, judging from the way they seemed to embrace.


Not only could these creatures talk but also have a set of emotions.

No time to examine. The time for interrogation was ready.

Death readied Harvester, and was about to leap down when he saw the two lovers get encased in an aura and float off the ground. Chrysalis had taken notice and immediately had a look of alarm on her face. This was obviously not going to her plan anymore.

The lovers intertwined and finally formed the universal shape of a heart, creating a blast so powerful it knocked Death to his knees. Those who were caught unawares, however, were blown away. Including Chrysalis.

Just as she was about to go off the window, Death jumped and caught her by the neck, gripping tightly. He landed on the floor as the blast weakened, conveniently blasting all of the invaders away.

Except their leader.

The other equines watched in shock as Death threw his prey to the floor, having weakened her enough.

Harvester was already at her throat in the blink of an eye. It was not just one small blade, but the two smaller scythes combined, creating their ultimate form.

“Who is this Prince you speak of?!”

“Why should I tell you?” asked a panicking Chrysalis.

“Because he is the only chance you have of surviving.” said a new voice.

War stood behind Death. His mere presence intimidated the equines, including the tallest of them, who wore a crown. It seemed she was the leader.

“Honestly, you do not want to test my brother's patience.” War said, smirking at Chrysalis.

The Changeling Queen looked at her captor, fear visible in her eyes.

“It seems you have not sensed fear before.” Death said.

“A fascinating emotion, is it not?” Death asked.

“Please, don't kill me.” the queen pleaded.

“No promises.” Death replied, and brought her up, throwing her to the other equines.

He stared at them with his intense orange eyes.

“Perhaps now is the time for negotiations.” he said in a cheerful voice.

Author's Note:

There you go...War and Death alter Equestria's history. We'll see where this goes...