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It had been seven years since Queen Chrysalis' invasion terminated with the obliteration of Celestia's palace and half of Canterlot. Now the Great and Powerful Leader and her allies have all but eradicated the blight of the Changelings and thrust a war-torn Equestria into a golden age of unsubdued innovation.

There's only one thing that can stop them now.

WARNINGS: Indepth discussions of body horror, mental illness, various forms of elitism and racism, genocide, torture, and other various human rights violations

First Place winner of the Cyberpunk Nightmare Night Story Contest.

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Then she opened her eyes. And the world ended.

Loved that line. You could have ended it there and i'd still have loved the story.

so that he might walk sky-clad across her starry dreamscape


The inhibitor around her ring gleamed uselessly, as her chuckles filled the room.

Uh, around her horn?

Poor ol' Great & Powerful...

Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you liked the story. It would have been more elegant to end the story with Luna waking up, but the come-uppance of all the villains felt important too.


but the come-uppance of all the villains felt important too

Absolutely agree.

After letting this stew in the back of my exceedingly tiny mind for a while i have one further comment. Using the "tell me again what we did to..." device to frame info dumps too many times could easily fall flat, but with Trix it's believable 'cos she is (at her worst) self centred enough to literally not remember who she's condemned to death or worse.

Hoping for a sequel with a mesianic Luna leading her herd out of Nod in conquest. (Oops, that last bit just slipped out. My bad.)

They claimed that the ponies had entrapped a being of ultimate power, who'd burst forth from the vine-strangled landscape after two thousand years of imprisonment to revenge himself upon the world. .

That sounds like Discord, but it couldn't be or the sun and moon would be careening about a sky raining Swedish Fish right up to the current day. Just a legend, or perhaps a confusion of different stories? Or maybe a prophecy of what might happen if anyone goes poking around in the Valley of Thorns.

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