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It is six months after the events of Lunar Dawn. A lengthy stalemate at the Lunar Border has caused both sides to opt for a peaceful resolution to the conflict that has worn down their nations for nearly a year. Celestia now hopes that this is the time to reunite the land and usher a new era of peace with her sister...

However, other plans have been made.

A new surge of attacks on the Lunars come out of nowhere, and Luna demands an explanation from her sister. However, Celestia had not ordered any attacks on the Lunars, nor does evidence show it was ever a Solar Army attack. Something is working in the darkness...something with a vendetta.

And it means trouble.

Now, Solar and Lunar must work together to defeat this new threat. Division means destruction. And in the chaos, three players work to battle it out for their banners.

One wants to redeem them-self.

One wants to honor their fallen comrades.

One wants to avenge their loved ones.

The sequel to Sunset and Lunar Dawn, Revenge will entertain fans of both, and perhaps more, as the final installment into the trilogy.

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In case you don't know, Chapter 2 (Rapture Imminent) is a reference to a movie title. The chapter contains references from said movie. :ajsmug:

well I hope shining succeeds and that spike ends up on a hanging rope by his foot the top half of his body torn to shreds by wild animals.:twilightangry2: I can't believe Trixie was able to trick him so well and i'm thankful that she was killed by Gilda. as for flutterbitch i'm glad she's dead as well, your supposed to at least let the traitor try and speak their case:facehoof:. Really Luna really has a bucked up country compared to Celestia's... I hope she can be shown the error of her way's before Shining gets to her and that she really does something about her Fanatics otherwise... well She will be killed by both rebels and fanatics from the other side I mean their's already rebels against her right now but soon they are going to act and she will be unable to stop them from accomplishing their goals.

over all good story please continue.

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