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As the world of Minecraft slowly leaks into equestria, can 6 ponies and 4 humans stop ancient legends from bringing forth the end? can they save both multiverses from falling apart?

Chapters (4)
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philomena's replacement is a creeper

I hope he has bulidcraft and technipack, now those would be usefull.

When i read that this was a minecraft fanfiction, I couldnt help but smile
This sounds like its going to be a fun and silly story :rainbowkiss:


I want to play minecraft now

Been a while since i played minecraft, since Beta came out and screwed up my saves in fact, but now i feel my old addiction gnawing at me, curse you :raritydespair:
But seriously, really enjoyed this read, tracking.
Now i wonder what effect does a creeper explosion have on ponies ... Hope it's note gruesome : combination of gore and mlp really throws me off.

92737 DONT READ... that fanfic then... But this is pretty interesting! Oh shit... Enderman... AH CRAP! I WILL PROTECT YOU FLUTTERSHY!!!

wow i had my doubts at first but this is really well written and the plot is great please continue with your story and i will happily continue reading, keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

OK, quick break from reading. I seriously just read "Etho" and laughed my ass off! Oh this is gonna be good :rainbowlaugh:
Oh, oh this is great :rainbowkiss:
"Daawww!"... Don't tell me... FUCK YEAH! :yay:
To be honest, it was only a matter of time before someone did something like this, and it's actually really good as well :rainbowlaugh:
I'm gonna keep reading :pinkiehappy:

Do you understand who is here?
so, prove to me, is the person who says daww etho?
if its not, then who is it?

OH! i actually thought the "Daww" was Simon (Honeydew), but I love Zekkyou being in this as well. This is seriously good stuff.
Only thing about this chapter: It was kinda short... And what happened to "suspiciously"?
Love it, keep going.

simon AND lewis was going to be in it.
then they did the Sunshine of israpony thing, screwing up my plans.
and simons dawws are more like-
anyway, I am going to introduce gamechap and bertie in the second part of chapter 2.
it would go like this:
gamechap: Blasted bertie! how the blue blazes did eating a porkchop cause that barn to expload
bertie: I know! the pigs arn't used to seeing a porkchop, and blew up the barn!

does someone have the aether mod?

93187 Seriously if you're gonna introduce those gentlemen to the story, I will love you FOREVER :heart: :pinkiehappy:

Hang on a second gamechap and bertie are going to be in this thats it im tracking

Also, as a small update to my own comment: OK, you've fixed "Suspiciously", good show!
And I didn't see the "part 1" which then explains the length of this. All is well :pinkiehappy:

Huh. I thought the "PARACHUTE NOT WORKING!" Was a reference to "How Did I Get Here?".


It's a fanfic on this sight. It's ALWAYS on the popular stories list on the home page, just look for it.

oh if your adding characters that are famous minecraft youtubers then add inthelittlewood as a replacement for Simon and Louis as he is basically both of them combined as a youtube commenter said

IT'S MOTHERBUCKING BUCK NORRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiegasp:

I'm not worthy to be in your presence for I am a mere guest.:ajsleepy:

Oh my god... YES! I knew there would be an MLP/MC crossover, but this one takes the cake... Oh and "Parachute not working?" You been reading my story? :unsuresweetie:

I have been reading it. nice story, by the way.
but it is refrencing this
This thingymabob.
It just so happend to be the first line of dialoug (I cannot spell) in your fanficiton.


Thank you! And I never saw that video... Oh Zekkyou, always getting into trouble. I actually thought of "Parachute not working" on my own. WHY CAN'T I JUST BE ORIGINAL?

Your story is epic as well.

"I'm sure this is all your fault somehow, Bertie!" :rainbowlaugh:
Yesh, good story is suddenly even better XD

ender man WHAT THE ********* IS GOING ON

OH GOD ENDERMAN. Ah who am I kidding, I love those guys. :rainbowkiss:

97006 ok etho and zekkyou i okay with. the minute i saw you put bertie and chap in there i double facepalmed and started to wonder if you were gonna put other minecraft legends in here than i had a thought that made my ears bleed from hearing simon DAAAAAWWWWWW so high pitch t would break my computer. all-in-all good episode and keep up the story:twilightsmile:

OH SHIT! ENDERMEN! Looks like Zekkyou, Etho, Bertie and the other guy have an Enderman to deal with.

oh BELIVE me, they have MORE then that to deal with.

Let me give you a hint as to what...
you will learn.
not to mention, they will later have the creator of the super hostile maps to deal with.

Reactions of the Enderman staring:
Enderman: *Makes supernatural noise while staring*
Applejack: :applejackunsure: <-- Confused
Twilight: :twilightsheepish: <-- Nervous
Rainbow Dash: :rainbowhuh: <-- Again Confused
Pinkie Pie: :pinkiecrazy: <-- Staring Contest *5 minutes later* Pinkies eyes start spacing out from each other
Rarity: :raritycry: <-- Scared
Fluttershy: :fluttershbad: <-- Freaked out
Derpy: :derpyderp1: <-- DERP

Pinkie, your position as "most likely to decimate the multiverse" has been replaced.


This just gets better and better.

Try adding CaptainSparklez's Usher Character.
Or a disc with "Revenge" on

I will add other minecraft legends in here.
though not the yogscast, saddly. their sunshine of israpony video made it so that they would of expirienced ponies before.

he will come. and he will fly.
I also hope to have some of the voxelbox on it, too.
the other guy has a name you know.
Minecraft is slowly leaking into equestria, everyone but :fluttercry: in the mane 6 hates zekkyou, etho chopped down some of applejacks apple orchard, and bertie blew up applejacks barn.

I am actualy surprised that no one replied to my "this place smells of pikles" comment.

nice! I think fluttershy would give it the stare when it tries to kill her freinds.
it would go down something like this:

As SOON as I read “I say Bertie! What the blue blazes just happened?” I facepalmed and just said "Oh god NO. These two idiots... Equestria is BONED."

Yeah, expect important stuff/many, many homes to blow up.

Seeing a ghast.

Dude if you add herobrine, you gotta add the NPC villagers as well! BETTER IDEA!!!!! Enderdragon is a MUST have!!

I'm making my Endermen talk in my crossover.

Only if you can get pinkamena to help them.

Will this be updated?
I really want to know what happens next.

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