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This account will be used for mlp related fanfics that are in a different continuity from my fanfics on fanfiction.net, so just relax.


When Sly Cooper gets back to present day Paris after being stuck in Egypt, he and his gang are (accidently) transported to Equestria. They'll need their thievery skills to find a way back, while making new friends along the way. (Sly Cooper is owned by Sony Computer Entertainment.)

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interesting, i only found once with the cmc but got never finished.

had the funny thought once how the flashlight and rooftop guards would be in Equestria

nicely done and can't blame Carmelita's determination but in a different world, she has no extension here.

damn shame how the fourth game was a cliffganger

“What the h-e double hockey stick is going on?” asked Applejack.

I think you can safely replace that expression with "What in Tartarus is going on?"...much shorter.

Anyway, I'm not sure Carmelita has legal jurisdiction in Equestria since I'm pretty sure Interpol doesn't extend beyond dimensional boundaries so she probably doesn't have the authority to arrest Sly until they get back home.

To be fair, I have to be rated t for a reason.

Personally, I believe Fluttershy has the best acting skills of the Mane 6. The fact that she can don multiple personas like in S8E4: "Fake It 'Til You Make It" is a testament to that. Sure, she might have gotten out of hand with that, mostly due to stress, but it still proves that she can immerse herself into her role and make herself look convincing. Choosing Fluttershy as the distraction was definitely a good move.

Nicely done! You need help figuring it out?

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