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Hah, you think my heart beats as warm as that?


Shining Armor does everything a good big brother should do for their little sister. Every night he checks under the bed for the boogeypony, reads her a bedtime story, comforts her when she has a bad dream and, of course, teases her about her little night-time "accidents".

He soon discovers that the last one revokes his "big brother" status.

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I smiled. It's a silly little story of cute things and not much else. Raw brain candy but decently written. Here's a like.


I love this story. It's short, sweet, and innocent. huzzah!

EDIT: Actually, I think this may be a new top favourite story of mine.

Dude, I was reading this in school, and I nearly got caught. Laughed too hard.

I love these little heart-warming one-shots, they make me smile :ajsmug:.
I'm so used to things like this being creepy and thrown out of proportion, but you've managed to make something innocent, so I'm going to watch you and see if you make any more of this stuff.

It made me smile so I guess you've earned yourself a like.

I am planning a sequel to this, but I feel it prudent to inform you that most other work I'll be uploading is fetishy-stuff. I do try to make sure my work always has that "Daa'w" angle, though. Also, chances are there'll be two versions--full-flavour and less-squick--so that I don't unduly alienate my watchers (such as yourself). All of the stories will have a suitable disclaimer, just in case.

Regardless, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the compliment and I hope to meet your expectation with any new work I post :twilightsmile:

Lesson learned, never tease your little sister about wetting the bed! :rainbowlaugh:

Indeed. Normally, I like to inject some more intelligent concepts into a story but this was just a quick hack-job for teh cutez. I'm glad you liked it anyways ^_^.

Why, thank you! That's high honours, although I do think there are many stories more worthy of being your favourite than this simple little short. Judging by your "Huzzah" I take it you're a fan of Luna? You should keep you eyes peeled for when I post my Royal Sisters-centric story, The Night is Young, wherein Celestia decides it's time for her "little" sister Luna to take an enforced vacation...

Blast! I shall have to redouble my efforts to have you caught reading about technicolour ponies whilst in a public area.

Your avatar and name made me smile, but I can't "Like" that, so here's a moustache for you instead. :moustache:

Especially when she grows up to be the greatest unicorn magician since Starswirl the Bearded.

1374587 Maybe so, but your story is so cute, and a perfect example of a Slice-of-Life story. I cannot think of a better example from my own experience as a reader.

As for the huzzah... I may be a fan of Luna, but I've been using 'huzzah' since I was young. Just a personal writing quip. It basically means "congrats, the moment is glorious!" Nonetheless, I will still read it since the premise is good. As a matter of fact... +watch.

I can only hope to match my own work from here-on out, in that case.

Mucho gracias!

1374587 I don't care about reading ponies in public, it's just that I'm supposed to be paying attention in school.:pinkiehappy:

Well, could be worse


NO. STUPID STUPID STUPID. D: SHINING YOU -KNOW BETTER-. You NEVER say that. You're invoking Murphy's law, man! NOT COOL! NOT COOL!! :rainbowderp:

It's going to get worse :trollestia:

I'm not sure if they have "Murphy's Law" there. What's a suitable pony-pun for "Murphy"?

Discord's Law would fit the bill better, methinks.

1374984 Works for me. Discord's law it is. :P

Poor shining. :ajsleepy:

I feel like fanfics about Shining and Twi are necessary for bronies, considering there isn't much cannon of their relationship, and practically none about their childhood.

I think he'll survive, unless death by embarrassment is a thing in Equestria. Trust me, though; things are only going to get worse (and a little better, but mostly worse) for our favourite bug-lover.

Yeah, the show kinda dropped the ball on that count. "O, FYI, Twilight has a bestest bro. KTHXBAI."

Adorable and funny. Good job. :twilightsmile:

You know you're fucked when the mother comes in with a diaper

Na he didn't kick in Murphy.
Murphy would only go into effect if he said "it could not be worse". The Not is kinda important. :pinkiehappy:

Still ... Shining took things pretty gracefully. When his mom left he had to know that she was going after a diaper. He did not complain. He did not whine. He let her put the diaper on him and took his butt chewing like a man. Good for you Shining. :heart:

Thank you!
Remember to watch me if you want to see the sequel first!

Better than Fluttershy with a chainsaw, if you ask me.

Murphy's Law cares not for such trivial matters like "wording"!

Truly, he is a colt stallion amongst stallions.

Best slice of life? Best slice of life... maybe. I don't read enough of these Kind of stories to know, but it's among the best SoL of what I've read!

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Remember to watch me to see when I post the sequel!

A sequel? Happy days! Or nights, as it may be, given the time...

Not bad. Not anything stellar, but not bad.

D'AAAAAAAAAAWWWW! :rainbowkiss:

This is random and nonsensical. I approve of it.

Like your comment. Not dumb, but not particularly insightful either.
But hey, I'll take what I can get. I wasn't exactly aiming for "greatness" with this, just a fun little chunk'o'story.


How so, if I might ask?

It's a heart warmer, thanks for referring me :rainbowkiss:

You're welcome ^_^
Don't forget to watch me to see when I upload the sequel!

I think I giggled for about five minutes straight when Shining Armour was diapered like that. Damn, that's cruel and unusual punishment for you...

Still, the story was very enjoyable despite it's short length. Liked, faved, followed and all that good stuff. I don't know why I didn't read it when it was added to the group, but I'm glad that I did.

Also, I didn't realize that you were thebackup (different name I guess).

>I think I giggled for about five minutes straight when Shining Armour was diapered like that.
I try.

Mucho gracias.

Yes. Don't go advertising the fact, though. It's not a big deal, but I still prefer to keep them separate.

1450912 Right, I'll keep that in mind. Still, welcome to FIMFiction.:twilightsmile:

Thanks. Hopefully I'll finish up the next chapters sooner than later.

Don't forget to favorite it to know when I upload the second chapter and to watch me so that you can see any new stories I post!

Dear Princess Celestia
Tonight i learned never to make fun of other ponies
Signed Shining Armor

Dear Shining Armor:
Serves you right.
Signed: Princess Celestia

Nice...short but cute

Draken, I read this on furaffinity. This, is really funny. Where is chapter 2? :pinkiehappy:

Somehow, I missed your comment. Thanks for the compliment!

It's here:

Cute vignette. Short, but that's not really a problem - I'm not entirely sure how it could be expanded, so I'm curious what your plans are for a subsequent chapter.

My current sequel idea is one with Cadance coming over to foalsit Twilight. Twilight decides they should play house, and Shining gets to be the baby, much to his dismay. The promise of a kiss from Cadance when they're done makes him more receptive to the idea, though.

This is just too funny... Can't wait for chapter 2!!!

Heh, pester me to write more if you really want it :P

Haha, Maybe so... But, I'm just the reader. Do whatever the hoof you want!

>Do whatever the hoof you want!

nice simple quick story, well finished and doesnt leave you hanging.

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