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After a mysterious accident, a Pegasus is left with amnesia. In his search for his lost memories, he learns more about himself than he ever thought possible. But are some things better left forgotten? Is his amnesia a coincidence, or part of something much darker?

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Like it so far. not sure about where its headed, though. Also, it needs some editing and proofreading.
Poor Fluttershy. :fluttershysad:

Trust me, I'm aware of that. Like I mentioned in the author's note, this story is already completed elsewhere. I wanted to share the story here the same way it was posted before, and so I had to look away in shame as I posted the first few chapters. It gets better from here on out, I promise. Thanks for reading!

so is fluttershy like his girlfriend now

I'm scared to read this now but so long as no pony dies... that gore tag is going to make me skeptical though.

Don't worry about it. This one's T rated, so nothing too bad is going to happen. I can't make promises for the sequel though. :rainbowwild:

“Twilight!” Rainbow Dash shot in front of the lavender unicorn, blocking her hasty retreat.

“Rainbow Dash, what are you”—

The cyan pegasus planted a spontaneous kiss right on Twilight’s lips, halting her speech.

I couldn't find a shorter version but this is what went through my mind for some reason

Okay I'm all caught up and all I can think now is.... MOAR! but yeah when can we expect updates:scootangel: Now then I must be off to bed seeing as it's almost 2 in the morning.

Well, I finished writing this entire story on a different site already, so all I really have to do is take about six or seven documents and tape them together for another update. So I guess I'll update tonight, and then again a few days later. Thanks for reading the story, and making me laugh with glorious pewdiepie :rainbowlaugh:

2125265 My prayers have been answered thank you princess Luna!... I shall start reading now:scootangel: also *brofist/hoof*

2125265 Found it:pinkiehappy: I shall read from there when I'm caught up with part 4 it took me only on try to find it

I linked this place with my profile, it shouldn't have been hard. :twilightsheepish:

2128385 oh... now I don't feel as accomplished, thanks:duck:

..............did he just figure out RD first guess?

If Twilight had read my mind t the parts where Thundervolt is dreaming and the part where he pulls Dash aside she would've heard this....

Who's the illy....Cloudsdales....both similar by thought process....OHMAHGAWD!!!! Sibling rivalry.....was that a spoiler or an extremely educated guess....eh i don care cus twilight best ony not dash or thunder....

"awwwww...too bad..."


I was close with my assumption earlier....Nova has apparently fed some lies to Luna.....he still gonna lose....As the cliche'd book of cliche's states...the good guys never lose. IT'S ELEMENTARY, DEAR WATSON O_Q

“How noble of you to impart such a tired cliché. Your sedition however, remains as strong as ever, Tempest.”

A very fun read, great original characters and portrayals of already existing ones. I must say I laughed so hard at the finishing blow, as soon as I saw "shocked" I was all " omg is he really going to use that plan" and he did and it was great.

:rainbowkiss: so awesome !!!!! :rainbowkiss:
:twilightsmile: this was an incredible tale, EVERYTHING and i mean EVERYTHING was PERFECT :twilightsmile:
:yay:I give this A 9.5/10:yay:

Hell yea guy, I read this on fanfiction.net a while ago and just started remembering how awesome of a story this is but couldnt remember the title or character names, but armed with nothing buy the vuagest of plot lines and google I was able to find it again. Have all my likes and favorites.


And it only took you 136 days and 6 hours to do so. Nice Job :rainbowkiss:

Seriously though, thanks for the support. Be sure to find it again when I eventually decide to rewrite this trainwreck of a first story, haha

What special powers did the serum give Twilight?

Also, I would love to have a sequel.

4015212 That has yet to be told. The next story is called "The Vagrant Star" and you can find it on my profile. There is another story set between the two called "Crescendos and Cupakes", located on my profile on Fanfiction. Thanks for reading!

I have no clue if the mobile version has a like button. But I tapped what I thought is the like button multiple times. Oh well it's the thought that counts.

10/10 Loved it!!!
Now if only I knew where the like button was. :derpytongue2:

4108725 Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story! It means the world to me that you liked it!

4108725 I can't tell if your joking about the like button or not...

>>The_Psychotic_Pyromaniac No I actually figured it out. Im a noob for not noticing it before:derpytongue2:. I've only been on this site two or so weeks.

Haven't dipped into the story yet. An OC character with amnesia hmm, in Twilight's Library? Well, I'll give it a go.

Ok, you got me. I'll be sticking around for part II. My only complaint so far is that his relationship with Flutershy seems a tad rushed and the opening felt like: *BAM!* "lets get this story going!"

“Don’t worry, everything’s fine! You have nothing to worry about, we’re fine. Uhh, how are you?” Rainbow Dash stammered.

ROFL... Han Solo


Anyone who finds this... the full thing is on fanfiction.com

“Oh… Uh, yes. It’s me… Whoever I am.” I said.

Oh my god its jason bourne

“You tried to tackle me ! I just pinned you! I didn’t even mean to do that…”

Oh shi5 it actually is Jason Bourne

“If a giant alicorn suddenly materializes in the middle of Ponyville with the intent to forever mar the visage of the empire and disrupt the natural cycle of celestial bodies, wouldn’t you at least look in their general direction?” Aurora asked sarcastically

she knows about that event but not the ponies who stopped it?

“I’ve scanned him enough over the past week to give him a magical tumor. I can follow my own aura, thank you very much.” Twilight said confidently.

twilight did you give him Cancer?

Luna_Loves_Good … BEEP. “No…Maybe she changed it back.”



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