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Thank you, FeinesFabi for the romantic story idea! I appreciate it!! :)

In a small town where everyone knows everyone, a young man by the name of Fredrick "Freddy" Ian has a secret crush on the mail woman, Derpy Hooves, but has difficulty expressing it. Yet with the help of a friend whom Freddy hasn't seen in 10 years, things just might work out...Or will they?

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Y U No OC tag?
Just saying that.

a young man by the name of Fredrick "Freddy" Ian has a secret crush on the mail woman, Derpy Hooves, but has difficulty expressing it.

a secret crush on the mail woman, Derpy Hooves

mail woman



So...... is this a humanized pony story or.... what???????
Plus I feel like I'm reading the summary of a story :applejackunsure:

imma fav this just so i can see where it goes. the first two chapters are a little meh but i like the premise

O hei, I'll finish reading this later (It's 1:00 am), but you should fix that first paragraph. It says he's 26 years old, lived there his whole life, and had been living there 9 or 10 years. :rainbowhuh:

Yes. Woman. It's obviously been a human story from the get-go.

I'm interested to see where this story goes.

I love it

Yes, yes, yes! I love it so far!

You should've seen the way she jumped, Craig. Papers flying, neighbors running out of their houses to see what all the screaming was about...

Made my day.

OMG! So many comments! I forgot to log off! :rainbowlaugh: thanks everypony for the nice comments! I'll be editing it!

1389028 Humanized. And the first chapter's the prologue

1388672 what do you mean "Original Character"? I'm a girl (just sayin'), and I don't have an OC yet.


a young man by the name of Fredrick "Freddy" Ian

I've never heard of a pony called Fredrick Ian. Thereby it must be yours or someone else's OC. And where exactly did I imply you were a boy. I try to keep comments gender neutral.

1391674 oh, sorry with the gender thing! i didn't realize i typed that! :fluttershysad: but i never had a character stored in my mind by the name of Fredrick Ian. I'll put the OC tag on if that's better! :twilightsmile:

Whoops! Too bad for Freddy! :derpytongue2:

Will this person make me more muffins?


That was priceless!

1396780 Thanks!! Gotta add comedy in a love story, too! :rainbowlaugh: I'll be working on more chapters, and when i'm done with this, the sequel to Our Inner Ponies is set. Got any ideas? Omg...is that getting annoying? :derpytongue2:

1396797 Don't worry. You're not getting annoying. I like chatting with you.

But I haven't got any ideas yet. I usually get my ideas while I'm sleeping (wired, I know - but it comes in handy. I always solved my math problems in my dreams). So let me have a 8 hour research for the sequel :rainbowlaugh:

1396856 YAY! I'M NOT ANNOYING!! :pinkiesmile: and aww! i like chatting with you, too!! Wanna know what's weird? I got the sequel idea to Our Inner Ponies in a dream, too!

LOL! Anyways, an eight hour research? heehee! take all the time you need! While I wrap up Dating Derpy, we'll both be thinking of ideas! xD well, that's all! Got a story to write!

This rocks! Can't wait for the next in the series!! :D


1407671 i know, right?!! SO CLOSE!! :rainbowlaugh:

Again, I feel bad for this chapter being short. Is it? :rainbowderp: Nevertheless, only one more chapter until this whole story ends! Then I can work on my sequel so it'll be awesome as well! Goodnight guys!! :twilightsmile:

I dont think its short, ive read chapters with 300 words in and i found it well funny when derpy owned his ass.:rainbowkiss: When will the last chapter be ready cos i cant wait :pinkiehappy:

1416897 I was laughing myself when I wrote it! Don't worry. After I get home from school, I'll work on the last chapter! :pinkiesmile: KK? Adios!

Awesome, cant wait for a total beast ending!

ps i think that this the best derpy story ive read in months (read stories before registering) and i think your a very talented story writer.

Pps bet the sequel is gonna been (even though its impossible) better than the first

1418112 thank you so much! Though I'm not sure if my sequel will be as good as Dating Derpy. :derpytongue2: but, once I finish this popcorn, I'll get started on chapters!

Great! Lol! Awesome! My three most used words today and they all suit your last comment:derpytongue2:

1419364 That's better. Thank you.

Guys, I sincerely apologize that it's short! :( But I had to end it and this was what came up. Yet I hope you all like it, though! Any suggestions/improvements/ideas/tips for me? :twilightsmile:


Nice ending a bit short though still love it

:pinkiehappy:Really Great, I think it could have been longer but i enjoyed it anyway. Keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

1425311 Thanks! I agree that it could've been longer, but sometimes a story's ending has to wrap up, ya know? I'm super-duper glad you liked it!! :pinkiehappy:

I liked it. It was sweet, but Derry came off to me at least as kinda greedy for muffins:derpyderp1: but I guess that is expected.

1425409 One can never have too many muffins!!! :derpytongue2: And I'm glad you enjoyed! :D

I loved the ending as well. Especially that fact that Derpy knew it all along.

1429370 Heehee! I know, right? :derpytongue2:

I like this story. :pinkiehappy:

Huh, I always thought Derpy's eyes were gold. Either way, like the story!

3841245 Yeah, I couldn't decipher which color her eyes were, so I stuck to just plain yellow. And thank you so much! Check out my other stories if you're interested! :derpytongue2:


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