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Step into the oppressive world faced by the lower classes of the Holy Equestrian Diarchy—not under the shielded protection of nobility or wealth in New Canterlot City, and exposed to injustices faced by everypony else.

The imposing system had thrown many a youth away, but Indium Indigo had a cause.

A cause he would die for.

The candle flickered.

Although set in the universe of Rekindled Embers authored by applezombi, no knowledge of that universe is required to enjoy the story. Besides, this story occurs decades to years before Rekindled Embers. Thanks to Celestilune, iAmSiNnEr, TerribleSpeller, ExaltedFiction, SmokyFlare, Seriff Pilcrow, et al. for pre-reading and editing, on both Discord servers, namely Angel's Rest and Advisors' Cove.

Thanks to the talented Smiley Hexagon for the cover art.

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This truly is a Bitter Symphony /s

Great to see it finally out! : )

Although set in the universe of Rekindled Embers authored by applezombi, no knowledge of that universe is required to enjoy the story.

I would still like to know what happens in the universe of Rekindled Embers. What happens in it?

I think this story would provide a glimpse of that universe, but you are free to read Rekindled Embers. Summarising it in a comment would be an injustice, especially since it is 800k words long.

Nice story, but I dunno I can feel some silliness coming from it, must be the author or something

Wonderfully written. It's like the other side of the coin.

Poor Horst.

Being someone who's experienced Indium Indigo before, this is an interesting insight into a part of who he was that I only got glimpses into before. Will read on, of course.

(Powerful Filly is Best Filly.) }:)

Poverty and tyranny often go hoof-in-hoof; even when others speak of the best examples of an order... the worst ones exist somewhere, too. I also like how you drew out each description; it helped convey the reality of being weighed down with the situation - I felt that despair.

Good Copy.

The surprising thing is that I don’t control Horst as a character! But Indium will do all he can to nurture her into a machine.

Good copy? Yeah, it’s hoped to have a different perspective, away from the sheltered life in the NCC.

Agreed, couldn't help but make comparisons to Emberglow's early life and the depiction of NCC.

Unfortunately, I don't really vibe with your style of prose. Your dialogue is good, but I can't picture the scene in my head since you describe so little of the setting or characters' actions.

Uh... You ARE going to fix the problems Thought Prism was talking about, right?

Readers and authors can have diverging opinions on how a story can be executed well.

I do like the subtle implications and worldbuilding that comes with the Knight Mystic's appearance here.

Does show why ponies would both fear and respect them.

Good stuff.


I’m not saying it isn’t. I would just like to know if I can picture what happening in my head when I read this thing when it’s complete.

The candle flickered.

What do you mean by that?

I wish I could give Indium a hug too, despite his flawed perception of morality…

I didn't know ponies wear horsehoes, or at least Indium does, can't wait to read what happens next, maybe some combat action

Oh, there will definitely be combat action coming. :twilightsheepish:

Indium’s for some reason quite adorkable here

ooooo Indium going full insubordination, such a bad boi

Great chapter as always ! ♥

Imagine the amount of suffering he had to endure and then be told in the face that he "don't understand"...

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