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Fan of all things horror be it stories, or movies. Though this spirit also enjoys the heart warming stories as well.


This idea came to my head after reading two Stories from a use LucidDreamer. Where Sunset's demonic look is less due to her being evil or corrupted and more something that is natural for her. However due to a fear of any further rejection after the events of the fall formal she keeps this knowledge to herself till she meets some old friends from years back. Can these six help her get her pride back?

Rating of Teen due to profanity and Narcotics are more mentioned in past tenes for one of the characters.

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Good start, I read the old story and find your story very interesting! especially since Sunset has probably been seen before and is helpful!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Yeah I gave her some history before she became a pain for everyone at the school.

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