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Welcome little one - DashieFan1

Rainbow Dash and Soarin are married and have 3 kids

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Chapter 3

Soarin' supposed he should be used to it by now. But one glance from your foal, and they owned you. You'd fly to the heavens and back, just to see them smile. In her cloud crib, White Whirl was sleeping; giving out little sighs and snorts as she explored the world of dreams. Soarin' liked the nickname Sunrise had given her. Whirly. It seemed to suit her. Whirly had a shimmery, near white, perfect light blue coat, with wisps of rainbow mane floating around her head. He could see a lot of Rainbow Dash in her, what with her mane. But also with her down wings feathers, in the angles of her face, in the adorable way she flicked her ears.

Yup, she was her mom's child alright. Soarin' continued to gaze at the tiny filly, dumbstruck with emotion. There was nothing, nothing he wouldn't do to make Whirly happy.

"Hi dad." A whisper floated across the room.

Soarin' turned around. Behind him, Cloud Puff was tiptoeing toward the cradle. Soarin' smiled, remembering Cloud's lullaby. He was so proud of her. She would be the greatest big sister, kind and gentle. It seemed not so long ago that Cloud Puff had been the baby in this cradle. And look at her now, so calm and responsible. In truth, more responsible than either Soarin' or Rainbow Dash.

"What's up, Puffy?"

After giving him the usual small shove for calling her 'Puffy', she replied.

"I'd like to look after Whirly? If that's okay..."

Soarin' had no doubt that Cloud Puff could handle babysitting. Besides, he should really get back to the party that was forming in the kitchen. It wasn't that he didn't like Rainbow's friends, its just that they were Rainbow's friends. But they were nice ponies, he didn't mind hanging with them. On the other hoof, the pie might be ready!

"Sure Puffy. I've gotta get back to the pi- party. Yes, I've got to get back to the party."

"You were going to say 'pie', weren't you."

Soarin' chuckled, flapping out of the room and leaving Whirly with Cloud puff.

Cloud Puff approached the cradle, peering over to where her little sister lay. White Whirl was adorable, there was no question. She also snored. I mean, that was cute now and all, but it might become a problem later.

As she was thinking, Whirly woke up. Oh, how irritating, she was already using the nickname her brother had given Whirly- I mean, White Whirl. Oh, horseapples. Whirly wasn't crying or unhappy, she was just staring up at Cloud Puff, probably wondering why Cloud was there.

"Hey, little one..."

"Gurgle! Nompa foopi!"

"Indeed" Cloud giggled, and Whirly joined in, laughing and gurgling. Just because Whirly didn't know what they were laughing at, didn't mean that she didn't think it was funny.
"Do you want to go on a trip, little one?" Cloud asked her. Whirly didn't really reply, but she did wave her legs around and gurgle some more. Cloud decided that that was a yes.

Pushing Whirly's cradle down the hall, Cloud was glad that the clouds the cradle was made from had been light. Whirly stared at the passing ceiling as the sisters approached Cloud's room.

"I don't get it, how does it work, Windfall?" That was Spike, his great rumbling voice confused.

"Do you remember when they were building this house? Cloud asked for this, and Twilight enchanted it as a gift." Windfall was busy explaining to Spike, and didn't notice Cloud enter, pushing the cradle.

It had been ages since Cloud had opened her curtain-wall fully. The space that it left when open was huge. But the gap was not empty. Filling it was several tons of confused dragon. Because Spike didn't visit that often, Cloud hadn't thought of this before, but it was a near perfect way of letting him get his head into the house.


There was a sigh from both dragon and Pegasus as they realized what Cloud was pushing. Windfall fluttered over, staring at the filly. Spike pushed further in, trying to see what the cloud cradle carried.

"She's so small..." Windfall whispered, entranced by the tiny newborn.

"They aren't... (grunt) born... (grunt) huge... you know..." Said Cloud in minor irritation. Her friend stopped goggling at the baby and came to help her. Together, Cloud Puff and Windfall pushed the crib toward the wall, where Spike was waiting.

The dragon was swaying with impatience, trying to wedge himself further into the room. When the precious cradle finally approached, however, he stopped moving entirely, for fear of disturbing or hurting the baby within.

"It's okay Spike," Cloud sighed, "she doesn't bite."

"But, but, what if I hurt her!"

The big dragon was trembling, clearly wanting to approach the cradle, but also scared of his own strength.

"You'll be fine Spike... I trust you. If I didn't think you were safe, I'd have never brought Whirly here at all."


"Her nickname. Go on Spike."

Carefully, very, very slowly, Spike extended his neck. Peeping into the cradle, he was met by a surprised White Whirl. The baby looked up at the huge face that filled her vision.

"Foouna thoad romapa?"

"She's beautiful..."

Spike gazed down at the foal, meeting her magenta eyes. Whirly reminded him so much of Rainbow Dash, but he could see her father in her too. Almost without meaning to, the dragon's head inched closer to White Whirl...

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