• Published 30th Sep 2012
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Drunken Rainbow - Rainbow87dash

Me and my two friends (Luigi117 & FlutterMac16) wrote this together

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Like any other night... (old Vers)

Drunken Rainbow

The night was cold, there was a cool breeze outside the window rustling the branches on a nearby tree. Fluttershy was asleep in bed dreaming peaceful dreams. She thought she could hear drunken hiccups and a familiar voice cursing. She was wishing, hoping that she didn't have to deal with this but she knew there was no way out of it.
Rainbow Dash stumbled through the front door of Fluttershy's cottage. "Oh.....Wrong house.....Again.." She mumbled as she tried to step back outside. Fluttershy heard a loud THUMP! She sighed. Yup. She has to help Rainbow back to her home. She got out of her bed and told Angel to stay put. She flew downstairs to help her friend.
When she got downstairs, she saw Rainbow stumbling about her living room with a bottle of hard cider in one hoof knocking things over as she went.
*Hiccup* " Yeah p-*huccup*pal?" Rainbow slurred, knocking over a plant pot.
Fluttershy flinched "Do you need help getting home again?" she asked looking at the destruction the cyan had Pegasus caused.
"Nahh...I'm *hiccup* good," Rainbow said before vomiting on Fluttershy's carpet.
Fluttershy's eye twitched slightly. She sighed. "Come on Rainbow, Let's go." Rainbow spilled her drink a little. "No.. I'm totally fi-fine..." She fell over. Fluttershy face hoofed. "How many of those did you have?!" Rainbow Dash looked up. "Oh.... not much...Just divide the number of trees in Sweet Apple Acres by 30.. I think.." Fluttershy stopped for a moment, calculating the number, then gasped. "You had 10 drinks?! Oh my gosh Rainbow Dash! We need to get you home!" Rainbow tried to stand up. "No Fluttershy... I can get there... Honest!....Hehehe.. See what I did there...Honest?..Get it?.. Applejack and honest?" Fluttershy tried to maneuver Rainbow towards the door but Dash began to wobble on her hooves and dropped her drink onto the rug in front of the door and the bottle smashed, throwing glass and hard cider all over.
"Aww *hiccup* man... That was good *hiccup* stuff."
"Huuhh.. Rainbow come on we need to get you home."
"Fluttershy I..I already told I'm---" she vomited onto her hooves.
"Oh Rainbow! I guess I'm gonna have to bath you after I get you home."
"What's so funny?"
"nothing *hiccup*,"
Fluttershy managed to get her outside and Rainbow began wandering into Fluttershy's garden. "Hey...look!....Food!" She fell face first into the mud. Fluttershy groaned. "Rainbow Dash, please don't get any more dirty." Rainbow stood up, giggling. "Why?... it's fun! WEEEEEE!" She jumped into the mud again and Fluttershy groaned. She flew over and dipped a hoof in the mud. "See? I got dirty. Let's go. Please." Rainbow sat down and shook her head. "No."
Fluttershy sighed, lowering her head. She knew Rainbow was a mess every time she was drunk. "What am I going to do with you!?" She flew over to Rainbow grabbing her front hooves and pulled up. "Look Fluttershy I'm flying! .......Oh wait......I do that every day hehehe." Fluttershy was getting frustrated. "You're really heavy......eeeeee!!" Fluttershy dropped Rainbow into the stream that went though Ponyville.
There was a loud splash followed by loud laughing.
"Hahaha make *hiccup* me "
"THAT'S IT!!!!" Fluttershy dove down, grabbed rainbows shoulders with her hooves and pulled her out of the stream before dropping her onto the ground.
Rainbow looked up at her friend. She started crying. Fluttershy facehoofed "Ugh. Rainbow Dash, what am I going to do with you?" She picked her back up and slowly made her way into Ponyville. It must be a strange sight, seeing a pegasus carrying another ,crying, muddy, and soaked one, through the town. Fluttershy looked down at RD. "Why do you always end up in MY house?"
Rainbow just cried. Fluttershy groaned again. "Rainbow. Please stop you'll wake up the other ponies." WWWWAAAAA!!!!!!" Fluttershy looked around to see if anypony woke up. "Rainbow please sssshhhhh." Rainbow pulled out of her grasp. "No." she said simply and started 'flying' away. "Eee bu...bu... Rainbow!!"
"NOOO!!!" Rainbow screamed. Fluttershy saw a light turn on in BerryPunch's.
Fluttershy screamed "RAINBOW DASH, GET BACK HERE!! Oh um... sorry Berry Punch. I didn't mean to wake you..." Berry Punch said it was alright and shut her window. Fluttershy flew after Rainbow. "Rainbow, please stop." Rainbow Dash finally slowed down and landed. "What do *hiccup* you want?" Fluttershy tried to pick her up again. "I am taking you home. Your never going to make it there by yourself in your state of mind." Rainbow let Fluttershy pick her up. "I can make it back....Just perfect..ly... ..fine.." Fluttershy rolled her eyes and flew towards RD's house.
Fluttershy used all her strength to carry Rainbow. "I....I....can make it *hiccup* by myself. uh. zzzz." Rainbow fell to sleep on her back. "Great. Finally." Fluttershy sighed. She could see the sun slowly coming up over the mountain. She felt the dirty, soggy, pegasus breathing. 'At least I know shes alive'. Fluttershy thought to herself. She looked around for the highest point of ground, so it would be easier to carry Rainbow to her cloud home. At last spotting a hill at the edge of Ponyville, she continued on her way.
When she Arrived at the hill, she stopped for a short rest. After all she was woken up in the middle of the night by Rainbow Dash, then had to chase said Pegasus all over Ponyville whilst getting mildly agitated. Rainbows cloud house was in sight, just a minute flight away. Fluttershy took a deep breath and set off, trying not to let the sleeping pegasus fall off her back.
She landed softly at the front door. She turned her head to look at her sleeping friend. "Okay, Rainbow. We are here. You can go now." She said as she poked Rainbow Dash. Rainbow lifted her head a little. "Wha.. Huh?" She slid off of Fluttershy's back and stood there for a minute staring into space. Fluttershy waved a hoof in front of Rainbow's face. "Hello? Rainbow Dash?"
"Uh....wha" Rainbow blinked and began to wobble on her hooves.
"Whoa!" Fluttershy rushed to her side just as she was about to collapse.
"Come on let's get you upstairs before you fall of the cloud." Fluttershy began leading Rainbow Dash into her house supporting her the whole time. They began climbing the stairs when Rainbow tripped and face planted into the stairs leaving a bruise on her head.
Fluttershy screamed. "RAINBOW DASH!!! Oh my gosh! Now your drunk AND I have to take you to the hospital!" Rainbow started crying again as Fluttershy picked her up once more. She carefully opened the front door and flew out into the coming morning. "Rainbow, you were so close to your room. Why did you do that? All of this could have been over and done with." Rainbow Dash just kept crying.
Fluttershy, now exhausted, flew to the hospital. She burst though doors. "Can somepony help me? I have a.......uh.......hurt pony over here." Nurse RedHeart and Dr. Stable ran over. "Take her this way." Nurse RedHeart led the way to an examination room. Fluttershy set her down, Oh Rainbow Dash. I hope you're ok. Nurse RedHeart looked at Fluttershy. "I will need you to tell me exactly what happened...................Why are you here so early in the morning?"
"Huh it's a long story." Fluttershy began to explain the events of the night, how Rainbow had burst into her house drunk as a sailor, then vomited on herself before running off in a paddy fit, to finally hitting her head on her stair case.
"Um, how often does she become like this?" asked the nurse.
"Um, at least once a week, but she always manages to get to my house instead of hers or any pony elses"
"I see, I think she may need some counseling"
"I agree!" Fluttershy said. Nurse Red Heart looked at Rainbow Dash. "I'll..Come get you when she is......Better." Fluttershy nodded and left the hospital. She flew back to her cottage. "Angel?" Angel came running over. "I am going to bed for a nap. Don't get into any trouble." She flew up to her bedroom. She pulled the covers over herself and got some much needed sleep.
Back at the hospital Rainbow opened her eyes. Ow! My head really hurts. And whats that smell?! Rainbow sniffed her hoof. She gagged. For the first time she noticed how extremely dirty she was. Mud and what she thought was vomit all over. She saw Nurse Red Heart cleaning sheets on the other side of the room. "Hey...uh......lady! Could you call my sister?"

1 Week Later
Fluttershy was sound asleep in her bed when she heard a loud knocking at her door.
"Oh Celestia, not again."

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