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I write adaptations/fan makes of Diseny And Angry Birds


Spike gets a hatch-day gift from Thorax an old friend he met during the war, and leader of the changelings. Along the way they meet a pegasus named Sia Songbird Pistols Kate Isobelle Furler Serenade but friends call her Sia. The common theme of this story and all segments of this story are shown through Spike's hatchday presents

Based on the Three Caballeros (1944), once I'm done with this movie i'll do a sequel with the Ducktales episode The Town Where Everyone Was Nice, except remove every main character except for the Caballeros, after that i'll do chapters with aspects/elements from The Legend Of The Three Caballeros (2018)

Credit to Comickook for the casting of Thorax as Jose Carioca

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Sia Songbird Pistols Kate Isobelle Furler Serenade

Is that her real name in canon?

Wdym main canon of course not, This canon yes Sia Kate Isobelle Furler is her full name iRL Songbird Serenade is her MLP character and Pistols is a reference to Panchito Pistoles

Man i havnt seen this movie since i was a kid

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