• Published 3rd Oct 2012
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60's Era Spiderman goes to Equestria - MnM

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Untitled voting chapter for The Booty Menace

After several hours, Cheerilee rejoined our hero after a pleasant power nap. She found him on the couch, watching Burn Notice.

"Ooooo! Burn Notice!" she exclaimed happily, jumping over the couch, doing a flip, and landing beside our hero.

"Are you a ninja?" Spiderman asked.

"Let's not start asking questions. Somebody might get hurt." the teacher/ninja said with a smirk.

"Lawl k."

"I love this show. Bruce Campbell is god-tier." Cheerilee said.

After a few moments of watching the latest adventures of Michael Westen and Bruce Campbell's character 60's Era Spiderman didn't remember the name of, the mare beside him spoke.

"So Spidey... what do you want to do today."


Guess what, people?

We're voting on a chapter we've already voted on.


Also, I'm giving you guys the ability to vote on two things, what Spiderman and da big booty bitch do during the day and what they do during the evening.

Let the voting begin!


() Go kick Hoof, the creator of Ponychan, square in the balls for banning you for posting Spiderman

() Go on a romantic picnic lunch at the beach. Fighting pirates and robots might be involved.

() Take Cheerilee around the city with the help of your web.

() Steal a car and drive around with Cheerilee. Shenangins will ensue. The second most voted choice may also happen if this wins.

() Fight crime with Cheerilee.


() Pry Cheerilee about her being a ninja. Shenanigans will likely ensue

() Go to a movie. Attempt to acquire da booty.

() Go to Studio 69 and bug Discord's cousin about bowling.

() Attempt to prove Sonic wrong by going fast.

() Go home. Watch more Burn Notice and the Big Lebowski.

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