• Published 3rd Oct 2012
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60's Era Spiderman goes to Equestria - MnM

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The club can't handle me right now

Two in one day? Oh you shouldn't have, oh you shouldn't have!

I mean, MarineMarksman, you really shouldn't have!

-Average fan reaction to two chapters in one day

When our hero entered the club, his ear drums were nearly blown out by the sheer volume of the music at the club. Not like he gave a fuck.

"Oh wow! This place is awesome!" Fluttershy over the music, "why haven't I come here before?"

"Because, darling, you haven't had the heart to come here before." Rarity said, walking past the other three members of the group and making her way over to the dance floor.

"Oh... oh yeah." Fluttershy said, rushing to catch up with her white friend.

"Come on you two! Let's, how they say... 'hit the dance floor'!" Rarity called back to Spiderman and Lyra, who were busy taking in the place.

"Lol k." Spiderman said, as he and Lyra rushed to catch up with Fluttershy and Rarity.

Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle orgasmed and got out of her bed, walking down the stairs as silently as possible, in an attempt not to wake up her pet dragon/assistant/brother/adoptive son/slave Spike, who was sleeping beside her bed. In reality, Spike was awake the whole time, watching Twilight clop. It was very exciting for the young dragon.

But, that doesn't matter. What matters is what Twilight is doing.

Twilight carefully tossed on a stylish, yet revealing black dress and put on some high horse shoes. She had a mission for that night.

"It's time to finally get laid." the book nerd stated, before making her way out the door and walking in the direction of Sugarcube Corner.

"We can dance if we want to!" Spiderman sang, dancing around like a goofball.

"We can leave your friends behind!" Lyra chimed in.

"'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance-" Spiderman sang.

"We'll they're no friends of mine!" Lyra finished for our hero.

"Looks like you too are having fun!" Rarity shouted, dancing her way over to the two.

"Fucking A! The club can't even handle me right now lawl." Spiderman exclaimed, continuing to dance in a very... unique way. Quite frankly, our hero looked rather retarded at the moment. But that's okay, because he CAN, in fact, count to potato.

"Mmm... quite..." Rarity stated, "say, why don't we get a few drinks?"

Our hero shrugged. "Why the fuck not?" he asked.

Twilight anxiously walked up to the entrance of the Sugarcube Corner and knocked on the door loudly. The door flew open automatically, and there stood Pinkie Pie, dressed in a dress almost exactly like Twilight's, but bright red color.

"Hey Twilight! You gonna go get laid too?" Pinkie Pie asked, walking out of the little quaint bakery and letting the door close behind her.

"Um... yeah..." Twilight answered, her cheeks turning a deep scarlet.

"Well, come on! Let's go clubbing!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed, skipping away merrily. Twilight shrugged and rushed to follow her friend.

"I'll take a pint of vodka." Spiderman said to the bartender, earning him a strange look from the colt.

"Don't you mean a shot, sir?" the bartender asked.

"No, a fucking pint. And don't water it down, for fucks sake." our hero stated.

"Sir, I don't think that's good for your health." the bartender stated.

"Look in my hand and tell me what you see." Spiderman instructed, extended his arm out to the bartender and holding out his palm.

"There is nothing, sir." the bartender answered.

"Look closer. The fuck I give is supposed to be in my palm." our hero stated.

The bartender examined Spiderman's hand once more. "Nope, still nothing." he said.

"Exactly. There is no fuck, because I never gave a fuck. Now get me my pint of fucking vodka!" Spiderman shouted.

"Very good sir. And for you miss?"

"A vodka cranberry, darling." Rarity stated, as Spiderman noticed that she had taken a seat beside him. He looked around for Fluttershy and Lyra, but found they were no where in sight.

"Hay." Spiderman said.

"Hello." Rarity answered awkwardly.

The two sat there in awkward silence for what seemed like forever. I know, ridiculous isn't it? Spiderman going more than thirty seconds without running his fucking mouth. This even surprises us, the writers of this fic.

Anyway, after a few long awkward moments, Rarity decided to break the ice. "Listen, I am terribly sorry for how rash I acted this afternoon. I had no right to insult you or the way you dress, and wasn't in any position to insult anyone anyway. I'm really sorry, Mr. Spiderman. I hope we can put aside all this and become friends."

"Enjoy liver cancer, sir." the bartender said, sliding a pint of straight vodka in front of our hero, then sliding a vodka cranberry over to Rarity. Rarity took a tiny sip from her drink, while Spiderman drank down the entire pint of vodka in one go.

No, seriously, Spiderman just downed a WHOLE FUCKING PINT of STRAIGHT VODKA. And guess what? He wasn't effected in the slightest. It only made him A LITTLE tipsy.

"Wanna kiss and make up?" Spiderman asked.

Rarity smiled and slammed down her vodka cranberry. "Well... now that you mention it."

Later that night...

Spiderman lay beside the now sleeping form of Rarity, whom fell into deep sleep after Spiderman rutted her brains out. According to Fluttershy's little rant, Rarity supposedly slept with various different males every week, but damn, her pussy was really fucking tight. It was like she was still a virgin.


"Rarity...?" Spiderman asked.

"Mmhmm...?" she answered sleepily.

"Are you a virgin." Spiderman inquired.

"Mmm... not anymore darling..." Rarity muttered sleepily, before falling back asleep. Our hero sighed and looked up at the sky, where he had a feeling someone was observing him.

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