• Published 3rd Oct 2012
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60's Era Spiderman goes to Equestria - MnM

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PSA #2: How Shit Works

"Hi, my name's Twilight Sparkle." Twilight greeted, waving at the camera.

"And I'm Fluffles, apparently, and we're here for another PSA." Fluffles said, flashing the camera a thumbs up.

"Since we've introduced the readers choice feature into the story, it has since become very popular. It shows how many active readers this story still has, and it keeps the writers inspired to keep going. Good for you." the Marine Lieutenant said.

"However... there is a bit of a predicament."

"We fear you guys do not fully grasp the fact that you're choices will effect other storylines."

"You see, if things keep going the way they are, you will not have a harem. You'll only have Cheerilee. And while she may have a booty-"

"She dooooooooooooooooo!" Twilight interjected.

"-choosing her over and over again will lead to you just being able to have Cheerilee as a romantic option. Which is great for those of you who love Cheerilee. You automatically unlock the waifu tier and gain extra storyline and you get the Cheerilee ending."

"Not to mention, waifu points extend to the sequel." the purple unicorn threw in.

"Also, consider the following. Once you finish with all the Cheerilee chapters, you're done with her until the end of the story. Wouldn't it be wiser to space out a favored character, or perhaps save the best for the end?"

"Real nigga talk."

"Anyways, we'll leave it at that. Next chapter, consider the consequences of choosing the same storyline over and over again. Because you're about to receive another friend zoning."

"That's no good."

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