• Published 3rd Oct 2012
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60's Era Spiderman goes to Equestria - MnM

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PSA #1: Your vote counts!

"Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie!" Pinkie Pie said excitedly as she waved violently at the camera.

"And I'm Sir- ...er... Fluffles!" Fluffles said with a casual wave.

"And we're here with an important PSA!" the pink party pony said, leaning down and snorting up a long line of cocaine. "I LOVE COCAINE!"

"Indeed we are, Pinkie Pie. As you may have noticed, MarineMarksman has recently unveiled a voting system to choose where the story goes from here on out. He has over eighty chapters planned-"

"Wait just a minute! Did you say eight chapters?!" Pinkie Pie inquired.

"Eighty chapters." the raptor confirmed.

"Eighty chapters?" Pinkie inquired again, obviously not believing him.

"Yes, eighty chapters."


"Yes, eighty..." he repeated, getting sick of this shit.


The raptor turned to the pink pony and bared his teeth at her. "I'll get you, and I'll make it look like a bloody accident."

Pinkie Pie zipped (literally) her lips tight and winked at him.

"As I was saying, MarineMarksman has over eighty chapters planned for the rest of this story. However, some of these might not be used. Some of these might be altered." the raptor continued.

"Why's that?" Pinkie asked.

"Because of how you vote." Fluffles answered. "When you people vote for a certain option, it will effect other options. For example, since you chose torturing Celestia with Luna, you can no longer advance your relationship with Fluttershy beyond friends with benefits because she is now in a relationship with me. The plot for Fluttershy has now been updated, the original options having been replaced with friend ones. You can no longer do a Fluttershy ending either."

"Sucks bro." the pink pony said.

"Not for me. But it does indeed suck for the readers. If you continue to advance the plot of a female character's storyline, Spiderman may eventually develop a romantic relationship with her. Your relationship with her could end other paths too, though Spiderman will likely have a minor harem of women by the time MarineMarksman gets to the finale."

"But Fluffles, what about the male character options?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"The storylines of male and other characters that you won't be shipped with, such as the cutie mark crusaders (coming soon), may help advance the plots of other characters. For instance, hanging out with Spike will not only advance your broship with him, but will also get Rainbow Dash and possible other characters to like you more for being a "good" role model."

"Spiderman, a good role model? That's impossible!" Pinkie Pie cried.

"You're not just wrong, you're stupid." Fluffles said.

"Now just wait a minute-"

"And you're ugly, just like your mom."

"...did you just call my mother ugly?"

"Shut up!" the raptor hissed. "I mean it, I will end you!"


As the raptor pounced upon the pink pony, Spiderman flipped the channel for Fox, where a new episode of House was playing.

"Lawl. It's never lupus." he said.

Author's Note:


See the last chapter (The Poop That Took a Pee, narrated by a faggot in spandex) for the options.

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