• Published 3rd Oct 2012
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60's Era Spiderman goes to Equestria - MnM

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Oh wait...

"Wake up, Spiderman..." Fluttershy said, nudging our hero gently.

Our hero stirred in his sleep and sat up, looking over at the Pegasus. "WHERE ARE THE ZOMBIES?!" he demanded.

"Zombies? There aren't any-"

"ARE YOU THREATENING ME?!" our hero demanded.

"I'm sorry, what-"

"I NEED MORE TP FOR MY BUNGHOLE!" Spiderman exclaimed, jumping up from the couch and launching himself out a nearby window, leaving a startled Pegasus behind.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" she screamed.

Le Fin

Author's Note:

I forgot where I was going with that storyline lulz.

More Spiderman coming soon.

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