• Published 3rd Oct 2012
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60's Era Spiderman goes to Equestria - MnM

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Oh fuck, it's Friday!

"What are you doing here, Discord?!" Twilight Sparkle demanded, disengaging her offensive spell. "Aren't you supposed to be imprisoned in the Canterlot Gardens?"

"Well, I was, up until your friend over here appeared." Discord stated, before teleporting behind our hero, who was busy not giving a fuck. "His appearance in this world has caused just enough chaos to free me from my stone tomb."

"Meh." Spiderman muttered.

"It's Spiderman, isn't it?" Discord asked, teleporting into the seat beside him.

"Fuck you, I'm Spiderman." our hero answered, flipping Discord the bird.

"Just as I thought. So, Spiderman, do you know what day it is?" Discord asked.

"Does it look like I give a fuck?" Spiderman responded, pulling a bottle of water out of his non-existent pockets and taking a big drink out of it.

"It's Friday, Spiderman." Discord stated.

Spiderman's eyes shot open as he spat out the water that was filling his mouth, before jumping up off the couch. "Oh no! I forgot to get down on Friday!"

Our hero's reaction sent both Discord and Fluttershy into a hysterical fit of laughter. In Twilight's expert judgement, it actually appeared that FLUTTERSHY was out laughing Discord. Yeah... you read that right.

After a while, Discord wound down and teleported next to Twilight. "See that?" Discord asked, motioning to Fluttershy, who was still in hysterics. "That's Spidey's style of chaos."

"So... it makes Fluttershy less shy?" Twilight inquired.

A toothy grin spread across the disembodiment of Chaos' face. "You shall see, Twilight. It will be very interesting to watch." he said, before disappearing with a bright flash. Seconds later, there was loud knock at the door. Noticing Fluttershy was, amazingly, still rolling around on the floor laughing, Twilight made her way over to the door. Upon opening it, it flew open and slammed into Twilight's face.

In walked a mint horse with an erection sticking out of vibrant powder blue mane, staring at our hero with crazed golden eyes.

"Huuuuuuuuuuuman..." she muttered, her mouth frothing.

"Hay." Spiderman said, getting into a sexy pose. "Draw me like one of your french girls."

Meanwhile, Chuck Norris watched from above, quite amused by Spiderman's antics. Chuck Norris was sure that his decision to send Spiderman to Equestria was the right one. I mean, he was God, after all. God doesn't make fucking mistakes.

"It's good to be God." Chuck Norris mused, as he sat back in extremely comfortable chair and relaxed.

Fluttershy held in her laughter long enough to look up and notice the crazed unicorn. She looked much like Twilight that one time she could not find something to report on in her letter to Princess Celestia. What a mess that was.

Speaking of Princess Celestia, where was she? The disembodiment of chaos has escaped, and there was an alien visitor in her home. A good leader like her would have responded to this turn of events already. Right?

Meanwhile, Princess Celestia overlooked the courtyard in front of the Canterlot Castle, where a large crowd of angry ponies, tired of Princess Celestia’s horrible leadership and her huge, fat ass, were marching towards the gates. These ponies were led by her younger sister, Princess Luna.

As Princess Celestia watched, one of the few Royal Guards that have not abandoned the Solar Princess to join Princess Luna in her rebellion rushed in.

“Princess Celestia, what are we to do?” the guard asked, cradling his ceremonial spear nervously.

A heavy sigh of defeat escaped the princesses lips as she turn towards the guard. “Let them eat cake,” she answered, “let them eat cake.”

“But there is no cake.” the guard answered.

“So the cake...” the princess began.

“The cake was a lie, princess.” the guard finished for her, right as the castles doors were busted in, and a hundred angry ponies, led by an extremely pissed alicorn, rushed inside, killing anypony that stood in their path.

“Oh... hello Lyra...” Fluttershy squeaked, hiding behind her mane, once again embarrassed by sudden outburst.

“Huuuuuuuuuuuman...” Lyra repeated, making her way over to our hero.

Spiderman didn't seem to mind the crazed pony. “Hay... you guys... you wanna get down on Friday with me...?” Spiderman asked, a grin spreading across his face under his mask.

“Get down?” Twilight asked, who may be suffering from a concussion.

“Hang out. What, are you stupid?” Spiderman asked, earning an angry glare from the purple horse.

“How dare you?! I'm one of the smartest ponies in this town!” Twilight responded.

“One... fuck you, I'm Spiderman. Two... you're a fucking horse. And three, I doubt you are the smartest. Fluttershy seems smarter than you.”

Before Twilight could say anymore, Lyra shook herself out of her crazed state and perked up. "Hey guys! Let's play ignore Twilight!" she exclaimed.

"I'm up for that. Fuck you purple." Spiderman stated, throwing up his middle finger and thrusting his arm straight out towards Twilight, before turning to Fluttershy, "now you."

Fluttershy shrugged and shoved her hoof up into Twilight's face. "Um... fuck you Twilight." she said, before Lyra and Spiderman cheered.

"Come on, let's go get down!" Spiderman exclaimed. Truly, the only time Spiderman actually gave a fuck about anything is when he was getting down on Friday.

"Woo hoo!" Lyra cheered, skipping merrily out the door.

"...yay..." Fluttershy squeaked as she and Spiderman walked out the door, leaving behind a very confused Twilight.

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