• Published 3rd Oct 2012
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60's Era Spiderman goes to Equestria - MnM

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Fuck, I'm running out of chapter names

"So what are skittles, anyways?" Rainbow Dash asked the BLU Scout, who was still in shock over the fact that the world he was stuck on lacked his favorite candy.

"They're like M&M's, only fruit flavored instead of chocolate. They also are covered with a thin, but hard sugar layer with the letter S on it. They're freakin awesome, man." the Scout explained.

"Sounds good." Lyra commented as she licked her lips.

"Alright... I just have one more question." said the pegasus with the rainbow mane.

"And that is?" the scout inquired.

"What are M&M's?" Rainbow Dash asked.

The BLU Scout facepalmed and groaned in frustration. "This is going to be a long day." he muttered.

The doors of the First National Bank of Canterlot burst open as Fluttershy and our hero charged into the room, equipped with AK-47's. The ponies inside the bank all looked at the couple in shock.

"Put your hooves up in the air!" Fluttershy shouted at the rich snooty ponies as she fired a volley of 7.62's into the air, "I mean... if you're alright with that."

Some of the rich snooty ponies started laughing at the pathetic excuse for a bank robber. In response, Fluttershy trained her AK on the rich assholes and unloaded her magazine on them.

"Fucking rich assholes..." Fluttershy spat, glaring at the other rich ponies, who were now cowering in fear, staring in shock at the corpses of their fellow upperclasspones and the Element of Kindness.

Suddenly, a white pony with an erection sticking out of its long golden mane stood up and started walking up to the yellow pony. "You wouldn't dare shoot a prince. You would be hunted to down and hung."

Fluttershy smiled, as she stared down the prince she recognized as Prince Blueblood. "You're wrong. For one, everypony hates you. And two..."

Fluttershy pulled back the trigger, putting a 7.62 in the prince's head. "I would shoot you either way." she said, before turning her AK on the other rich ponies and unloading on them, killing each and every one of them in seconds.

Not giving a fuck about Fluttershy obviously having a raging hard on for randomly killing ponies, Spiderman waltzed his way over to the closest teller and pointed his AK at her, eliciting a blood curdling scream from her.

"Lawl hi." Spiderman greeted.

"H-hi." the teller responded shakily.

"The money." our hero ordered simply.

"O-okay..." the teller said, before pressing the silent alarm and walking over the vault. Spiderman followed her closely, watching as she entered in the password (it was '1234') and opened the vault.

"Thanks, I guess lawl." Spiderman said, before bringing the butt of his AK down on the head of the mare, knocking her out cold.

As Discord and Chrysalis stepped through the entrance of Studio 69, their eardrums were assaulted by a remix of Blondie's 'Rapture' playing at full blast. It was loud enough to almost make the couple's eardrums rupture.

"Holy shit, that's loud!" Chrysalis exclaimed in shock. Discord merely rolled his eyes and waved the former Changeling queen to follow him.

Chrysalis shrugged her wings and followed the draconequus, who was making his way towards a door that was labelled 'management.'

There stood a large, muscular stallion with a handlebar mustache and a swastika tattooed on his arm. "What the fuck do you want?" he asked in a macho voice.

"I'm looking for my brother Disco." Discord said.

The bouncer glared at the disembodiment of chaos. "I ain't ever heard of no brother. Get the fuck out of here." he said, shoving away the draconequus. Before the bouncer and Discord could even blink, Chrysalis rushed forward and shoved the bouncer against the door, putting a combat knife up against his throat.

"Do that again! I dare you!" Chrysalis hissed as she watched the blade start to dig into the stallion's throat, "I'll spill your blood on the dance floor if you touch him one more time!"

"Alright, alright, calm down girl!" the bouncer exclaimed.

"Now you're going to go up there and fetch his brother for him! You got it, you little bitch?!" the Changeling demanded, glaring daggers into the stallion's soul, before dropping him on the ground. The stallion scrambled to his hooves and ran through the door he was standing guard in front of.

A few minutes later, the door opened to reveal a draconequus dressed in a white tuxedo. He also had a jewel encrusted cane, a white top hat, and funky rainbow colored glasses.

"Discord, cousin! Where have you been?!" he asked in a heavily accented voice that sounded strangely like Roman from Grand Theft Auto IV, "It's been centuries!"

"I was imprisoned by Celestia, remember cousin?" Discord asked.

"Oh yes. And I see you are with the Queen! Ha! I guess we really are going to be banging sisters together, like we always talked about all those years ago, eh cousin?!" Disco asked, slugging his cousin in the shoulder.

Discord glanced over at Chrysalis, who's cheeks were now a deep shade of crimson.

"I think these sisters are a bit above group sex, Disco." Discord pointed out.

"Oh. That is a shame." Disco said, shaking his head before opened the door all the way and waving the two former villains through the door, "come in! Join me and my dear Syphilis for a drink."

"I'm down." Discord said with a shrug, as he and Chrysalis pushed their way past the Element of Disco.

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