• Published 3rd Oct 2012
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60's Era Spiderman goes to Equestria - MnM

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Time to drink my own piss

Shortly after le sexy time...

For the first time ever in history, Spiderman did not flee the house of some floozy who agreed to let him bang her, and in one occasion not to ever be spoken of, him. For this time, Spiderman actually gave a fuck about the female he gave a fuck to (if you catch my drift).

Of course, the overwhelming stench of animal shit and fermenting piss made our hero want to flee the cottage of his beloved, but he couldn't find himself able to. His feelings for Fluttershy were too powerful to-

"Lawl fuck that." Spiderman said, climbing out of Fluttershy's bed.


"Fuck you, narrator." our hero said, flipping the narrator the bird before jumping out the window.

All the while, Fluttershy sat up in her bed, confused by what just unfolded.

"Um... what the fuck?" she asked no one in particular as she climbed out of her bed and walked into her bathroom. After fixing up her hair and taking a pregnancy test (the thing she pissed on was strangely shaped like Bear Grylls head), she climbed down the steps and made her way out the door, where our hero was waiting.

"Hay." Spiderman greeted.

"Oh... um... hey." Fluttershy responded with squee. Spiderman wasn't really sure how she made that noise for just smiling, but our hero honestly didn't give a fuck.

"So what now?" our hero asked.

"Um..." Fluttershy began as she thought about what to say, "we should... um... *mutter* *mutter*."

"Lolwut?" our hero asked.

"We should... um... rob a bank." Fluttershy said with yet another squee.

"I like where this is going." Spiderman commented, as the butter yellow pegasus pulled an AK-47 seemingly out of no where and handed it to our hero. She then pulled out an identical AK out of her anal cavities (it smelt like horse shit) and slammed a magazine into it.

"Let's do this." Fluttershy said.

"I still can't believe everyone thinks we're having sex." Discord commented, as he poked a finger through one of the many holes in Chrysalis's leg.

"Well... you are technically fingerbanging me." Chrysalis pointed out, her cheeks a deep crimson as she bit down on her bottom lip.

"No... I'm sticking a finger your thing." Discord said, rolling his eyes at her ignorance.

"Well, actually Discord, in my culture, doing something like this is fingerbanging." Chrysalis said, "our holes are actually... very sensitive."

"Yeah well- wait... then who are the ones typically fingerbanging you in your society?" Discord asked, glancing down at the former Queen's hooves.

"Well, Discord, allow me to give you a bit of a history lesson." Chrysalis began, "After your imprisonment, Celestia decided that the rest of your species, despite their peaceful nature, were also dangerous. So she went to war with your entire species, sending her soldiers all over the globe to kill off your species. After witnessing this, my mother, who was the Queen before me, decided to step in and try to stop Celestia's genocide. Sadly, our drones were no match for her elite Solar Infantry, and she then decided to try to wipe out the changelings as well."

A single tear ran down Chrysalis's cheek. "I was merely ten years old when my mother was slaughtered without mercy by a team of Solar Commandos. I was made queen shortly after that. I held such anger, such hate for ponykind in general, and wanted nothing more to hunt down Celestia and cut her throat open, but my mother would have wanted me to continue her efforts to save her species."

"So I decided that to save both of our species, we had to gather together and go underground, where Celestia's Solar Infantry would hold no power. Not soon after, our cultures began to combine with each other, and interspecies relations began to pop up. And at some point, my younger sister, Princess Syphilis, fell in love with a young draconequus, who was named Disco. So, one night, he decided that it might be interesting to try fingerbanging the holes in her hooves. Apparently, it was a very... pleasurable experience for my sister, and word of the act spread quickly. And now, a draconequus fingerbanging his changeling lover is a very normal thing for a couple to do."

"Oh. Well I see." Discord said, still moving his finger around inside of the hole. Suddenly, the disembodiment of chaos's eyes lit up with realization.

"Did you say Disco?" Discord asked excitedly.

"Yeah. Why?" Chrysalis asked, doing her best not to moan.

A wide, toothy grin spread across Discord's face. "Disco is my cousin. He, not unlike myself, is a very powerful draconequus."

"Oh? Well, you are the mortal representation of chaos. What is Disco the representation of?" Chrysalis asked, confused by the sudden change in events.

"Disco is what my species know as the Element of Funk. God damn, did that guy know how to dance. The fact that he chose your sister over the many hot females of our species is beyond me." Discord explained, scratching his beard.

Chrysalis felt offended by this, and was about to defend her sister's honor when Discord suddenly inched closer to her and looked closely at her face, examining it like a detective would examine a clue. "Actually... if your sister looks anything like you do, I could see why he chose her over our females."

"Oh... um... well, thank you for the compliment." Chrysalis said, her lips pursed into a small smile.

"It isn't a problem. Now, I must ask, what happened to them?" Discord inquired.

The former Changeling queen scratched her chin with one of her hole filled hooves. "They moved to Equestria shortly after Luna returned and convinced Celestia to end her genocidal efforts. I believe they now own a very successful club called 'Studio 69' here in Manehattan." Chrysalis answered.

"Hey Chryalis?" Discord inquired, pulling his finger out of her hole, much to her dismay.

"What?" she asked, annoyed that her pleasure had been brought to an end.

"Want to go to the disco?" he asked.

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