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30 year old man from California who likes to fight with swords. Author of Successor, Love Mark, and Daybreaker at Canterlot Wedding Verses.


Used to be called Element of Strength.

This fanfic was inspired by A New Hero

As the time for Nightmare Moon to return draws closer, Celestia gives birth to a son she names Fire Sword. To her surprise he ends up being an alicorn. Knowing he will have a role to play when her sister returns. When his mother disappears, Fire Sword joins Twilight Sparkle on her quest to defeat Nightmare Moon and bring Celestia back as they make new friends, as well as keep old ones from Canterlot and undergo the journey of a lifetime to study the magic of friendship.

Updates triweekly for now.

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Hokey dokey Loki, guess I'll be the first to write a comment, then:

So far, pretty good. Seems to follow much of the pilot episode, save the addition of another non-canon character in this Fire-Sword dude. Twilight Sparkle has taken a supporting role, which I don't mind, as she is not the primary character, but Fire-Sword is the MC. Gotta see how much is changed. I've read other fics like this before, which were about how Dusk Shine changed the canon, since it was he whom had replaced Twilight. I'll track this; I hope you don't take too long to put out further chapters!

BTW, you made a boo-boo: "... celery and peanut but.." I think that you mean "peanut butter" Just a small goof, easily overlooked.

:moustache: :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy:

Thanks that's fixed now.Also not sure how often I will update as I'm doing a lot of stories but since I have Fridays off i can probably squeeze some time in then.

That's cool. I have a lot of stories that I'm tracking anyway. I'll just keep this one in mind...

Oh, and btw, I just had to look up where Danville is. Kinda figured it was Back Bay area, but just a bit further inland. I'm down here in L.A., so I kind of know a bit of SF-Bay area. :rainbowhuh:

Maybe he will be Twilight's love interest.

Well wait and see. I have considered that but I kind of have other plans. And Moondancer might have a little crush on him as well so it could be a love triangle or even a love square.

But what if it’s a Love rhombus or a love rectangle or a love trapezoid

Well, you get bonus points for not making Fire a former human (at least I hope you're a better writer than that), or a human period. Can't say more with just one chapter in.

Of course, Fire-Sword preferred the company of girls anyway. They were pretty and gentle.

He spent hours and hours playing games like Fallout: New Vegas and Celeste with them.

Yeah I'm not a big fan of human in Equestria stuff. Maybe an exception or two.

Neither am I, bro. At least your OC is original

Yeah, inspired by another one but still my own.

This is very good. I'm giving you six stars for doing a good job. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hope to see more of your chapters and remember: If you keep believing what you’ve been believing, then you’ll keep achieving what you’ve been achieving.

Here's a song that will make you do whatever it takes. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/HcNcOnIkQQU

Hmm... I hope you will not learn the mistake of "The New Hero".

Mary Sue. A New Hero is litterally a 'Mary Sue' kiss of death.

Not sure I agree on that. But I do intend for him to have weaknesses and flaws.

Explain how that fic is a Mary Sue quite complicated. So I give you this one and I hope that you will not have that mistake again. Good luck


Eh I find that link disgusting as it hates on one of my favorite stories here. :pinkiesick: But I will work to make sure he has flaws and weaknesses. Some people have called Rey a Mary Sue, and conveniently ignore the fact that she likely trained herself to defend in the event of a fight with her staff. She also had one year of training under Leia which is more then Luke ever got with Yoda or Obi wan combined. Also she is the granddaughter of Palpatine who was reputedly always powerful and had a natural affinity for the lightsaber and everything Sith. So I find it makes sense for Rey to have a natural affinity like her grandfather.

Rage Review was no mean to hate a story, you give them too much credit for that story

Mary Sue is progression, not the beginning. Even if your OC is no home, no parent, is a rat of pony society, etc,.. he/she can be a Mary Sue too.

Well I do have some weaknesses in mind for my character here like anger and lack of stamina so that will come into play at some point. I also plan on making some original episodes and not entirely follow the same line as Canon, which is one of the complaints I noticed.

It will probably be revealed who the father is and what became of him at some point.

Why does Fire-Sword’s name have a “-” in it?

Eh I just went with that. But yeah now that you mention it I don't know about any other pony that has that.

Edit: I think I'll change that.

“And I’m not royal enough for her, huh?” he mumbled to himself even though he wasn’t royal at all. “I’m already a big strong dragon that does lots of work around here.”

Spike is the blue cat and Fire Sword is the other guy.

I do hate how Trixie was the designated villain in this episode and a certain future episode with a certain amulet does make it worse. I admit I am a little annoyed how you didn't call out the others for their actions. Trixie is a stage mare as a career. It's natural to brag to spice the show up. Sure, it's fine and understandable to find it annoying, but that is no excuse to interrupt her show like they did. They could easily just leave, but no their actions must be right since they are the main characters. That is not even getting into how it's also hypocritical for Rainbow and perhaps Applejack to complain about it.

It's fine I can live with it. Still wanted to defend Trixie since the whole deal with her isn't black and white like the show and this chapter made it out to be. Just as a little food for thought. I am somewhat enjoying the fic btw. It does have more effort than most of the novelizations of the show with an oc, since you don't just copy and paste the episode's transcripts with several lines added for your oc. That is always a plus in my book.

Just ignore Superethan2, bud. He’s nothing but trouble. Goes around, reading stuff and then complains about it because it doesn’t suit him. He’s done it so many times in other stories that others can say the same thing.

Anyways, great job as always. This episode introduces Tricia who becomes one of people’s favorites. Keep up the good work.

But was he wrong
No, no he wasn’t , the show tries to portray Trixie as a braggart and a show off as a bad thing, when that’s the whole point of stage-magic,the Magician is supposed to be bigger than life.they’re supposed to ham it up for the audience which is never addressed in the show because the Writers needed a antagonist for the mane six for the episode
When in reality it’s the mane 3 (as twilight doesn’t really heckle Trixie) who are the antagonists for the first bit of the episode

how do you make a mistake in the description for the story. "To her surprise he ends up being an alicorn she knows he will have a role to play when her sister returns." This should either be 2 sentences, or it's missing a word.

The 2 of them were being ridiculous but instead of acting like adults and trying to fix things between them they kept trying for petty revenge for the fight. Petty revenge is a good tool for lessons of life but that doesn't mean you should just use whenever just because you are mad.

Seesh how stupid do you have to be to rob a prince who also the sheriff of the town you live in.

We have already seen in the other chapter that he he needs to focus to keep his anger in check. I wonder how the rest will play out

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