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pony-writer/pornographer looking for work. old stories undeleted. i'm sorry. Patreon here

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WOW. Excellent story. I'm normally not one for humanized fics, but this was extremely erotic.
Haha partway through, I wondered if it would leave off on an Applebloom note ^_^

Mature? only AJ and big Mac tags?
I'm scared and mildly intrigued :pinkiecrazy:

That ending :twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:

you get one star, one green thumb and 6 of 6 spikes from me.

Fucking Champion.:moustache:

Creepy. And yet I choose to read this anyway.

Wow. That was good. My only critique is they don't sound like Big Mac and AJ. A little more of their speech pattern would be cool but a very good story. Nice pacing and I had a feeling that would be the ending. It I was not at work I would have clopped. Thanks and I will probably follow you.

you shouldn'lt read clopfics at work bro
how are you gonna explain that boner?

LOL I wear loose pants. Plus I am sitting down. I will be careful though. ^_^

i love how the warning is humanized except incest. lol

well some people don't wanna read that kind of fucked up shit without a warning
you have to be considerate when tagging stuff
i mean, humans fucking? that's admittedly pretty weird

...Why did I read this? :twilightoops: By Celestia's mane, I'm going insane. :pinkiecrazy:

Eh, it was ok.

not sure if clopsta:ajsmug:

this is mildly disturbing... and about that.

Bad AJ ! my shaft is hurting now !:applejackconfused: !
Applebloom: you little naughty filly :twilightsmile:
I.. must.. not.. C-CLOP !!!
Moustache :moustache:

She got a cutie mark in voyeurism :applecry:

It's good!!! I'm not ok with incest irl, but I'm ok with it when I'm reading mlp fics. Wonder what granny smith was doing though...

she's dead

1356318 death should be taken seriously, you can't just expect people to think you're kidding.

(jk, I laughed when I read that)

Not to much for incest,but this was actually kinda hot.... i loled so hard at the ending tho:rainbowlaugh:dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/sillyfilly_Applebloom.png

I always love incest fics, and the fact it's humanized makes thing hotter. And that ending with Applebloom, I need my filly sex to mate. But anyways, perfect, you're one of the best clopfic writers out there. You could rival RagingSemi.:twilightsmile:

i can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not
please try to avoid comparing people to RS unless you dislike them intensely

I'm serious mate, I really am. And I love RagingSemi, he wrote one of my favourite fanfics. Check out my page if you don't believe me.

That cover:
Seriously, give me the Deviant who made that.

Wincest like a BOSS!

Cool story brony. Seriously, very good.


It was the pic that piqued my interest.


I normally don't read incest fics, but DAT PIC....it was....inviting...

When I saw the picture, I came so hard I thought I wouldn't be able to clop to this.

Then I read it, and...


Lost a point for being humanized, gained 20 for being spectacular.

So yeah. 19/10, would read again.

i look forward to the threesome sequel
we all know its gonna happen

I..am not one for humanized fics, but..yes...so..much yes..so..so much yes...


Thank you very much good person!

Whoa. This was really good. I loved the slightly purple descriptive text, even if I did have trouble figuring out what positions their bodies were in for the first half of the story. The pacing was good, and your minimal backstory inclusion worked out nicely. However, I was a bit put off by the absence of the canon speech patterns, like RetroGamer mentioned, and I'm also really not a fan of anal. At all. Unfortunately for me, literally everyone else seems to like it. :applejackunsure:
I still loved the story though, and you still earned an upvote/fave from me. :pinkiesmile:

Meh, not that i don't like Wincest, but the part where Mac shoved his gloriosity was turnoff tbh.

But hey, its clop. Lets pretend its 'normal' to shove size like this thing into girl and we have good story XD

big mac is called 'big' for a reason
i prefer normal size dicks elsewise, but there must be glory where glory is due

and also yeah, if you have a problem with lack of realism in porn then reading (humanized) my little pony erotica probably isn't the thing to do


not that i have problem with it xD. I Just wrote my feedback to you, overall story was good.

P.S:He is called BIG Mac for a reason... that's because it is his name! Lolz! :D

This is like the PERFECT combination of tender romance and hardcore sex.

Best clopfic I ever read. :heart:

I've got to give it to you, you can really write a sex scene. Usually I feel like I'm descriptive with the way I write them, but damn. The words you used at certain points (kneading her ass being the one that really sticks out) really made the whole thing stay exciting. I absolutely love it when a writer can describe something in the exact same way I envision it happening-- especially with something sexual, where detail is gold.

I cringe at the people saying you lost points for it being humanized. All clopfics do is slap the human emotions and sensations that come along with sex onto characters. That's all fine and dandy, but to me it's like disliking the roots of anything.

Personally, though, what I would have liked to see is a story surrounding this. I can just imagine all the conflict or resolution or good this scene could have done among a plotline. Scenes written like this can make emotions run so high and feel so real that I just can't help but imagine.

Still, I honestly did not expect to come across a fic this damn good randomly scrolling through FiMfiction, where most of the clopfics are... just silly in premise, or used for comedy.

Seriously good job. Definitely subscribed.

This was pretty awesome. The anal kinda killed it for me, though. But the end was bucking hilarious.

Not much for applecest but good read. My favorite so far.

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Well, it's not an essay, and it's certainly not a poem, so I'm fairly sure you're reading a story.



"Well, it's not an essay, and it's certainly not a poem, so I'm fairly sure you're reading a story."



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